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Assalamualaikum Everyone! Hope everyone is well. This is my second day and second post at The Diary Game contest! Thanks to @toufiq777 to inviting me. Today at 9:32 AM I am starting my Writing about the whole day. I will write multiple time to complete this post. Lets start about my activities of this day.

Today I woke up in the morning at 5.30 AM. Then I went to the bathroom and freshened up myself. After that I prated and done some Tasbi after Salat. After prayer I fell asleep again because my sleep was not complete. After Some hours I woke up again, washed my face and I had my breakfast after 8.00 AM.

After breakfast I spend some time with my smartphone. At the time my mom said to me to make the bed. I went to my parents room and made their bed clean.

After tidy up:

The bed took me like 2 minutes to look like this. And now I am writing this post. I will write more at the end of this day below! Now its time to watch the Aartugrul series on my smartphone. At the same time my mom ordered me to took these cloths to the roof to dry them.


So I went to the roof and took the clothes there like this. And then I started watching my favourite series Diriliz Artugrul.


I just started watching the series and my mom again ordered me to tidy up these cloths. After tidy up these cloths again I started watching the series.


After long time watching the series I went to bathroom to get a bath. After getting fresh I prayed my duhar salat prayer and done my lunch.
After finishing lunch I went to our cloth store to help my father.


After returning home from our store I prayed Asar Salat and after that I started watching artugrul series. And just ti Nome times ago I prayed Magrib salat and finishing todays writing here.

TThanks for being with me. No more today. Soon I will post my next post. Stay connected fro that.

I am @Dongkong from #Bangladesh

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© I took these pictures using my RN5 (Redmi note 5) pro Smartphone. All Of These Pictures Are Originally Taken By Myself.

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Hello everyone. I am asif khan Nirob. I live in Bangladesh. Currently I'm a student. Besides study I do blogging on hive. I also like to learn from peoples, So I am learning from everywhere where I can Gain knowledge. I always like to share many things on hive through writing articles here. I will be sharing more in future. To see my future blogs follow me and stay tuned with me.


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 2 years ago 

Nice post bro, carry on

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I really enjoyed reading your blog today, because you are doing your homework yourself. Which flourishes in a positive way. I hope you will write a beautiful blog like this. Thank you.

Thanks Brother. I will try to write everyday 🙂

 2 years ago 

Thanks for sharing your diary with us,

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