Grab the Opportunity. We Are Looking For A Moderator in STEEMIT PAKISTAN Community!

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Hello Everyone, this is Steemit-Pak, the Official country curation account of Pakistan Community. We hope you all are having a great time with the clubs here on Steemit. We are always here to help you if you are in any sort of trouble.

Won't make this a very long as it is a simple announcement. As mentioned in the title and the cover image too, we are looking to grab a moderator someone from you all who fits on our requirement and has been a loyal member to our community over the past few months. It could be anyone from the members who were always there in the community. Including the times when we were in the second tier of Booming support to the time when we finally achieved the @steemcurator01's support.

There are a few basic requirements:

  • Applicant should be a member of #club5050, #club75 or #club100
  • An Active member of Steemit Pakistan Community.
  • Having reputation above 60 atleast.
  • Pro-Newcomer Verified in the Newcomers Community.
  • Should have the ability to detect plagiarism.
  • Should be collaborative and a team person.
  • Work with dedication the Community.
  • Should be a delegator to Steemit Pakistan with a handsome percentage of his/her Steem power.

That's all. Anyone fulfilling all the above responsibilities shall write a short application in the comment section of this post. We would be looking forward to select a perfect moderator for our community. All the names will be discussed in our management group and a good fit will be selected regardless of any favoritism!

Good luck to all of you. We are listening :)
Steem On!

Accepting applications for the next three days - 9th December 2021
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 last year 

Hi @steemit-pak

I'm here with my application.

I'm @suboohi having reputation (68.9),I'm an active member since start of my steemit journey. I'm a Delegator and made delegation without any demand from community. I'm Pro Newcomer verified. I have capabilities to work with team and community members. I'm member of club5050. I do work always with dedication and you can check it from my Steemit profile. I'm working as moderator in two communities.
I'm fulfilling your all given requirements and willing to do work under supervision of great Champs of steemit.

Regard @suboohi

 last year 

All the best 💖

 last year (edited)

Aoa @steemit-pak

I am also willing to become moderator. I am also working as a moderator in 3 communities. I hope I will fulfill all your requirements for moderator. I am working from 7 months on this platform and its due to hard work that I am working as a moderator in 3 communities. I think I am eligible for this post because I am already doing this work in Steem infinity zone for checking of plagiarism of every user post.

I have 64.1 Reputation which I have gain due to my continuous commitment and hard work on steemit. I hope you will consider my application. If I choose as moderator in steemit-pak. I will give my best to contribute in this community progress.



Best of luck dear friend.
You are deserve this job..
I really appreciate your efforts because you already working in 3 communities and now you will also become moderator of steemit-pak.

Best of luck .

you arre doing great for iin steemit .you are already moderator of 3 communites and you will be winner this time also .your reputation is also very good.I always saw you do too much hardwork for any of luck u will be winner inshaAllah

 last year 

Wow this is nice opportunity. I am unable to fulfill requirements of moderator.But If you will selected I will be happy .You are best for this moderator contest .you have good leadership skills.

Ohhh! That's good....
This is very good opportunity for members i am very happy to see your application @ashkhan.... Because you are doing great work.
Don't doubt your win this achievement because you already working in 3 top communities and now you are applying for the steemit-pakk's moderator. I wish you became a moderator of this community.
And you really deserve it.....

I am happy that you are taking part in this contest . You are one of active member also delegate as much as you have good behavior also .you have extraordinary skills.Best of luck

Wish you best of luck.hopefully you will win this contest.

I think you deserve to become a are example for us .this will be an honor for you that you will become the moderator of steemit.wish you best of luck .keep shining .you are our pride

I am very to see your application in this contest .I think you deserve this moderator post .you are doing great on steemit.I appreciate your hardwork ur efforts.

Nice contest
In a very short time you gained this success.This is just because of continuously commitment on steemit.I know if you get this opportunity you will be the best moderator ever.

 last year (edited)

Dear askhan you are doing great work on steemit, being active i akways read quality post, wish you good looking, you are already mod of few communities, your contribution in steemit pk will definitely be good.

 last year 

You deserve it. Because you are doing great work on this platform. You are best for this moderator contest.
I hope you will become a moderator.
Wish you Best of luck.

happy to read your of luck dear.

Wish you bro and best of luck

 last year (edited)

Hello @steemit-pak
Thanks for the amazing opportunity
I am also want to be a mod of the @steemit-pak community. I'm Pro Newcomer verified. I have the capabilities to work with team and community members. I'm a member of club5050.

 last year 

I am also willing to apply. My Delegation history and reputation scale and being active member @steemit-pak , Also wish to be moderator of Steemit Pakistan 🇵🇰

 last year (edited)

I would like to formally draft an application for the role of moderator in steemit pakistan.

I started my Steemit journey from Steemit Pakistan and since then I have progressed cumulatively as well as personally. I have a 69.6 reputation which was achieved in a span of 7 months with real hardwork and dedication. I have delegated sp to @steemit-pak and have been guiding newcomers as well. All the users that I bring to Steemit, are guided by me to start their journey in steemit pakistan. The SP delegation that I won from Spud4steem contest was all availed on minnows of steemit pakistan. Furthermore I gave crypto lectures in steemit pakistan which turned out to be very efficient as I noticed a couple of students who attempted these lectures started posting assignments in Steemit Crypto Academy.

I work good in teams, and have good leadership skills. If given the oppurtunity, I believe I'll be able to do justice to this esteemed community as well as this important position.
Thank you.

 last year 

Truly a motivation for all of us. You deserve to become a moderator, As you are working so hard.

Wish you GOODLUCK.

 last year 

Hello @steemit-pak.
I am willing to become a moderator of @steemit-pak. As I'm one of the oldest member of this community. And it will my honour to serve my services to this community.
And I was delegated handsome percentage of my Sp to @steemit-pak.


Thankyou. :)

 last year 

Hello Everyone
I am willing to be the moderator of Steemit-pak.
I know that i wasn't active for long time but i have again started posting and will stay active in sha Allah.
If I'll become the moderator this will give me more responsibility to stay active and in sha Allah I'll nit going to disappoint the management.
My reputation and delegations are visible to you.

First of all, Assalam o Alaikum:

I Am @arinaz08, I Specially Thanks For @steemit-pak:

I would like to greet you all with love. Then I thank Allah for giving me the opportunity to work in this good community. I want to tell you that I have a reputation (62)for being selected for this job.

And I want to tell you that I am an active member at the very beginning of the steemit plate form in which I have very well succeeded without any demand and without anything and I am very thankful. I wish I had a chance to do a good job in it.

And I want to let you know that I am certified as a member of the community and I want to work with the Eligible member of the #Club5050 and to work on it.

And with that you can check out my steemit's profile to learn more about me.

And I want to tell you that I am working as an active member in every community but I am not getting the opportunity to work as a moderator in any community so I want to know about it. Act as an active moderator. And try to meet all the requirements.

And I am ready to work as a Moderator. I am just getting good things with your cooperation and supervision. Thank you very much.

I'm Pro Newcomer verified.

Best Regards: @arinaz08

@arinaz08 You are best for this moderator contest. You have great communication skills and you spend most of your time on steemit in the simple word you are eligible for this moderator post. I wish you would success.

@arinaz08 you are doing great work on steemit. You are the best person for this moderator contest. I hope you will become a moderator.

 last year 

My sister, I wish you success because I have understood many things by looking at your post and I have to go deeper into it. I am very interested in your work. Work hard and you become a good moderator.

Because you deserve the best work, I wish you good access to the moderator's position.


Regards: @arslanaj


Thanks a lot for best wishes. I will do my best INSHA ALLAH

I'm impressed with the performance because I have seen your post very well. I have searched a lot that describes great things and you want to be a good participant in this thing. I wish you could be a good member as well as a good moderator because you define great things.


And inshallah I will wait to see you in your Moderator's chair.

Thanks a lot. Its great appreciation for me

@arinaz08 I was inspired by your work on steemit. The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others. @arinaz08 I think It's a great opportunity for your keen services on steemit and would. Wish you best of luck ,By my prayers you would be the next moderator .

Thanks a lot for appreciation

 last year 

Hi @arinaz08

Yes you can deserve it. I always read out your post and inspire from your hard work. You always put your great efforts. And I hope that you will do your best as a moderator also. My prayers and best wishes with you

Thanks a lot. Your appreciation is great for me. Bundle of thanks

 last year 

Welcome, @arinaz08.
My pleasure and best of luck.

@arinaz08 You are always work hard and honestly. I hope you will be the winner.

Bundle of thanks

 last year 

Best of Luck Dear especially from my little sister who always see your recipes and food post. You are amazing content writer and best cook as well. I am waiting to watch you as moderator in @steemit-pakistan

May God help you and make you success in this slection: 😇😇😇

Thanks for best wishes. With your prayers and my effort, I will do my best INSHA ALLAH

 last year 


@arinaz08 Wish you the best of luck. I am happy to see that you are taking part in this contest. Your history and reputation scale is too high and you are an active member of @steemit-pak.

 last year 

As always, you have done your job very well. And thanks to which you also got acceptance in all these works. And at the same time, you have introduced a lot of lectures in a very good way. The one I liked the most was the lecture on computer programming. In which you described each and every thing with great clarity. And with that, your paintings, with regard to recipes, introduce a lot of lectures. And when it comes to health, you described very well . So in this way you performed very well on this platform. I commend you for your hard work.May Allah bless you with more success.I hope we see you soon as a moderator.
Regards @cryptokethor

Yes I will do my best. And thanks for watching my posts

 last year 

I think you deserve this moderator post .you are doing great on steemit. I appreciate your hard work ur efforts. your contribution in #steemit-pak will be good. Best of luck and May God help you in your success in this selection for Moderator.

 last year (edited)

Hi Steemit-pak Team:

I'm here with application

After seeing this application, I saw that all my things are being fulfilled according to your requirements, so I thought that I should also give the application so that I can do the best for this community. I am willing to become a moderator of @steemit-pak.
Ever since I joined steemit I have also joined this community so I am an active user here and at the same time my reputation is 60.6 which happened in 8 months.
I am also eligible for #club5050 according to the role given by the Steemit team. I also delegate to @steemit-pak and in future I delegate more and more. I introduce steemit to new comers and guide him very deeply and he also doing well on steemit.
I also verified in new comer community. I am pro newcomer verified/R3. The rest of the conditions given by Steemit-pak I fulfill all of them and I am eligible for moderator.

Thanks very much:
Regards : @ahsansharif

 last year 

My point would be that the @steemit-pak should also give a chance to newcomers and you deserved @ahsansharif, I hope you will be selected. Best of luck

 last year 

Thanks for your kind wishes and vote for me dear @aligraphic

 last year 

Yes i think you're eligible for this opportunity .
You introduce new commer briefly and I am also here on your invitation. I think @steemit-pak give you a chance to prove yourself.

 last year 

Thanks for your kind words for me. Let see

I saw your application you are eligible for this job because you fillful all the requirements. And I hope you complete your work according to steemit-pak requirements. My best wishes with you. I hope steemit-pak gave you a chance to work with him.

 last year 

Thanks dear for review my application and gave expression on it

You are eligible for this job and hope you will do best in which community. So best of luck for this job. I hope you are a member of steemit-pak team.

 last year 

Thanks very much for watching my application and your best wishes with me I hope all do is well

Glad to see your application and I hope you will be selected for this job because you are eligible for this job so my best wishes are with you I hope you are doing good in which community. Best of luck

 last year 

Thanks a lot for giving expression on it.

Best of luck for this great job in steemit-pak community. I hope you will be selected.

 last year 

Thanks dear 💞

Best of luck for this great approtunity. I hope steemit-pak team doesn't ignore you.

 last year 

Thanks a lot dear :)

Indeed, from the short time I have known and interacted with @ahsansharif he has been up and doing. And if I am permitted to nominate, he will be nominated ten times because he has all the charisma needed for eligibility and credibility to became a moderator in @steemit-pakistan.
I wish you good luck. I pray your application will be given due consideration.

 last year 

I am very glad to see that you support me. Thanks a lot for your kind appreciation for me.

You are wellcome. Wish you success

@ahsansharif Good luck Boss. I'm very happy to see that you have to take a good step. You are eligible for this post, because you are also provided your services by taking peoples on this platform. Wish you the best of luck.

 last year 

Thanks dear for your best wishes for me. I hope all is do well.

 last year 

Hi @ahsansharif

Glad to see you participate in this application that is for moderator. MY best wish is always with you. And I know your efforts. So best of luck.

 last year 

Thank you so much for watching my application and I am glad to see that you know about my effort. Now its time to select mod for this community let see what happen.

 last year 

I wish i can apply not fullfil all requirements

@steem-pak i wish i had those requirement, i would have loved to.

Unfurtunately i do not meet up with the requirement.

I want to start beign active in this beautiful community before this week runs out.

But are there things i need to do to verified here in this community?

 last year 

Good luck with that @steemit-pak! :’)

 last year 

Thats great approtunity from steemit Pakistan team. Now its its time to applicate. My application soon you see Insha'Allah.

 last year 

Wow I desire but reputation is 59😀

 last year 

Best of luck to all the candidates

 last year 

Thanks dear

 last year 

Hey @Steemit-pak. Sorry for being late due to my New job responsibilities. I really want to apply for this place.

I find myself fulfilling all the requirements. I have been helping newcomers since i joined as i feel not everyone has a friend who can guide them. So i was very busy in Newcomers, and realizing those efforts, the newcomers team chose me a Greeter Helper.

I have delegated almost all of my Steem Power to @Steemit-pak and have always denied for the delegation rewards. I used to return them but after clubs being announced, i stopped sending as it effects transfer history.

Keeping it short, please accept my application as it is a bit late.

Thankyou so much.
Aniqa Mashkoor.

 last year 

All the best to you all. Steemit Pakistan has so many dedicated and committed members

I felt proud to read your applications and accomplishments till now. You all are working so hard and your love for steemit pak is commendable.

May the best of you all and who is fully fit for this position get selected.

Thanks a lot. Let's see what happened

 last year 

Bundle of thanks for best wishes.

 last year 

Greetings to you all !!
I am here to drop my application for becoming a moderator in your community. After thinking about it by all means and here i am in last moments with my decision of applying for the position of moderator.
I fulfill all of your requirements that are mentioned in the post. I do agree that i might have been not that much active in community and the reason is my nine hours shift job and study but I still manage to write here because Steemit is not just a rewards mine for me in fact it's a plateform where I Express myself through writing and being a writer it comforts me more then anything else. Furthermore i have done with my studies now and alhamdulilah now i am a graduate and also gonna change my job so i have plenty of spare time now that allows me to take another responsibility of being a moderator and am already fascinating about it 🤩. I have been also serving as a mod in another community. I am the master of my thoughts but i believe in teamwork and making victories with eachothers support.
To respective team of the Steemit Pakistan ;


 last year 

Wow amazing

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