[CLOSED] Steem Sri Lanka Year End Contest | 35 Winner Slots | Up to 400 STEEM Expandable Prize Pool | Looking Back at 2021..

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We are now at the last month of 2021.. So this is the best time to turn back to the past and review what went well and what wasn't..

We, Steem Sri Lanka decided to organize this massive contest with the ever best prize pool of 400 STEEM for you! Let's rock on 31st!!


The Biggest Prize Pool Ever

With this contest, we are introducing a new concept of Expandable Prize Pool

We are starting with 50 STEEM and the prize pool will increase in the following manner,

Total number of entriesPrize Pool# of places to select
1-2050 STEEM7
21-50100 STEEM14
51-75200 STEEM21
75-100300 STEEM28
more than 100400 STEEM35

400 STEEM are ready to be distributed among 35 talented writers among all the communities. More entries more prizes..

Ex: If the contest gets 80 entries by 80 members, we will select 28 winners and distribute 300 STEEM among them accordingly.

What to Write?


Write how your 2021 went.

  • How you planned and how it went
  • Good memories and sad memories
  • Achievements and losses
  • Things you learned
  • Things unforgettable
  • Most importantly separate a paragraph to talk about your progress on Steemit
  • Write anything coming to your mind about 2021!


  • Only one entry per person
  • Any language prefered, but if you use other language except English, Sinhala or Spanish, please put the English translation as well
  • Use at least 4 original photos taken by you
  • Minimum word count should be 250
  • Title Should be, Steem Sri Lanka Year-End Contest | Looking Back at 2021
  • MUST use hashtag #ssl2021
  • Comment your entry under this post
  • Resteem this post and also tweet this post
  • Invite 3 friends to join!

Try to vote and comment others' entries as well..

Closing date, by the end of 26th of December.. The result will be released on 31st of December!



OMG....400 steems....This is gonnabe crazyyyyyyy.....

Woooow... History is going to be change 😍😍😍 love this...

an excellent opportunity to reflect on the past, express gratitude to those who helped, and summarise the priceless moments of life gained through victory and defeat. Hope to participate soon.🤗

This one is gonna be a hit. Let’s keep watching how people spend this year. Should be interesting. 😎😎😎

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Definitely we will be participated this beautiful contest..😍😍😍😍

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