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Hi this is Abdul Basit, your friend and fellow steemian. The diary game is started again after a little mid break. I woke up very late today. Because of some hard work till yesterday late night. I was working for 4 different works at night.

I did breakfast with lunch, because of waking late at 12 PM. Then I had nothing to do. I just surfed steemit and WhatsApp. After that I captured some photos of rain and shared them with you, didn't shared on any other social media. Because it is the social media I have. Then I shared a link in groups. While I was talking with sanaullah.

Here is another photo of rainy city, I am sharing with you.


After that, I read novel in my mobile for 2 hours, because the internet and mobile service was gone due to rain. I wrote this diary post yesterday but publishing it now. It was raining till when I slept.
I am reading Ghar ka samandar by Ishtiaq Ahmed, it is length novel in Urdu it covers 2000+ pages. The characters are Inspector Jamshed and team, Inspector Kamran Mirza and Team, Shauki brothers. In this novel the villain is very rude and clever to them, he tried harshly to close every way for them. Now it's on good mode, I have not read full. So stay tuned ☺️.



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@abdt i used to read novels when i was in 10th standard .. .. when start reading i dont leave it before finish its climax but from when i am using mobile phone internet i just spend my time at social media😊😊

#Onepercent #pakistan

Yes, Cheers!

 last year 

I will try that novel too..busy boy
#onepercent #pakistan #steemitconnection


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