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Assalam O Alaikum! to all my friends,

A 5 (five) month break! It was seriously a long break from my steemit family apologizes and thank you to the team of @steemit-pak for bearing me lolzz!

Anyway, coming back and visiting friends id's are a must and when I visited the id of my very dear friend (more than a sister) I was in tears and awww! for the love she has showered on me in one of her posts :) To mention her she is @rimsha26 and she posted a lovely post in which she told the complete story of bidding me farewell. link

So, today I thought to write her a "Thank you" note :)


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Dear @rimsha26

When you joined the institute I had seriously no idea and will (to be frank!) and even the age difference that we can be so good friends (I believe more than friends). But, with the passing days I observed that even tough you being a little careless was extremely keen to learn. We ended up teaching the same level and gradually we started to communicate more, more and more. With the increase of communication I totally admired the will you had to learn and that was the time our work time became fun time and we started enjoying the work together.

There are so many beautiful memories and moments but the fun part for me will always be when I used to visit your classes for gossip or lunch and I had to find you in between the students as you were always sharing every last piece of knowledge you have. Saying "goodbye" was tough but Allah had better plans for me (inshaALLAH) and I just wish that we work together some other time in our life again AMEEN.

Plus, ending the note with a big thank you, you have been a great support, friend and a sister for me and will always be :) and when I left the institute I see you as a great human full of confidence :)

All the best always.

Love you and thank you again

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The link for my 1st achievement post is as follows:

Achivement Post 1


Hira Umair

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 2 years ago 

Hi dear, welcome back. It's good to see you and hope you will stick around.

P.S. I am afraid you are not club100 as you were inactive. To be a part of club100 you have to be active for 3 months and power up all the rewards earned in that duration.

 2 years ago 

Thank you so much :) and awww that is sad :( I'll be part of club5050 again :s

 2 years ago 

Words can’t explain how imma actually feeling after reading this!♥️ Thankyou so much for always being the best!😭 You’ve got my heart❤️

 2 years ago 

You are an amazing soul :) ❤️

 2 years ago 
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 2 years ago 

Also, I never even for once thought of the age difference we’ve because you were always so easy to talk with. And it was just a matter of few weeks I found a beautiful human inside you, an amazing friend, a caring sister and a pure soul! I’m literally so blessed to have come across someone like you in my life. Thankss Love🙈❤️

 2 years ago 

you welcome dear and hahahahahaha yes age is just a number :P

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