Zero To Inifinity Community Rules and Guidelines

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The Mission of Zero to Infinity


Zero to infinity is a community-supportive initiative that stands to develop both the quality and visibility of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) articles on Steemit.

The community seeks to achieve this goal by directly promoting quality content (through upvotes, comments, and resteem via the @zero-to-infinity account). Additional bonus rewards in Steem/Steem Power/SBD are sometimes given directly to the creators of well-written, informative, and clearly cited STEM content, with an added focus on promoting the most interesting topics to the community (based on community engagement).

As this Community mainly focused on STEM content. So, there is some guideline and rules of our writers. I hope every author will follow these rules and guidelines.

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Author Guidelines

There is no end to knowing. So, Zero to Infinity is open for every STEM content creator. Anything irrelevant to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics will be restricted here. To make a better article on STEM author should these four steps.

Accuracy is an important factor for a STEM article. If the Author provides inaccurate and/or false information it leads to confusion to the readers. However, incorrect information will not add any value.

  • To make sure scientific accuracy we are suggesting our author provide proper reference link/source.

Citations: Everyone should keep in mind that STEM is a discipline focused on learning and discovery. The author must provide the proper citation if the author needs any help from another published article. Sometimes citing the source isn’t always enough. Because giving credits to the original author is not the only goal citation; it also serves as a way for the readers to learn more if they feel interested. We suggest our author to

  • Listing the sources below the block of text the author used them in can make it easier to follow what the author got from where.

Comprehensibility: It is important for an author, essentially for a STEM to make the blog comprehensive to the reader. Strong text or text that is too technical can be difficult to understand for the readers. As a result, the reader will lose interest in reading that blog.

  • It will be better; Authors try to present their good scientific article as much as a comprehensive way.

Formatting of an article plays an important role in presenting with interest to the audience. People attention first notice the formatting before the text. Large solid blocks of text are difficult to read and concentrate on, no matter the article's comprehensibility.

  • It is better not to look for advanced formatting techniques, instead stick with just basic, solid formatting. Through these links1,2 the Author can learn about basic Formatting techniques.

Rules of this Community

  • Hate speech will band you for a lifetime.
  • Plagiarism will not be tolerated and will get you muted.
  • Spamming posts into this community will also get you muted.
  • Any reference help is taken from another article must indicate the original article by proper citation.
  • Authors must provide citations for all images and resources used in the construction of the posted materials.
  • Author must have proper knowledge of Content Etiquette. To better understand Content Etiquette please visit these articles OBSERVATION OF CONTENT ETIQUETTE, Achievement 3
  • We reserve the right to change these rules as the need arises.

Resteem, resteem and resteem!
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