SL Charity Phase - ii | Helping Low Income Entrepreneurial Families to Grow their Business | Charity Proposal| 20% to SL Charity

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Hello everyone,

Our togetherness gave a delightful and successful end for SL-charity Phase- i and now we are in SL-Charity Phase - ii. So again we are on the journey to help people in need. As a step of that journey we are ready to help two low income, entrepreneurial families to grow their small businesses.


Proposed Event 01

Location Nakkala, Monaragala
There are three members in this family and they are mother father and daughter. Mother is a blind woman and due to that father has no chance to go out for a work. As a small business they are making serial productions and wicks. So we decided to give them a financial support for buying materials for their business as they are facing major difficulties of buying them, in this pandemic situation.

Proposed Budget 01

Kollu grains50kg8000
For grinding-3000

So we hope to give them 32270LKR for growing their business.

Proposed Event 02

Location Magandanamulla, Monaragala
There are three family members in the family and they are mother and two children. Youngest child is suffering from Leukemia and due to his condition their mother is sewing carpets at home, for selling. It's the only earning way for their family. As they are facing many economical problems we decided to give them a financial support for buying materials for carpets.

Proposed Budget 02


We hope to give them 22790LKR for buying materials for their business.

Total 55060LKR will be given to these two families with the support of @steem-sri.lanka community. We are doing it Just because of togetherness of kind hearts and helping hands of this community. So thank you my friends for giving beneficiaries for SL-Charity. This will be a great support for them.
With your great support they will smile with relaxation.
Thank you!!


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Great work nanga...

Not enough voting power.

Thank you for bringing this to us. Money has been sent to relevant parties.



Los felicito por tan loable labor. Éxitos con todas sus propuestas de caridad.

It's a great pleasure to be a member of steemsrilanka community. we were able to help many people who need help within a few months . ❤️
So @prasadi thank you so much for telling us about them.

Thank you so much for your kind heart too. It's our togetherness. 💖🤗

Many people have been left destitute by the current rampant corona pandemic. As a result, small business families are left helpless as they are unable to earn a living. It adds my heartfelt respect for doing something like this for them at such a moment. ❤️🙏

Thank you for being a part of this. 💖🤗

I think this is the real meaning of charity and that family too should be praised for not asking foods and other goods but asking for help for sustain their own business so that they don't want to depend themselves on others. Sometimes charity events can plant a depending mentality on people, specially kids when we do such things but helps like these are just invaluable. Kudos to you and Damith for bringing it in and steem SL team for donating in little notice ❤️

Sometimes charity events can plant a depending mentality on people,

I totally agree with this. It's okay to give foods and other things for the people who can't do anything by themselves. But it's better to support others to make a living by themselves. Anyway we all did something great together. It's the most important thing. 💖🤗

They need help in this lockdown season.. We'll update the message shortly

They were really grateful about this support. Actually it's a very hard time for them. They said to say thank you for all. 💖🤗

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@prasadi Good things remains lasts forever. Keep it up. SL-Charity 💖💖💖

These days lot of people are in a difficult situation because of the pandemic situation. I'm sure these two families will be very happy. If we can give a hand to someone who in helpless, that is the happiness and real meaning of SL-Charity. Thank you so much dear Prasadi for giving their details to us.

yes this will be a great support for them. Thank you for all the loving hearts including your's. 💖😍

It is great we can help. People are in hard situations these days due to pandemic. I think this means a lot to them 💖.

Great work. Happy to read this.

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