CONTEST: Learning to face difficult times || Keep Calm, Pray and Eat

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Be strong now because things will get better. It might be stormy now but it can't rain forever.


Everyday we encountered different challenges and we can make use of it as our advantage. We need to overcome stress and anxiety before it progress to a severe case.

Each challenges represents an opportunity for personal growth and learnings in which we can use those learnings to be the best version of ourselves.

But how can we face such challenges? What are the factors that will help us to calm down during those situations? What can we do to overcome stress and anxiety?

My Relaxation Activity

There are lots of relaxation activity that we can choose from. This methods or procedures helps our body and mind to relax.

In my case, I have 3 options to do whenever I feel so down and I need to chill and have a break from life.

1st. Going to Church

Matthew 11:28
Come to me, all you that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.


The most sacred place that I love to go to. I always have that verse in my mind that's why I always talk to the Jesus all the heartaches, the struggles and the pains that I'm dealing. In this way I can express everything to him. Talking to God makes my feel so light and free. I love the ambiance and the silence it gave, it is so peaceful.

I remember talking to God, crying, due to the conflicts I had from work and I felt relieve. Although there are people saw me crying but at that moment all I can see was God and me. I didn't feel any shame crying alone because I know God is with me. God took away the pain I felt inside. He gave me strength to start a new day.


There is also this instance that we went to Simala Church after we broke with my ex boyfriend ( but now my husband 😅thanks God for hearing my petition 🤣) I wrote a letter to Mama Marry if she can give me this man of my life and I promised to Mam Mary that I will help him continue his dreams and with God's grace, after 2 months we're back in each other's arm and I helped him finished his studies and he finally got his diploma. 😊


For me, this is the best way to relieve stress.

2nd. Going to the Beach


Another go to destination is beaches.
I really love watching and hearing the sound of the waves. It makes me relax and think deeply. It helps me to enhance my problem-solving abilities.



As the waves washes the sands, it also washed away my fears and my sadness. I love watching the sunset and the moon light. It gives me peace of mind and inspiring the feeling of "letting go" and simply being me, myself and I.

3rd. Eating Ice Cream and other Sweets


Whenever I feel so stress at work I always buy ice cream to make my brain freeze to death. 🤣 Joke only 🤣 Sweets are good for the brain because it helps to regulate the amount of serotonin (a hormone that is responsible for stabilizing our mood, feelings of well-being and happiness) inside our body. Glucose happens to be the main source of fuel thus, it help us to have na immediate burst of energy and elevates your mood instantly.


This 3 activities that I am sharing to you helped me in my day to day leaving. It helps me to accomplished my tasks and motivates me to do more. I've been doing this or almost 15 years. I started doing one of those way back secondary days when my teenage life was full of bullies.


I also had my thesis done in the Baywalk. I enjoy eating ice cream during lunch break in my office most especially if we we had lots of patients to attend to.

We have different approach on dealing with stress. I would suggest to you guys to try those activities that are stated above but I am also recommending for you to look for an activity that describes your personality because it is where you're comfortable with.

Always remember that no matter how hard the situation is, there will always a solution to any problem and it is okay to feel sad. Feel the pain of being hurt. You are not alone, there are some people out there having their own struggles in life so there's no reason for you to give up life. 😊

I am inviting @aleph.null @vrein @ariahs22 to share their own activities in dealing with steess. Special mention to @advhl for my content.

Thank you so much guys, I hope you learned something from me. 😊

Until my next blog,

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