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A few times back, I wrote this tutorial, Commenting is an Art : Tips to be a Good Commenter after a long analysis of different ways of commenting. Above tutorial was to avoid you saying "Nice Post, Thank you for sharing".

Recently I started to realize that my community is demotivating in the aspect of writing, especially contents are getting shorter and looks less energetic. So I decided to come up with this tutorial to motivate myself as well as my community.


Today we are going to do this in a creative manner. At the end of this lesson, you will be able to elaborate on any kind of topic you select.


Assume that you are going to cook something. What will you do first? You decide a meal, then gather ingredients and cook the meal.


Deciding a topic is not that difficult. It is difficult if you are not on track. But if you are someone regularly visiting up and down in steemit, it is not that difficult. Let's see how to select a topic.

Let's get Randula as an example. Let's say Randula is a frog, living in a pond. What can be the possible topics for a frog living in a pond?


Now you can see, even a frog that lives in a pond has plenty of topics. Except for these topics, the frog can build topics from his daily experiences. Ex: My Mother's Birthday Surprise, A Rainy Day, An Unexpected Visit of a Crane.


If I repeat what the frog just said, you have to have enough information in your head to write about the topic. Otherwise, you'll be stuck in the middle of the article and you have to search google and you'll end up with someone else's article. That's why I prefer writing things that I really experienced. But you are free to select any topic that you are knowledgeable.



What are the basic ingredients to writing a blog?

Let's assume, Randula (the frog) is going to write on "My Last Visit to Grassland"


Things You Need to Have Before Start Writing

You need to spend a few minutes to organize everything from your mind before writing. If you feel that you have no enough information, just gather some related information from resources. But make sure to deliver a unique and very new article to your audience.



Now you have a confident topic and enough information. The next step is to prepare for writing. Now I am going to teach you how to expand a small topic idea into a long article.

I have a great example for this. A long time ago, I read a meme,

When Your University Exam Paper asks, "How to Make a Dhal Curry?"

Meme is recreated

Images speak a lot. If you really understand this meme, it teaches us to how to elaborate on the topic. Basically, you can include,

Introduction Paragraphs

  • First you can make an introduction on the background of your topic. Why did you select this topic, what encouraged you to select it, or what is the background of your story? It depends on your subject area. Anyway first elaborate on why you are going to share this article.

  • Then give any definitions or any other specific introduction on the topic.

Let's take a practical example. This is from @chriddi who I respect a lot.

Checkout the original article

She has taken around 100 words for the above paragraph. So is it difficult to write 250 words if you enter to your topic correctly?

Story You Know + Additional Knowledge You Have Gathered

Now, you can present your story from beginning to end. Organize the flow from the mind. Sometimes people include only the major steps of the and write to the point. But as this is free blogging, not your exam paper, you are allowed to write enough details in a creative manner.

Let's go for an example : This quote is taken from an article which is 3 years old, written by @sweetsssj

Checkout the original article

She has added her thoughts, what she observed/experienced and some additional historical knowledge.

Photos Match with the Situation

I have seen many writers share the story separately and, add a sequence of images separately. But if you mix texts and photos together, it makes your article attractive. Use enough amount of photos with descriptions to make your post nice to read and meaningful.

Let's take an example again. This is taken from another article by @sweetsssj

Checkout the original article

Here, with the photos and short descriptions, the article has become pretty long and descriptive. It won't take a huge effort to flow your thoughts when you write about something you really know.

Writing is not too difficult if you are capable of organizing your story. This ability is coming with practice and also by comparing yourself with other experienced bloggers. You can make steemit further good by paying more attention to your writing skills.


  • Try to learn by reading.. Check for good articles by visiting others' profiles
  • Don't be lazy to write. Build a blog that can make you proud when you are old
  • Don't write just to full fill the community requirements. (ex: 251 words) Write with interest on what you are doing..
  • Write something you know properly
  • Little little descriptions will make your story more energetic

I got a very good lesson in writing, actually I'm not good at writing like them, but I keep trying to read from other people's writings and then experience how it becomes funny and different articles, maybe I will be difficult if I don't read first. have I been bad as a writer before. because writers need calm so that their essays are beautiful when read.. this will be clearer, but it will be challenging again to write😰 . useful information for us newcomers before starting😊

but I keep trying to read from other people's writings and then experience how it becomes funny and different articles

that's a very good habit. more you read, you will improve..

You have explained how to make a delicious article using the ingredients we have 😍.

thanks ane

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Nothing to write is still something to write. What an article. Nice work @randulakoralage.

ha ha yeah.. there are things to write everywhere

This article most important for me because I have not details when I select topic. I will try to write next time follow this. Thank you @randulakoralage 😊

mawanna purudu wenna

Ow ekanm purudu wennama wenawa..🙊

This information useful for all select a topic to write.

Taking a frog for an example and explaining is wonderful and interesting to read😍 This will surely be helpful to everyone🥰

Taking a frog f

you guys enjoying that I call my self a frog..ha haa i knew it

Good explanation to choose a topic. " Think different " - That's what you told neda....

:) we can topics Mawanna


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