Announcing SL-Charity Phase II

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After successful completion of SL-Charity Phase I, as we promised we are here to officially announce SL-Charity Phase II.

Due to the high spread of COVID-19 and lockdown, we have discussed funding some events without physically visiting to the location.


Budget Allocation

PhaseAmount in LKRApproximate STEEMStatus
01122 400558Completed
02250 0001075.60Starting from today


Planned Events

During this phase, the following situations will be addressed.

  • Funding low-income families to finish pending constructions/renovations of their houses.
    House is the dream of everyone. We have seen people who mortgage their only own earrings or the neckless to get 215 STEEM to concrete the house floor. Sometimes they lost their property because they can't pay it back. So we thought to help some low-income families to finish pending constructions due to lack of money.

  • Funding critical and emergency surgeries
    Due to the current situation of the country, the healthcare sector is the most affected sector. People who can not find the money for surgeries are in danger. There are people who need 10 - 11 LAKS within few weeks but without any clue of how to find it. We are ready to fund them as per request.

  • COVID 19 Tests
    It seems things are going wrong regarding the COVID 19. Government-sponsored PCR and Rapid Antigen Tests are limited and tests from the private sector are high in cost. @steem-sri.lanka like to pay for those who are unable to pay for PCR and Rapid Antigen tests from the private sector.


Time Line

Start Date : 7th May 2021
End Date : 30 the May 2021


Do You Know Someone Need Our Help?

If you know someone who is really suffering due to any of the above reasons or any other, please talk to us :


Currently, we are conducting events only in Sri Lanka.

Do You Like to Help Us?

You can set any amount of beneficiary to our charity fund @sl-charity .

Get Together to Grow

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SL-Charity Phase II has started at a time when the corona pandemic intensifying in our country Sri Lanka... I think what we are trying to do will be very important in such a bad time...

This will be very good, to give permanent solution for the needy as much as we can... Best wishes for this phase to be very successful!!!

This is a good one!

Sensible in these times. Looking forward to initiate. ❤️

This is what called growing. At phase one, we helped some low income families with stationeries and goods. It’s true that it was not a long term solution for their problems. Now we can look for some projects with long term benefits on people. Great plan ❤️ Excitingly waiting for this.

Really good work brothers and sisters. Good luck for Sl-Charity Phase 11. Thank you @Steem Sri Lanka, This will be very helpfull to Sri Lankan society.

very helpful for srilankans during this pandemic. great work.

Great one.. Hope to do my best for this event ..

We have successfully completed phase one and glad to hear that phase 1 has started now. Looking forward for it❤️

This is a good plan ❤️. Helping people for their necessities.

Great work!! Happy to be a part of this ❤️

Gret work ❤️

Good luck with phase 2 hope we can do more charity projects this time 🥰🥰

Nice to read this. Great work.

@Steem Sri Lanka What I can see here is, Unity of a community,,,, to support the helpless peoples who are really suffering at present. Cheers.....

This is one of the best charity works I have ever seen. I wish you to make this a success.

, I'm really happy to do charities like this. Thank you very much. I wish you the courage and strength to continue this kind of work. Good luck

Its great deed to help needy

Hi myself rohit
I like your work
Guys pls support me upvote me then i will upvote u and follow back

Hi myself rohit
I like your work
Guys pls support me upvote me then i will upvote u and follow back

Salam @afdhal11 dari indonesia

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