Music For Steem🎵 - I LOVE THE SIXTIES - NEW CHALLENGE (60s Music)

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Hello, Steemians and awesome people alike!

A new month, a new challenge for our incredibly talented artists from the Steem Blockchain.



I love the 60s.png

The last theme was the Valentine Special (I promise this is the last time you hear me saying that, this year), and it was a huge success.

To celebrate each decade, we start with music from the sixties (1960-1969). In a couple of weeks, we will have music from the 70s, next the 80s, the 90s, Millenial Music 2000 and 2010 to finish off!

How to participate?

From now until the 14th of March, we would LOVE you to perform songs from the 60s. Every entry must be a live recording and you have to mention MUSIC FOR STEEM - I LOVE THE SIXTIES. Each song is minimal 2 minutes.
We think about but not exclusively:

Elvis Presley
Marvin Gaye
Bob Dylan
The Rolling Stones
The Beatles
Diana Ross
Aretha Franklin
Led Zeppelin
impress us!

To get more inspiration, here is a list of 100 artists that were popular in the 60s!


Listo, ya la tengo.

Muy bien hermano!

that might be intresting! I have to consider what song to choose. May I not limit myself to this list? What about Jonny Cash or Joan Baez or Janis Joplin or the Doors?

I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE Johnny Cash, his popular tracks from prison were the late sixties so you are all good! He is timeless so you can perform him every challenge :D Janis Joplin obviously too and please kick the Door in ;) Hell yeah

ok, I will try at least I have 4 songs that are everything, each is universe. cheers!

The examples are just for show, please impress us and the public if you know an awesome song we might not now.

Is the best of music 60s 👍👍

Interesante soy nuevo pero me anoto exito para todos


Wow... !!! This time I never miss the chance 🙊

We hope that too

Super amazing


Wow me encanta ya estaré preparando mi entrada, gracias por la promoción amigos!... Music on!

Más fino! me se varias de los Beatles... ya preparando mi entrada...

Greetings steemian...!!!
Many musicians are able to give us pleasure from music, some are even able to provide more than just pleasure, namely life inspiration that can change a person to be more enthusiastic in life.

Ok. Now we are talking hahaha. This is such a great idea! I will record tomorrow my entry

Helo, guys, this is my entry... In advance, I thank you for the consistent support with the musicians of the platform. This is worth a lot to us, you can't imagine how much.

Lovely smile.
Follow me for more

Old is gold 🙂🙂 🌻
Really like this beautiful theme
I'm So excited to participate and share my most favourite 60s song.
Love you @musicforsteem

Thank you so much 💘

Saludos queridos amigos de "Musisc for Steem". Encantado de compartir esta bella y excelente música de los 60's con todos ustedes . Por acá les dejo mi participación . espero les guste.

Compartido en Twitter.

muy buena propuesta amigo, ya que este tipo de estudio nos permitirá a las generaciones más actuales adentrarnos y conectarnos con música de otras épocas, otras corrientes interpretativas, que poco o nada conocemos de ellas, saludos

Is it allowed to participate two weeks in a row in Music For Steem I love The sixties?

What a good initiative. I am a fan of music in general, of all times and centuries. I love the idea of ​​making music depending on a theme. Of course I have already joined this initiative with a song by The Beatles. I hope you like it. Happy day for everyone 👍

Hello Steemit friends! Allow me to share my take on The Beatles' Let It Be. Such a great song and message! With all that we are going through, this too shall pass and we shall overcome.

Music For Steem- I LOVE THE SIXTIES- NEW CHALLENGE (60s Music) LET IT BE by @rosevillariasa

Me siento muy contento de participar en esta iniciativa porque les interpreto una de las canciones preferidas de mis padres, y fue un gran reto. Suerte para todos y mucho éxito para la comunidad de #musicforsteem.

how do i get to know the exact songs of the 60s

Hello everyone! here is my entry for this wonderful contest! i hope you like it! good luck and success to everyone participating!

¡Muy Emocionante concurso, fue muy divertido participar!

Exciting contest, it was a very funny to participate!

Mi entrada / My entry

I wish i have the talent to sing. This is a great contest!

Hi people of Music for Steem . In this contest can we have more then one entry ?

Saludos, este es mi primera participacion en "Music for Steem" mi nombre de usuario es @desiesk, espero la disfruten.

Great! love the 60's and 70's good times for music

Happy you like it!

I love it too, such a beautiful song

Thank you for sharing!

my kind of music

Excelente! lo había visto pero no lo había leído, hasta cuando hay chance de participar? que temas musicales me recomiendan?

Many more beautiful brothers go ahead and good luck to you

Soy un poco, o mejor dicho bastante malo para el ingles pero de seguro habrán algunas bandas con las que pueda hacer entrada a este nuevo reto. Ya mismo empezaré a buscar. Tempranero para que Dios me ayude xD

Abrazos para ustedes....

Is this contest still going on? I haven't really been on Steemit for a while and this looked like a good place to start.

Hi @musicforsteem,

Is the weekly MusicforSteem contest still running?

If so I will be happy to include it in my daily contest listings.

Thank you

We have record song for 70s . İs it ok if we post it now dear @steemcurator01

Can't wait to share it🙂🙂👍

 2 years ago (edited)

Listo, desde ya preparando mi tema, The Last Kiss (spanish version), de Wayne Cochran 1961

Muyyy bien!! :)

Hello good evening, can you still participate?

Excelente iniciativaaaa 😍😍😍

What do we stand to benefit?

Check this out

Que originales son tus temáticas. Voy a ir buscando canciones c:


existe alguna comunidad de discord para promocion?

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