#betterlife - THE DIARY GAME | 5- May-2021 | My father's 50th Birthday.

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Welcome to another day another diary!

Hello everyone today my diary is going to be very special because today is my father's 5th birthday. Actually due to the endemic and Ramadan going on I was I bit busy and I forgot my father birthday but like we celebrate my father birthday every year and it is the most beautiful day when we celebrate but this year this is going to be a bit more special because my father has completed 50 year year of his life. birthdays always remind us that whatever we have done in our life and how we have spent the year and what about the plan and what we want to do in the year to come. on V made at night 12:00 a.m. you all wish my father happy birthday and because there is a trick lock down in our area so all the shops and Markets are closed at 6:00 p.m. so my plan was to bring a cake for my father at 12 a.m. and we will wish him with the surprise cake but unfortunately due to the lockdown everything was closed and we were not able to bring cake that night then in the morning I told my brother that today is papa birthday and we have to bring him cake so I wake him up and he went to the market and luckily we got the cake because he said that this was the last cake with the Bakery but luckily we got that. then after Iftar when I done doing iftar and did some rest I start preparing for the birthday it was going to be a small birthday surprise because you don't like that much efforts to be made but like I wanted to make him feel special and I just did this simple decoration I took the small charts and write over my feelings and best wishes for my father and I stick them to the the colourful ice cream kind of sticks and then I put the fairy lights on the wall and start putting the quotations card one by one to them. 

I was preparing for my fathers birthday. The whole decoration was upon me because I love to make the day special for our Loved Ones. I am the one in our house who always tries to make others happy and celebrate their special days. I always want to make other special and especially on their birthdays I give them a surprise birthday or maybe just some small gifts unfortunately this time I have not got any gift for my father because of the markets and all the areas are closed and we can go outside but I am planning to bring him something some other day when everything will be open again but for now we will celebrate the birthday with the little decoration and this cake.

when everything was set and we were ready to celebrate the birthday I send my mum to call my father and prepare him a little bit you know to take some pictures and then when he come we wish him happy birthday and then all of us one by one expresses our love for him and talked about is importance in our life and would he have done for us. after all we all have complete it it was now my father is done and he talked about his whole life story and he told us that how he is complete it and spend this 50 years of his life then my father distributed some money among us because it was really special we make him very special on his 5th birthday he was very happy and he appreciate our efforts.  you should leave on birthdays people Sing dance give gifts but we always tried to talk about the speciality the good sides the great things about that person to make this birthday more special and useful for him so that they can realise that have special they are in our life.

 we all have done our wishes but my brother that was left so we called him and told him that we are celebrating birthday and wish papa happy birthday he has already wished papa a very happy birthday but the thing was that we wanted him to come live and join us in the celebration we put him on a video call he was my father and he so all the celebration and the cake cutting and it was really really nice time then we all ate the cake and sit together and talk for sometime drink tea and it's some other snacks.

My father talking to my brother, who is not at home.

 Then it was near to Sehri and I went to the kitchen to help my mother prepare sehri. Actually it was already late and we were full because of the cake and tea we had before. It was all about my today's diary and it was very special among all.

Thank You So Much For Reading
WITH LOVE @janemorane 


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Happy birthday to your father, may he his many many happy returns of the day InshaAllah <3

JazakAllah khair.

Happiest bdy to your father🎈

Thank you so much dear ❤️

Wayeeee MA SHAA ALLAH ❣️ @janemorane ! I just want to wish him many many happy returns of the day, may he live long long long long..... And long life.
I do understand real missing and love of a father 💔
Again wishing him the best for his whole life May he live long for you and for your Family HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO DEar Uncle... !

Thank you so so much dear.
May Allah give long life to all the fathers❤️

You're always welcome,more power to you Jane stay blessed Ameen

Ameen, JazakAllah

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