CONTEST : Plant Trees For Better Tomorrow !🌲🌲

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Today we will announce another contest. Today's contest is different from other contests. The existence of life in a treeless world is unimaginable. Plants are needed for the survival of all living things, including humans. Plants protect our lives with oxygen. The tree purifies the air through the process of perspiration and evaporation. Moreover, it keeps the atmosphere cool by increasing the humidity of the air by creating a water vapor. Anyway, today's contest is about tree planting. We have organized this kind of contest because environmental science is a part of science. We want every human being to plant trees so that the environment is good. So, plant trees for better tomorrow and share with us how you planted trees in your home 🌲🌲.

The rules and winner prizes for participating in the contest are described below :

Rules for participating in the contest

  • Minimum 3 photos should be added so that we can understand that the tree has been planted.
  • Entry must be your own original work - NO PLAGIARISM.
  • You can take information from the net but you cannot copy it completely. Try to write completely like yourself and also try to add a reference link.
  • Entry must be through the @Zero-to-Infinity Community.
  • Only one entry is allowed.
  • You can post in any language.
  • The contest is open for the entire STEEMIT community.
  • Add #zerotoinfinity, #steemexclusive, #saveenvironment #planttrees in the first 5 tags.
  • Every participant must add your country name.
  • You have to write about how you planted a tree minimum of 200 word
  • You must submit your entry post link below this post's comment section.

10 Steem
Price Pool

1st4 Steem
2nd3.5 Steem
3rd2.5 Steem

Post Submission Deadline

This contest will Run for 7 Days(5 June 2021, BST-11.59 pm or UTC-10:59 pm ) and results will be announced after the payout of this Current post.
So, participate soon and enjoy this contest.

Resteem, resteem and resteem!
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