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RE: SEC17 WK:#6: My Family, My Pride!

in Steem Kids & Parents2 months ago

Wow, your family is the most educated within the neighborhood, this alone made me cry. I can only imagine the stress ypur parents went through to see you all through. They must have sacrificed so much for their children. With their act of love and care, they did all they could to make life better for you all. No parent would sacrifice so much for their child and would not want to see them successful after wards. I know you will make your parents and family proud. You all are so united. Taking them to a cool restaurant to eat their favorite dishes wouldn't be bad at all. All the best!


Thanks dear for reviewing and valuable response. I appreciate your comment support. Parents sacrifices many things just for children. No one can beat the parents in the matter of children. May God bless all parents.

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