Contest By @abdullah.tahir || Photography Related To BBQ Things || Reward Pool 15 STEEM || 10% to @pak-charity


Hello Everyone.
I hope that you all are doing great.
Yesterday i was back on steemit after a very long time so today i decided to arrange a contest for everyone.

Contest Topic

Photography Related To BBQ Things.....


As you all know that BBQ season is going right now so i thought this is the right time to see amazing photos of BBQ and as well as things which are related to BBQ.


  1. To be able to participate your achievement 1 must be verified and included in the contest post.
  2. This contest is open for entire STEEMIT community but you must be a member of the @steemit-pak. Just hit the subscribe button if you are not.
  3. Upvote, Resteem, and Comment on this post.
  4. Make the post in STEEMIT PAKISTAN.
  5. Comment the link to your post under this post.
  6. Tag two friends in your post.
  7. Use the tags #abdullah-tahir and your country e.g. #pakistan in the first five tags.
  8. Do not copy from any where. If Plagiarism found your entry will be rejected.

1st Prize = 6 Steem
2nd Prize = 4 Steem
3rd Prize = 3 Steem
4st Prize = 2 Steem
5th Prize = 1 Steem

Till the payout of this post.
Approx. 16th of August 2021
CC : @haidermehdi, @hassanabid, @rashid001

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Hello @abdullah.tahir, please find my entry for this contest below-

2017-12-02 14-13-43.JPG

40% of my entry post payout is set to @pak-charity

I invited my friend @beautymondal and @roxycool1990 to participate in the contest. As a prerequisite to participate in the contest, I have upvoted and re-steemed the announcement.

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 last year 

Thanks for this contest.

 last year 

Looking forward for your entry 😀

 last year 

will surely participate in this contest

 last year 

sure mate will wait for your entry :)

 last year 

Nice contest I will try to participate 😊😊

I will participate

 last year 

I am extremely sorry you were a bit late :(
The contest expired few hours ago but don't worry your efforts will not going to be waste at the time of prize distribution i will definitely going to keep your entry in my mind. :)
Once again sorry :(

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