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Hello Steemians!

Hope you’re all doing well. 💖

As you know, there’s a contest series going on in the Steem Sri Lanka community. I’m doing this contest as its 4th installment. Wait in case you didn’t know; these Contests are open to everyone in SteemIt! The first three contests were done by @anusha96, @sandupi, and @sandu. And they all did a brilliant job, so I don’t want to lose that momentum. Okay, let’s get on with it.


Childhood. The older as one grows, the more he learns to appreciate his childhood and realize that it was probably the best time in his life. No strings attached and so many precious memories. I vaguely recall that when the school vacations came, I was excited because of two reasons. First, I can play with my friends every day. Second, so I could get up in the morning and watch the Kids movie series that they telecasted throughout the vacation. Even if they showed the same things every vacation, it never mattered.

Look, all I want to say is that those were great times, and movies sometimes had a small part of it.


I want you to write about a movie that you really liked in your childhood. The favorite one, if there is one.

Remember that I’m not expecting a formal or professional ‘review’. I want you to write about YOUR experience with the movie, in your own words. Why YOU liked it. It doesn’t matter if you use big fancy words or simply binding words to express what you want to tell.

You can include a little information about the film, and about its story if you like, but it should be in your own words.

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The criteria of the judging is mainly based on YOUR thoughts on the movie. You have freedom to write whatever you thought of it, I want to read it as long as it’s about your experience.


  1. All entries must be original writings.
  2. Your entry should be about any movie you watched and loved in your childhood.
  3. Your entry should be at least of 300 words.
  4. Your entry post must be posted in this Steem Sri Lanka community, don’t forget to mention me. (@praveenw96)
  5. Put the title of the post in this format.
    FAVOURITE CHILDHOOD MOVIE| Steem Sri Lanka: Contest Series – Week 04 | your movie title
  6. Make sure to leave the link to your entry post in the comment section of this post, to officially enter the contest.
  7. One person can post only one entry for the contest.
  8. Resteem this post to let more people reach the contest.


1st prize - 10 STEEM
2nd prize - 8 STEEM
3rd prize - 4 STEEM
4th prize - 2 STEEM


Winners will be selected based on the content, the creativeness and the originality of the posts.


Winners will be announced 10th of November 2020.
Your entries are most welcome and highly appreciated!

It feels great to be part of the concept “we love contest” initiated by of @steemcurator01 and @steemitblog.

Thank You for reading, participating and writing. Time to Roll❣️


Okay.. a movie.. Okay.. Everything is about movie 😅.

I'll cover your 24 STEEM for prizes. Stay cool😊. It is good you selected a theme that you really love to do.

Ha haaa ... The first one only 😒 The next time, if there's any, I'll do regarding a different topic 🙂

Thank you!

Sent 24 STEEM for you continue your good works :)

Wow... Wonderful contest has come again..❤ Thank you so much friend for giving us a wonderful contest... Good luck for your debut contest @praveenm96 .....

Thank you very much 🥰

You meant you're writing an entry too right? 😌

Hi @praveenw96 , my entry is here.🤗🐕🖤

Thank you @praveenw96 for having this fantastic contest! 😃
Even I'm not a big fan of movies, I hope to participate for this contest with my fav movie entry 🙊

That's so nice and means a lot because I really wanted this contest to be eligible for everyone, regardless whether one is specifically interested in movies or not.

Thanks for the heads up and looking forward to reading your entry💖

This will help to recollect our childhood memories. Great contest Praveen. 🙌🙌

Thanks mate!

Hope you're doing an entry for this one 🤠

Let's forget that I couldn't participate in yours 😌

I've already decided what will be the movie. so much interested. Love this.❤

That's great!!

Hoping to see you writing about it❤️

@rishabh99946 can you add this to your content list dear💙 I'm bored to open whatsapp🐸🐸🐸

Sure. 😊

Thanks Rishabh! ❣️

Nice Contest!

Your post has been upvoted by Steem Sri Lanka community curator.

Thaank you!

Thank you very much for this opportunity. I like participate to competition.

Sorry for late replying, thanks for the participation mate. Nice work 😊

Here is link to my entry post

I will like to join

Looking forward for your entry mate, !

@delaklpe You only got one and half days my friend😃😃 Don't hesitate to participate, all are welcome!

well! A topic that you love. I'll join

Yess.. Thought of starting with something I actually know.

Looking forward to your entry!! 😃😃

@msharif, @mgaft1, @stive1, @raquelsiso1, @inudi, @germani34, @marcybetancourt, @jacorv, @deathtox, @vaibhavsan, @netflixr, @gooddream, @celi130, @badfinger @lighteye, @pusidu @dilshan96..

Just mentioning in case you didn't see this post, no means of disturbance. Here I'm trying to get more people engaged with movies by doing a small contest here in my local community, you guys are welcome to participate. Feel free to do an entry! 😃

Si va Bro! Ya reviso <3

@praveenw96 puedo publicar en cualquier comunidad?

No mate it's mandatory that your entry should be in this community. I'm sorry.

Anyone is welcome to post here as I know 🤔

Claro, era para confirmar jeje! Gracias Bro!

Bro ya hice el contenido de la publicación, pero me fijé que era hasta el 7 las entradas. Avisame para concursar en la próxima entrega, si?

interesting contest , 🎉✌🏼

Thanks mate. I hope you'll join the contest? 🙂

I'm also going to participate 😍 It will be really nice to write about a favorite movie...


Can't wait to read your entry 😃

Most anticipated contest. I will definitely join. ✌🏾

Looking forward to your post! 😃❣️

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