Results of Winter Photography | Announcement of Chai/Coffee Photography

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Yellow Monochrome Photography Contest has been ended. We got marvelous and aesthetic entries this time. More importantly, people followed the rules as well. As we have to select only five winners so minor details count while giving ranks.

We carefully graded each entry according to the following listed things (priority-wise):

  • Rules
  • Picture Quality
  • Aesthetics
  • Presentation

After close inspection and those who ticked off the aforementioned four points, we shortlisted five entries. Which were further ranked according to the points they got. Here are the results:

1st Winner : @abdullah.tahir

Post Link

2nd Winner : @ridaaly

Post Link

3rd Winner : @hiba.khalid

Post Link

4th Winner : @bushramalik

Post Link

5th Winner : @sualeha

Post Link


The awards will be distributed within 24 hours.

Before announcing the new theme, we must highlight the fact that many good entries get disqualified just because they don't follow the rules. The moderators try to remind you of the forgotten rules but of course some entries can be missed. So please double check the rules whenever you participate in a contest. :)

Also, it's a photography challenge so put some efforts in the aesthetics of your picture. It should look visually good.

Now coming towards the new theme which is...

Chai /Coffee Photography

Sample Picture

This is a photography contest so you have to post only one picture. Sharing the camera and editing details is a must. You can also share a short description of the post not more than 50 words.

There are some rules that you have to follow, otherwise we will make your entry invalid. We take rules very seriously so make sure you read those carefully.

Mandatory Rules

  • Subscribe to Steemit Pakistan and Follow @steemit-pak.
  • Upvote and Resteem this post.
  • Make a separate post for your participation in the Steemit Pakistan community and drop its link in the comments of this post along with the picture.
  • Pictures must be original and taken by you only.
  • Plagiarism and cross posting is not allowed at any cost.
  • Use the tags #chaicoffeephotography # yourcountry #steemexclusive in your post.
  • Do not tag any curator accounts.
  • Drop the link of your verified achievement 1 post at the end of your participation post.
  • Mention Camera Details, Editing App and Location.
  • Use Steemit Pakistan assets.

Prize Distribution

Rank Prize (Steem)
1st 7
2nd 5
3rd 4
4th 3
5th 3


Until the payout of this post which is:
December 17, 2021 -23:59 hours - Pakistan Time.

Words of Appreciation:

We would love to Give Special Thanks to The Steemit Team for their continuous support to Steemit Pakistan Our team members are working Continuously with your support.

We hope that you will continue your support towards our community.

Delegate Steem Power To @steemit-pak and Show Your SUPPORT

100 SP250 SP500 Sp1000 SP

Steem On!


 2 years ago 


My participation

 2 years ago 

So impressive photograph may you are the winner I pray for you.

 2 years ago 

Stylish photo I love tea and it's presentation is so appealing.

Thank you thank you..😊🤗

 2 years ago 

Thankyou @steemit-pak
Congratulations to everyone. ❤️

Congratulations everyone.. hopefully now in chai photography I can participate 😄

 2 years ago (edited)

Thankyou so much @steemit-pak
And congratulations to all other winners

 2 years ago 

Thankyou so much @steemit-pak for considering my post. This means a lot! ❤️
Congratulations to all the well-desserving winners! ❤️

 2 years ago 

Congratulations to all winners. MashaAllah winners photography is so beautiful.. I have no words for describing beauty of their photographs.

 2 years ago 

Thankyou so much

Thankyou so much @steemit-pak 😍
And congratulations to all the winners❤

 2 years ago 

Wow my favorite photography 🤩 cuz I'm a tea/ coffee lover 😆 participate soon.

 2 years ago 

Congratulations all selective winner members. Keep it up and sharing your quality content.

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