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My garden is full of various kinds of trees. Most of them were planted by my father. There are very few I can say this one is mine. This doesn't mean I don't plant. My hands don't have the power of making a plant grow healthy.

During last year, in the first days of the quarantine break, I found a lemon fruit that was on the road. I planted 5 seeds from it, but only two plants survived. I planted them two cups and they were there for the past year.

Recently I noticed they are not healthy because the soil is not nutritional any longer. She deserves to expand her roots to the deeper soil. Lemon trees are growing larger and I can't be unfair to keep her in a cup.


First, I selected the weakest plant which had damaged leaves due to a certain kind of disease.


It can be a disease due to bugs or poor soil can be the cause. My brother joined with me to replant it in a proper place. We selected a place with no other grown plants around.

My brother used an axel to dig the soil. Using an axel is a little difficult task for me because it requires more energy. My brother always helps me with all the heavy works.


It is very normal, when we do some interactive work, our cat is coming to supervising. This makes things happier. I did my contribution by, bringing some coconut husks and separating coir from them. Coir causes to improve the drainage of the soil. The soil of this area was sandy. So we wanted to put coir to slow the drainage.


When removing the soil from the pit, I found some earthworms. Umm.. who likes earthworms? yak.. not me.. But earthworms indicate that the soil is nutritional.


After arranging soil by removing rocks and placing coir, next we removed the lemon plant from the bucket. The roots were coming out from the cracks of the basket. Which indicates the plant needed more freedom. I gave it to her.



All done. Finally, I removed the sick leaves and placed them under the plant. The leaves will be manure for the tree itself. I wish this plant will grow faster and better than other plants I planted. There are no lemon trees in our house. One day I can come back home with my kids and enjoy fresh lemon juice.


This is my entry for contest, Plant Trees For Better Tomorrow by @zero-to-infinity. Reward is shared with my brother who helped me.


As long as the dog doesn't chase the cat up the tree, and the cat doesn't attack the parrot...

I hope this lemon tree of yours will grow healthily. I wish I have a home with a lemon tree nearby as I drink lemon with honey daily.. 🍋🍯

I also have heard drinking lemon with honey is so healthy ❤. To me lemon and lime is a good ice breaker. When I feel sleepy while studying I drink lemon/lime..

Great Post.

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