The Steemit Awards 2021 Nominations

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Glad to hear that steemit team is organizing Steemit Awards for the second time. Following are my nominations,

Best Author@maulidar
Best Contributor to the Community@rme
Best CommunitySteem Sri Lanka

Best Community - Steem Sri Lanka


Steem Sri Lanka, is a community that is one year old but playing a competitive role among all the communities. Steem Sri Lanka is significantly different from other country-based communities due to the following reasons,

  • A community encourage the creativity of bloggers by well rewarding their for unique and original articles
  • A community that members actively engaged via comments
  • Hard work of building second-largest community curation account with 250 000+ Steem Power
  • Organizing frequent interactive contests with impressive prizes
  • Continous beneficiary for Charity and organizing more than 20 events worth 700 000LKR to help poor
  • A community that push members to powerup to protect the community
  • A community with no crimes
  • A community that got 0 touches from 10 M-powered votes during the last 6 months but still performing with the same energy.

Best Contributor to the Community - @rme


Rme is the 3rd biggest whale in steemit with his own SP in other words number one whale with his own SP except accounts belongs to steemit team. Following are the reason I believe he is the best contributor to the community right now.

  • Investing in more than 6M Steem Power which is highly impacting on the steemit ecosystem
  • He is a manual curator, which we can't see from many whales
  • He is doing a great job with AmbarBanglaBlog community, and @shy-fox the massive curation account.
  • He is conducting various projects like @abb-school and Ambarbanglablog charity in his community

Best Author - @maulidar


Maulidar from Ache is a young female writer who is making very attractive blogs that took my attention. Following are the major reasons why I nominate her.

  • @maulidar writes meaningful content with enough information
  • She is very passionate on taking beautiful photos as well
  • She is a real-life free blogger who add beauty to this platform
  • Apart from common famous faces, I thought to submit her, because I believe she deserves more appreciation
  • She is a very active commenter as well
  • She posts daily

Here are some of my favourite blogs of her
Beetle Action In My Hand
RainyDay Flood
The beauty of the morning dew reflection of the sun

credit @maulidar

5% to SL-Charity


Very very touched my friend, you repeat. I am the only person who comes from Indonesia, of course not from Sri Lanka but you are very close, as if you are here teaching me about steemit, the world is so wide, but you always build me from this way. I still remember the way you learned we made useful articles, steemsrilanka are good people without limits, they are not arrogant and tired of teaching us to stay successful. I didn't understand anything before, if the steemsrilanka community didn't exist I might still think about how to write very difficult articles, so I am very grateful to you tirelessly supporting me. This makes me very surprised as an award nominee in steemit.

I learned a lot from steemsrilanka by reading a lot and the admin also always helps me because he is a very good person who makes articles, but I wonder why I have to be there, not him.😊🙊

Thank steemsrilanka

You deserved this nomination. I wish you good luck to win. 🥳

You make my spirit grow friends who are thinking about the state of steemit. thank you it's an invisible gift surprise.

Whether you selected or not keep doing what you are doing. You are a hardworking young lady

@maulidar has worked hard and improved a lot. I appreciate her dedication.

SSL 💜 a community with a long way. Good leadership and teamwork.

Good luck 😍💜

everyone is very kind, that's why the team is getting stronger with the kindness of the people in it.. thank you for all this time

Hi @randulakoralage,
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Wow... Nice selection ... Good work...

Good choice 👍 I think you have chosen the best way.

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Come and visit Italy Community

Wow.....what a good selection

I also like to appreciate @maulidar for her nice articles. Sometimes I wrote in Sinhala to convey my message strongly, but you translate it and comment your ideas for them also. It's really nice and thank you for all of them. Good luck!

thanks, for all this friend. I just need to read, you all make me want to read what is there, because I learned from the previous chapter, I hope you continue to write well so that I can read as an experience in the order of writing. about the award I am very grateful, I can because of all of you. thank you very much😊

I believe that your choice is correct. @maulidar is one of the active as well as a creative member of our community. Congratulations maulidar ❤

everyone in the creative community, but when I'm out of the area with no clue, you guys aren't afraid to come over with lots of smiles and tell them, you're so kind, I haven't been able to find friends that I became close friends with in the blink of an eye. your story is very interesting too, thank you for your attention my friends😍

She is someone who shares her experience with a lot of dedication. I remember how she attended our community anniversary.

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