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It is the 3rd week of our contest. I saw that the second week of the contest was a success with a lot of people participating. And this is fun! Let’s figure out about the week -03 of this contest.

Even though we are not professional photographers, we also make some good shots that make us proud of ourselves. So this is your chance to share with us some of the most beautiful of those photos.

Nature is somewhat we all enjoy.

So share your best Nature Photograph with us

It can be scenery, a bird's nest, a waterfall, a rainbow, or any natural situation.
Check out my example :


Checkout Guidelines

  • Comment your best and fresh natural photography with a little about what it is all about. Use about 20 words or more.

  • You should make your comment under this post

  • All photos must belong to you or must be taken by you.

  • Share a special photo to increase your chance of winning.

  • Maximum is 3 photos


I will select 5 cool comments.

1st Place : 4 STEEM
2nd Place : 2 STEEM
3rd Place : 2 STEEM
4th Place : 1 STEEM
5th Place : 1 STEEM


contest will be closed on 13th July 2021 at 5.30 p.m from Sri Lanka time


A wonderful day @ashen99. Thank you for this another ice breaking contest. I really agree with you that not all of us are pro photographers , but we just love and enjoy to capture anything.

I just want to share my nature photography here. These was taken during my travel with friends going to San Remigio, Cebu, the beautiful scenery just catches my attention, so I took a photo of it immediately while the bus stopped in the area for a while.




The first one is looks like an Island. The mixture of gren and blue took my heart. Anyway nice photography. 😍

Thank you dear ❤

Very beautiful scenes. I really like its color combination

Thank you so much @ashen99 and for initiating this.

Qué azules tan hermosos los que nos regalas en esas fotografías, la mirada se pierde a lo lejos. Saludos.

Thank you so much @charjaim for noticing my post. 💗

@hae-ra these photos are beautiful. I love the feel in the second photo.
By the way, You sure had a great time with your friends☺️

@mesonia 🌹🌹

Hi @mesonia. I am so grateful for appreciating my photos. 💗💗

It is beautiful when the sky and water is in the capture 🥰.

 last year (edited)

Hi @rasinkani. I'm just a nature lover here. 😍 Thank you for noticing my post.

Hi @hae-ra, how are you dear??? Sky, Trees, water, blue, green.... wow.. Very beautiful photographs😍😍 And last one took my heart than other two🙊🙊🙊

 last year (edited)

Hello @sandupi. Well you know, life,,,
I'm a bit busy nowadays, and a little sick, but reading your notif here, made my day at least. Just happy that you liked my photographs in any way. ❤

Hello @ashen99, thank you for beautiful contest. I want to take part of this and my entry is when we had our Clean Up Drive @ Upper Camparang Kalunasan Cebu City, Philippines. I, together with my sister and cousin volunteered on the said activity and I was able to capture some photos that are related to nature. Thank you 😊




Nice captures 😍

The combination of green and blue creates a beautiful scene. These photos are so beautiful

Bonita naturaleza para brindarnos tanto verde. Hermosos paisajes. Saludos.

wow @mariarosa27, dai very great post jud, nice capture.

Thanks @ashen99. And the #steemsrilanka family. Who has made his creative idea with this contest.

The beauty of nature is in our hands, nature chooses to live and color it with a sprinkling of blooming flowers around it. Flowers that have meanings and symbols of privilege, flowers also make us comfortable when we are near them and the atmosphere becomes fragrant when smelled.
Many of my villagers' natural products have been developed in various forms as home decorations. The attraction of nature and flowers blends in the home environment.



A sprinkling of blooming flowers becomes the whole beautiful natural atmosphere with the blue sky and clouds like fog making the pink flowers beautiful and beautiful with the wind blowing by the side of the road.



Regards @maulidar

I know this flower.. They are here in SL too. During the flowering season, whole plant cover with flowers. There are white, purple types too

wow. I haven't seen the purple one yet. are the purple flowers pretty? . but sorry I don't know the exact name. . still confused

Thank you so much

Woww what a nice click. Pink color and blue color matching very well.

Yes, thank you 😊😊

Hermosa tonalidad la de esa flor. Bonitas fotografías.


😱😱 you captured the right moment. The pictures are so beautiful, I loveee it!

@mesonia 🌹🌹

Thank you my friend

Nice capture 😍.

Thank you 😊

Very nice capture. 💗💗

Thank you my freind 😊

These flowers are in my garden and have white and pink types. And your photographs are so beautiful.....


thank you friend, your flowers are very good too,,, I also have flowers like yours 😊

Saludos, me gusta la combinación del cielo azul con el color rosa de la trinitaria.

Muchas gracias. Los cielos azules y los colores rosados ​​tienen encanto.

Good evening to all members of #SteemSriLanka community, thankfully I am browsing every communities today and I saw this #IceBreakingContest about #Nature Photography which is beautifully initiated by @ashen99😍.
This is my entry for the contest. This was taken just this week when we visited one of chapels in Tuburan a northern part of cebu province. I am mesmerized by the beautiful view and how it was painted. It just shows the wonderful life of the province no worries and no fears. It just clearly says the simplicity is beauty, living simply means living peacefully.

The 2nd and 3rd picture shows the wonderful view of nature from where we passed by. It just shows that God is so wonderful for He created such wonderful views like these. I really admire the beauty of the sea which collides with the blue skies and same with beautiful scenery of the mountains that we crossed by especially the green colors that is very refreshing to the eyes.

I'd love to invite my friends @hae-ra, @fruityapple00, @saneunji to send their comments too.
Good day and God bless.😘

Wooowwww!!!! Nice photography ate lalah @jenny018. I so love the scenery.

Just taken this week lang gyud dae, maybe this is one of the cause why I got fever.😔

Lage san, i really took the chance to capture the beautiful scenery gyud.

 last year (edited)

Wow! Your photographs are very attractive. The wall art is really awesome and here also have beautiful wall arts. 😍

Looks great too. Beautiful wall art.😍

Thank you. 😍

I have followed you back dear.😘

Hey, it's a pleasure. 😘

A dreamland.I wish I could visit once.😍

Yeah surely you can visit once everthing's gonna be okay.

Nice photography. I like the first photo

I liked that phrase, to live simply means to live in peace.
The landscapes give us the feeling of stillness, that nothing happens and create an atmosphere conducive to meditation and calm. Beautiful image.

Living simply and be contented with the simple life it brings then surely you'll get the peace that you want.
Thanks for the beautiful message. I am overwhelm and so happy knowing that there's someone who truly reads my write-up.

Green, blue ..... Pure colours of nature...

Yeah really true. Inviting and gives a cool vibrance.

It just shows the wonderful life

These pictures are so beautiful. The blue and green background caught my attention

Thank you so much dear.😍

I love the third photograph . It looks amazing and cool!

@mesonia 🌹🌹🌹

Kindly appreciated. Thanks.😊

wow they are awesome clicks @jenny018 🙀🙀🙀

Well thank you so much dear.😘

Duwili Ella Falls


This natural waterfall is located in Kosmulla which is few kilometers away from Neluwa town in Galle district.


This fall creates a misty atmosphere when falling down which looks like a dust around. So it was named as Duwili Ella.


This is a quite popular destination for local as well as foreign tourists because of its beautiful view. It's a very chilled and cooling place to enjoy because we can walk some distance through the jungle and there is a natural pool also created to have a fun.

that's very true my friend @anusha96
you become a good photographer to enjoy. you take us to your tourist spot. very good for entry

Thnk you 😍

What a beauty😍. I love waterfalls.❤

Yup. It is a beautiful and cooled destination. I also love waterfalls. 💙

Ueah I guess everybody does, it os very soothing and relaxing.

Yes, indeed. That's the magic of nature. 😍

Truely amazing indeed.😍

@anusha96(65); Very attractive & purshuades viewers to visit

Yeah. It has a beautiful scenary. 💙

I have been there.....Lovely place....

So nice place neh 😍

wow!! I love to chase waterfalls 🙊

Mmmm.... nice 😍

Thank you for ur contribution akke,

looks like a dust around

I have been to this place too. Also, you have photographed some very beautiful scenes

I also thank you for having this beautiful contest for us. 💙

It is a great stop to capture beautiful shots while enjoying nature.

Qué caída de agua tan majestuosa, se siente la fuerza de la naturaleza dadora de vida. Saludos.

amazing place i have visited once there


It is beautiful 😍. Wish I could visit there sometime.


Wonderful place and nice captures amiga 😍😍 You are becoming a good photographer...😍😍

Hey, thank you puuus 🙊🙊🙊

Lágrima de roca
Lago de tristeza
Cascada de esperanzas.

Para mí eso representa tu fotografía.

Gracias 😍

Hello good day everyone and to all Steem Sri Lanka . I am fruityapple00 from Cebu Philippines . Thank you to @jenny018 who mentioned me to join this Ice breaking contest , and thank you also too @ashen99 who initiated this contest

This is my entry for this contest. This photos was taken here in Naga City , This is a public beach I was never expecting that I’m gonna a capture a nice photo to this place . It look so beautiful and amazing photos . I used Iphone8plus for the camera .




Wow! They took my heart. They are really amazing and I love the beaches. 😍

Awwwe thank you so much

You're welcome 😍

Unas huellas en el mar
de arena negra
con olas que vienen y van.

Beach...Beach...Beach... My favourite place...

Look at the sky!!! a clean beach and marbles

Yes it is . Thnks

Honestly, you have a very artistic eye. The picture of the beach is even suitable for a wallpaper

Oh really? 🥰 omg thank you! I never expect about your comment . thank you so much

Cada una de las imágenes atrapa la mirada, excelentes tomas. Saludos.

Beach and the sky 💖. One of my favorite place is beach.

Hi friend, Absolutely they are wow photographs😍😍 First one is so matching for a wallpaper of a desktop......🙊🙊🙊

Thank you so much

 last year (edited)

Hello everyone. Thought of participating in this contest this week. Please check out my entries. Hope you'll like them.

Canon PowerShot A3300 IS155.JPG
This is a temple flower. There is a simple, unique beauty I see in temple flowers.

This shows a pathway of an old river. Even though there is no river anymore, the rock displays how powerful it was once. The river could scrape through this hard rock. Location : Pahanthudawa waterfall, Sri Lanka 🌊

Canon PowerShot A3300 IS1404.JPG
These heavenly waterdrops are entangled in a spider Web. What an amazing view to witness in the morning ..! 🕸️💧

Thank you @ashen99 for organising this contest.

Simple and nice clicks buddy.....
Last one is took my heart😻😻 Did you take all from your mobile or what is the device???

Thank you so much. I used my digital camera for the first and last. 😊

Wow. these captures are beautiful. I am amazed by the second picture.

Thank you 🤝

This rock looks very delicate.

These heavenly waterdrops are entangled in a spider web.

I have never been able to take a photo of a spider web so clearly as this

Water power. 💪🏼
Thank you for this.

Wow! So beautiful captures. It seemes you are creative at photography. Anyway I like second one. It's very artistic. 😍

Thank you so much 😊🤝

woww, really nice capture.

Thank you

scond one ♥️♥️♥️. You had to put a small flower into water.. but very nice. This rock looks smooth

Ah yes. That would be beautiful too. Thank you

Nice pictures buddy...

Thank you

At least once in a two months period, I have to travel along the Hurulu Wewa bund which is nearly 2700m long. I have always been fascinated by this amazing scenic view of the lake.


Huruluwewa had been constructed by great king Mahasen (275-301AD) period and has several renovations so far.
It has more than 55,000 acre-feet capacity and more than 4000 acres area.


At the end of the bund, there is the most spiritual and inspirational place called " Hurulu Dewalaya". You can have the real perception of Inspirational power and shocking feelings.


Looking good. You had captured them so nicely. I have never been Hurulu wewa. So wish to visit there as soon as possible. 😍

Truly amazing place. Many people visit the annual festival of the Hurulu Dewalaya, but I never attended. People believe that Dewalaya is a highly inspirational place for religious matters

Eventhough I have visted A'pura multiple times we never stop and wait to watch beauty of them. I should visit alone😶

It's true. Every time our visits are based on the formal agenda. Sacred Bo tree, Ruwanweliseya, Samadhi statue, etc. But except those places, there are hundreds of fascinating places. Only we should have the planned time frame. Thank you

I have bathed in Hurulu wewa a lot of times, nice photos of the lake

Great. You should have an amazing experience. It's pity that still I couldn't bathe there. Near the spill, there is a public bathing place. It is always crowded. Last week also I went to the Padikaramaduwa area. These days the lake is drying up.
Thank you.

Really nice place. When this pandamic is over we will all come to see this beautiful place

You all are welcome. It is nearly 40Km from the city limit. Nachchaduwa, Thuruwila, Mahakanadarawa & Manankattiya are so beautiful too. You can bathe with wild elephants...


yeah, I have my cousins there. Before last year we went there and there wasn't anyone, only us

Looks beautiful 🤗. I have seen lakes as a kid when we visited Anuradhapura.

Omg, that means you never visited here for a long. Only the difference is most lakes are polluted and with lots of silts😂😂😂

Yeah. I have visited there about 15 years I guess.

Only the difference is most lakes are polluted and with lots of silts

Pollution is everywhere 😥

I have been there. to both bund and the devalaya as I remembered.

You can have the real perception of Inspirational power and shocking feelings.

my aunt said the same thing when we visited there. now I remember. actually, my mother's brother lives nearby. 😊

Thank you. There are some villages descended from the time of kings. I have to visit some places for official matters often. Padikaramaduwa is one of the places I frequently visit. I feel we are so lucky to entertain those wonderful scenic views.

I really need to enjoy this environment 😥😥 peaceful place and your captures give that feeling without any shortcomings 😻

These photographs were not taken for any purposes. Only the mindset I had when passing the location. The endless waterbody of the lake, distant mount range of " Ritigala", different types of swans😍...nothing more than needed for the tranquil mindset 😍😍
thank you 👍

We have a similar flower bush in our house. Nice Capture @charjaim

Muchas gracias.

There so beautiful. These plants always have so many bunches of flowers.

Nice Photographs @charjaim....

I am tired scrolling down comment section.

My best natural photographs are the following. This is the beauty of our hathawari tree. I could capture number of insects that day. Sathawari flower has a sharp fragrance. Because of that number of insects attracting there

This is a potter wasp

A butterfly

Sathawari flowers

Speciality is I captured all of them in a same day, same time

Very nice captured, the second one looking awesome.

There is a great deal of biodiversity in one place. Very beautiful

Cuánto verde y qué bonito que aves e insectos puedan esconderse ahí. La naturaleza siempre nos da lo mejor de su belleza. Saludos

I like the first picture and the second one and the third too! They look captivating...nice one @randulakoralage

@mesonia 🌹🌹

You always know how to take a good shot. Beautiful 🥰 .

these are beautiful and attractive. I like the second one more, good timing.

Hathawariya flowers means a amazing art... It's pure white colour, fragrance bring a fresh and calm feeling to the mind. Nice clicks buddy🙊🙊

I love capturing photographs. I especially like photography of small animals and flowers. All the photos below were captured from my mobile phone .
Thank you @ashen99 for this nice contest

I found that this is a nymphalid butterfly found in some europe countries and asian countries. I captured this photo before more than 4 years ago.


The following photo of lotus flowers was taken by me in 2012 in Kandy .

Wow 2012? And it's still so fresh😁
No wonder pictures are said to survive time.
I love your third Soo beautiful 😍


Beautiful captures @sasanka96. 3rd one is so beautiful.

I know your photography very well. You proved it again. Superb Kalana Aiye.

Nice back.. (2nd photo)

Wonderful clicks... Please maintain Black Lotus Photography & Graphic Design Studio 🙊🙊 You will have so many opportunities from that for your talent.

Hello, everyone. Greetings from Maldives.
I am glad to participate in this comment contest for the second time.

I love photography, especially nature photography. So when I saw @randulakoralage posted this contest on discord, I immediately decided to join in this competition.

Here is my submissions for this contest.

I took these photographs in Fuvahmulah island, Maldives with my handphone. The first picture is of buiganvillea flower, second one is of a sea beach in this island and the last one is of beautiful green leaves. I hope you guys like it.

Thanks @ashen99 for the nice contest.

wow you are from maldives.. one of the most beautiful islands of the world. I should visit oneday. Beautiful.. We also have buiganvillea here. During sunny season, covered with flowers. We had a big one at our school.

Wow. This pink buiganvillea looks so beautiful. I like this flower. Here there are plenty of buiganvillea plants of different varieties in every house.

little part from our heaven🙊

Wow, very nice shots @ftz. ur object focusing and camera angeling are very attractive.

Thank you so much @ashen99

Tus fotografías están bellísimas, destaca la bugambilia, pero ese cielo violeta sorprende aún más.

Thank you @charjaim. I am glad that you liked the pictures.

Wow wow wowwww
Creativity lives here!!!
Your pictures are amazing !!!
No cap. Cause I love them ❤️
The second one is out of this world.

@mesonia 🌹🌹

A lovely beach 😍. Nice captures.

I really like to your presentation, friend. And seems like you have a good passion in photography🙈🙈🙈

Thank you @sandupi. I am glad that you like it.

Yes, you are right I love nature photography.

Mother nature makes peace in our minds

I could capture some of the beautiful sceneries of nature.


The above image was captured on the beach, that scenery catched my eyes. It's an image of the sunset from the beach. It was looking wonderful through those trees.

We went on a trip to Galle and on the way, we stopped for a while. It was a rubber field, I saw this flower beside the road and suddenly thought of capturing it. Now the image is more than 2 years old.

How colourful the mother nature is.


This scenery got to the camera in a paddy field, which is located very close to our home. It's also an image of the western sky. I had to go there at about 6 o'clock in the evening to capture this.

I'm so thankful to @ashen99 for organizing this nice contest for us to share photographs of nature.

Southern beach is magnificent during sunset and sun rise.. I prefer 1st photo😍

I agree, Thank you akke😁

Your color balance, color matching, camera angle, etc. are very interesting.

Galle and on the way, we stopped for a while.

Come another day and take more photos😉

Is it really?? Thank uu so much, bro

Come another day and take more photos😉

Haha nice, I'll come🤪

We have a similar flower to that in your second picture.


We call it sunflower over here but I don't know if there's another name for it? 🤷

Nice photos, buddy!

@mesonia 🌹🌹

yeah, it looks similar, but I guess they are two kinds of flowers. Even I don't know its exact name.
Thanks a lot @mesonia 😊

It's a small version of sunflower. We call it star flower.. they are common in paddy fields.

Oh wow... thanks @randulakoralage, I learnt something new!! 😁

These are beautiful. My mom found a plant in second pic today.

Thank youu akke...yeah It's a beautiful flower to plant in the garden

The first image shows a photo I took in my garden. Shown here is a type of flower called "atapethiya". This is a beautiful flower without any fragrant but very colourful flowers. These flowers can be seen in different colours such as yellow, orange, pink.


This image shows the Unawatuna beach. Located in the Galle District of the Southern Province of Sri Lanka, This city is a beautiful place that has attracted both foreign and local tourists.


This is another photo I took in the garden. I do not know the exact name of this plant that this leaf belongs to. There are small, beautiful yellow flower clusters. Although it does not have a specific odour, it is one of the most attractive plants of insects.


Here I would like to thank @ashen99 malli for organizing this nice contest 🤗

Wow, akke what a nice click.

This is another photo I took in the garden.

You have skillfully captured the droplets on the leaf

You have taken good shots roshi. Like the 3rd one most 🥰.

WoW....!! Superb Roshi....❤️❤️ Second one took my heart...

I went to a hike namunukula mountain range. These photo are taken there. These trees are foreign as i know. Walking under those trees was a very nice experience.




Walking under those trees was a very nice experience.

I think so too. I would love to have that experience too

Nice click aiye

Thanks malli

Nice pictures 🥰. Let's walk under those trees. I have seen these kind of places while travelling, haven't walked there.

This hike is very interesting one. Maybe one day we can go there. 🤗

we can see thousands of these trees when we travel upcountry. more beautiful with mists🤩

Mist and also wind. soo cool🥶

I have seen this kind of places in music videos.... What a view...❤️ nice clicks 👌 👌