Achievement Post 1 - Intro to the world of steemit

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Hello and warm wishes to the world of steemit from a very new member. Finally! I have found a place where I can express my interests and ways through which I see life.


My name is Hira Umair, married and have a cute 4year old son Alhumdulillah. After doing MBA in human resource management I started my career in teaching and with the grace of Allah Almighty I am leading the English department of a Junior Section. I spent my life before marriage in the beautiful capital city of Pakistan which is Islamabad. Islamabad is a place which will stay in my heart forever as the greenery, cold rainy winters with a cup of coffee and enjoyable summers will be a memory which I will cherish for the rest of my life. Along with that the northern areas of Pakistan which are just an hour drive from Islamabad are worth mentioning and some pictures are as attached:



Now, I reside in Karachi commonly known as “City of Lights” which has its own beauty that just cannot be expressed in words. It’s a place full of places to eat, visit and the best part of it having a beautiful beach where you can sit for hours and enjoy the sound of the waves.

Coming back to my routine hmmmm!!. . .after my son and tough routine of job I seriously find no time for a specific hobby but shopping is one thing which I can do anytime, just need a green signal. So, during the journey of Steemit I will be sharing a lot of shopping experiences, my husband being a foodie so a lot of food reviews and even some recipes which I have discovered myself and in the end, my son who has a room filled with toys will be a different adventure in showcasing his collection to my family of Steemit. Just a reflection from his room.


Plus, I can give guidance to anyone regarding my subject of English so questions and reviews are always welcome.

In the end will like to thank my friend @rimsha26 for introducing me to this place where a person can express any point in mind without thinking twice.


Wish a happy journey with Steemit!

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Greetings @hira.umair ! A very warm welcome to you and best of luck! <3

 3 years ago 

Thank you dear, you are a great soul :)

Contact me on discord for verification
Username vvarishayy#3781

 3 years ago 

I have send you the request there :)

 3 years ago 

I am waiting for your reply on discord so that you can verify me and I can post further. Please take a look there.
Thank you

Congratulations you have been verified by vvarishayy you can proceed with the next Achievement at your convenience


 3 years ago 

Thank youuuuu so much for verifying and recognizing my talent :)

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