A change after a better life. Think of $20 million in your wallet.

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I had a brief conversation with my sister, and it turned out to argument. I don’t like to argue, rather I like to listen and pick up your point if you make sense. But this one was off it, and I had to give her my points.

I left my home city in 2012 to search for Job in the capital city. I had a friend then, and I was living with him. After 2 weeks I got to his place, he got a contract in another city and it was when his rent was about to due so he said he would not bother to pay again that I need to look for a place to stay. I was confused because I did not have enough fun to get a place. I was Jobless.

One day, I met a friend that we went to High School together, and I told him I needed a job and a place to stay, he offered me his house and I was happy. We stayed together for 2 months before I got a job and during these two months; I helped him do some things (fixing the house, cooking and others) because I used to be in the house.


When I got a job, I rented an apartment in the same compound that he was living and I was lucky because I earned 4 times more of his salary per month. I got busier and better. Then he got angry. I could not do as I used to do before because I got a Job. So, he concluded that I have changed and now pompous because I am better.

The truth was, I changed. But it resulted from being busy and I did not have the time to spend with him I used to.


So, I told my sister that there is no how your attitude would not change when you have exceedingly than you have now. The way you act, your response to situations, and the way you manage your time would change. You may get occupied and you won’t have time for your family again as you used to.

Would you call all these ‘pompous‘?

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