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Assalam-U-Alikum, Hola, Bonjour, नमस्ते
Daily Diary*
April 1st, 2021


I hope that you all are doing great welcome back to my daily diary so as you all know that the month of Ramadan is about to end and one of the most precious occasion for Muslims is about to come which is is Eid ul fitr I know that everyone must be very excited so that I am also very excited but this time my Eid will going to be a little bit different because this time my grandmother uh will not be with us on this Eid so I am going to miss her a lot I still remember when it was occasion of Eid after coming back from namaz I used to go to the and wish her and take blessing from her but this time I am going to miss this thing and I hope that it may Allah SWT grant her the highest rank in jannat ul firdaus Ameen so coming back to Eid I hope that everyone is now prepared and bought all the stuff for Eid I am also kind of prepared for Eid and I have bought out black salwar kameez and a pair of sandals on the day of Eid I will show you that how can I looking but I am also a bit sad that this beautiful month of of Ramadan is about to end and we don't know no that next year we will get a chance of celebrating this month or not I request you all all to remember me me and my family in your beautiful prayers and God bless you all Ameen

Morning & Afternoon

Today was the day when I was having no class as I am having Eid holidays so I was kind of relaxed after doing my sehri I help my mother uh in cleaning the kitchen then I offered my namaz and it went to sleep as I haven't slept before Sehri I woke up a bit late and because of this my mother was a bit angry that I didn't able to you helped her the in the the cleaning of house then I offered my Zuhr prayers and started doing some of my work because I have lots of projects and assignments which I have to complete before Eid after completing that assignments I decided to to rest for awhile and I don't know when I slept.


Evening & Night

Then my brother woke me up up at about 5:15 and ask me to go with him to buy by some burgers for iftar as it was planned that today we will IIT some kinds of fast food so I quickly got up and changed my clothes and went outside with him to buy some things for iftar it took us about 1 hour and then we came back home after coming back home I immediately when to offer my namaz and then I help my mother in the kitchen as she was making juice for all of us after that is it was start time and we said together and had our star after that I cleaned all the dishes and started watching TV for a while as there is only one show we watched together but not for too long just for few minutes after that I gone for a walk and then I came back after half an hour and started sharing my my daily diary with you all so that was my for today I hope that you liked it it was kind of busy routine in this ramdhan and sorry for not being too much active god bless you all remember me and my family in your beautiful prayers may Allah be with you all Allah Hafiz



Thankyou for reading :)
Yours, @abdullah.tahir
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 5 months ago 

May Allah Grant her high rank in Jannat,
Brother whenever I read your posts I like your posts very much,
your method of writing is very simple and satisfying

 5 months ago 

It is a pity that we all know that Ramadan is going, but we should pray as much as we did in Ramadan, in normal days as-well.
I'm glad to see that your writing skill is so good
may Allah Grant us to next year Ramzan.

It really feels bad that the blessing month is about to end may Allah give us the strength to offer more prayer as we did in this blessing month

 5 months ago 

Mashallah, what a good boy you are, you helped your mother in her work as well as washed dishes. Keep it up always takecare of your mother like this and helped her in house chores.
May Allah bless you👍👍👍. Wishing happy eid holidays, keep enjoying your time.

May allah grant your grandmother highest rank in jannah

May Allah Pak reward your grandmother with Jannah ul Firdous and guide us all to spend our life according to the sunnah. Brother its a friendly advice try not to use the word Namaste as it means that I bow to you and no one should bow to anyone except Allah. I hope won't mind:) and happy Eid Mubarak

 4 months ago 

best of luck for future and Allah Take patience to you and your family.