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Thanks for joining me @clove71 for The Splinterlands weekly news with The Demon!
Are you a Splinterlands Addict like me? LOL! I just can't help it as I think it is the BEST game I have ever played!
This is a recap below of what I go over here in the video with the past week's Splinterlands News/Battles/Posts and more! Drop any comment below to be eligible to win a pack of Untamed booster cards with 1K DEC to buy potions and extra cards! I will give away 2 packs and 405 DEC each for potions to 2 random people and I will let you know in the comments to you if you are picked!

  • Check out News Watch Splinterlands coverage HERE
  • Every week Altcoinbuzz.io has a new Splinterlands weekly update. Which includes weekly stats, cards going out of print and more! Check out the week 4 Splinterlands update HERE
  • The amazing @jacekw is at it again, bringing you the stats of your played cards and DEC earnings stats for you in his amazing post HERE
  • Check out the rewards changes coming up in Splinterlands HERE and view the recent post about the Kickstarter physical rewards HERE.

  • A recent Twitter poll by TronTrade went live yesterday. We went from 5.9% to almost winning 15 hours later! It was down to the last minutes and the other token received 300 votes the last minute. I am so happy with all the comments everyone left on the twitter post! That was so awesome to read all the Splinterlands community comments there, it took over the post! Nice job! A big thank you to Mehmet @mfyilmaz in Telegram for starting the first 10K DEC Contest! You can view his contest results here HERE I also gave away 20 Untamed packs, held a $21 Tournament and donated 5K DEC to Mehmet's giveaway, view the winners HERE

  • You can check out the DEC - Twitter poll by TronTrade HERE There is also another contest I held to win one of 2o Untamed packs and potions you can view the results HERE! I also held a $21 tournament, you can see the results HERE I love having awesome people play Splinterlands like @mfyilmaz and donating his own money for contests like this one! It inspired me to buy some packs, potions, and DEC out of my own money too. That is how great this community is!

One of my favorite new cards!!

  • Check out this awesome Splinterlands video found by @aagabriel on Vimeo featuring Aggroed and Yabapmatt HERE

  • Watch a Splinterlands commercial on AMC TV on 1-27-20! Read all about it HERE

  • Splinterlands had an auction recently for a maxed Selenia Sky Gold Foil Card worth $2,400! Micheal B on Opensea.io bought it for 8.4 Ethereum which is $1,375.29 in USD on 1-24-20! What a deal! Read the latest Splinterlands post about it HERE

  • DEC is now listed on TRONTRADE.io! This is great news after the recent TronWatch market shut down. Watch a how-to buy & sell DEC on TronTrade video HERE! There are more How-to videos of all topics in Discord under the #how-to channel.

  • View @aggroed's awesome State of Splinterlands recent post HERE
  • Check out the new tournament updates post HERE which include some community tournament requests fulfilled. They sure do listen to and implement changes suggested in the Splinterlands community!

  • Watch @Aggroed give a great Splinterlands interview to BLOCKTV HERE

  • Splinterlands cards are now available to buy, sell and auction off on Opensea.io The Ethereum integration went live last week and it is awesome! View the Splinterlands announcement about it HERE. Read all about the Splinterlands Gold maxed Selenia Sky up for auction on opensea.io HERE

  • If you are interested in listing cards on opensea.io, follow this how-to video HERE

  • Check out @nealmcspadden and his new show featuring his Splinterlands spreadsheets, stats, numbers and more on his show Monster Maverick featured on MSP Waves HERE

Fun Facts:

  • @cryptoreaper was in the Mavericks Discord channel and told us the story of how he bought 4 Untamed packs to open. His wife opened up the first pack with a GFL (Gold Foil Legendary card)in it! then he opened up 2 packs with nothing special in it. His wife opened up the 4th packs and there was another GFL in it! Congratulations to you cryptoreaper and let your wife always open up your future packs! She brought some great luck to you!

  • I also had some luck as well this past week as I opened up 2 GFL from
    50 Untamed packs and 2 days prior opened up a GFL from 12 Untamed packs! I was using potions and I got lucky!

  • A great site by @kiokizz to see what rewards cards will be out of print soon HERE

  • Get 3% instant cashback on all purchases at Monstermarket.io and check out their handy pack analyzer HERE A great post by @rentmoney about Monstermarket HERE


  • Welcome new Monster Maverick @julisavio It is awesome to have you in the Mavericks now! If you have purchased 500 packs or more from Splinterlands.io, Monstermarket.io or peakmonsters.io
  • There's a new Sheriff in town! Check out Monster Maverick and new SPT Whale @abrockman's post HERE Congratulations on achieving this, you are awesome!

  • I love all of Monster Maverick and O.G. Splinterlands player @rentmoney's Splinterlands posts and this one is so cool! Battle him and win a free card if you win! How awesome is that?! Check it out HERE

Battling Tips & Stats!

  • A great place for Splinterlands stats run by @rafalski To view his site click HERE

  • MikeC asked in Mavericks if opportunity targets random equally low hp monsters?

  • @byzantantinist told him that in case of a tie, it attacks the front monster - same with triage and repair.

  • @simplymike shared a battle where the Lord A was stunned and thought the Eagle would do a 4 melee damage, not a 2. The Eagle has knockout which does double damage when attacking a stunned enemy.
    Check out his battle HERE

  • @mikec told him the stunned was consumed immediately since the Lord A had his turn right after he got the condition. Stun is based on turns, not rounds.

  • View @ketcom's awesome tips and tricks post HERE

  • @maryemily posted a battle HERE
    where her Hydra did not heal. @vettev explained to her "affliction is sneaky little ability that can throw a wrench in a battle plan!"

Random Info:

  • @mattclarke noted he is now earning $2.09 a day on his rental cards + income. @randolphrope said he was around $6.00 a day but now is around $5.50 a day for his rental income. Rentals on Peakmonsters is something not everyone new knows about. Here is a great post from @grapthar about how to rent card. HERE Another rental post is from @shyaren HERE If you prefer videos here is a How to rent cards post HERE

Splinterlands Flashback

  • Splinterlands Flashback! Watch Monsters Maverick and long-time player @mattclarke's very cute kids, as well as Splinterlands fans, open up their Alpha packs sent from @o07! This video is too cute! Matt's kids even had a Splinterlands birthday with a Rexxie cake their Grandmother brought for them! I would of loved that birthday party!

    The awesome @zaku is eagerly awaiting the Untamed Legendary cards and shared some very funny memes in the Mavericks channel:

    Winners of contests:

    I was opening 50 Untamed packs and was so focused on not running out of potions that I did not realize I opened up 2 gold foil Legendary cards! I had a funny meme contest about it.

    • Congratulations to @yonilkar for winning an Untamed pack, 2 fire summoners and a few fire cards from me for this hilarious meme below. I love meme's and love to reward them!

    This is so funny and so true! LOL! I Love it!

    A big shout out to @mawit07 for rewording this hilarious meme about DEC. @johndoer and I sent him and @kryptokayden some cards for getting this done. It is too funny! I love it! It was a great idea Johndoer! I love this!

    In Discord, @mikec put up a chart showing the past 100 days of DEC trades.

    New player of the week!

    Congratulations to @sayyee! You won about $7 in cards from me for your meme contest entry on my post. You are a great player and now will have a level 2 life Splinter! I see @raynie also sent you some cards from Immortal Gods Guild as well. Good luck to you on your Splinterlands journey and battles! You are doing great!

    Splinterlands Discord HERE

    Facebook Facebook GroupHERE

    Splinterlands Official Facebook Page HERE

    Splinterlands Telegram HERE

    Immortal Gods IG - HERE

    YouTube Splinterlands Content - HERE

    Splinterlands 3Speak Community - HERE

    Splinterlands Dtube Content - HERE

    I wish you luck in your battles and daily quest rewards!

    I will see you all on the battlefield!

    May the Monsters be with you.

    Chris Love @clove71

    Splinterlands Rep

    ▶️ 3Speak


Wish to get just one gooood card ... im just poor by cash at the Point and can not face with better card ruch guys:(

I sent you 500 DEC earlier to buy cards but you traded it for Steem and then sold it on Blocktrades! LOL!

sold for steem Lady

Right on man- you sold the Steem too- you were supposed to buy cards with the DEC you said- this is why people do not give to people they do not know who ask straight up- it is called a #scam. You got me once, no problem...not getting me again though LOL!

thanks for the post shout-out! hope it helps some people!

It does! I have it in the #how-to-guide channel in Discord, pinned...lots of people use it who are new to the game! Awesome post! Some people had a good idea in Discord the other day for more how-to posts for new users. Like this one!

sweet! that's really cool.

What an awesome post.

Keep up the great work Clove71.

Keep your amazing posts up, I love them! Everyone knows rentmoney, he's the man!

Thanks for the mention. This post is well packed with so much useful information. Cheers.

You have some awesome Splinterlands posts! Keep up the great work!

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Loads of thanks.

Awesome post! So much news dropped in a single post!

Posted using Partiko Android

Right! LOL! It is hard to keep up with all the Splinterlands news everywhere so in addition to daily video posts I do these weekly ones as well! There is a new update by the way, lol! It just came out and It will be in my next news post! https://steemit.com/splinterlands/@splinterlands/new-reward-cards-and-updates

Great post. I’ve been popping on and off your blog from time to time recently as I rather enjoy your approach to the game. I never really played with an eye to make Steem from SM, but I have started to skim the odd bit here and there and whack it into savings from dec and card sales. I can see how your so passionate about playing as it’s a wonderfully addictive game. Especially when one considers how much fun can be had for such a low start up cost. Looking forward to your next post. Keep on Steeming. :)

Thanks! I do love the game! I saw your last post it was awesome! Make sure if you ever do a Splinterlands post on Steem to send it to me and also you can drop it in the Discord in the -sm-post-promo channel for a chance to receive an upvote from Steem Monsters! People receive 50% to 100% upvotes ($4-$8) depending on the post and spend that money on cards! Win-Win!!

Will do, and thank you so much for the pack. That was incredibly sweet. :) In regards time a splinterlands post... I’ve been thinking about trying my hand at a post on that subject. Atm I’m trying really hard to work on my strategy to hopefully become good enough to give advice. I must admit I can’t wait for the game to go mobile. I travel a lot by rail so I’ll have more time then to throw at the game. Thank you so much again. Seeing that gift notification really made my day. :)

Yes! Please send it to me when you do one and also put in the sm-post-promotion! There are people getting nice upvotes several times a week from Steem Monsters. A simple how-to guide topic for anything in Splinterlands is an awesome idea too! I saw your posts here on Steem, they are so nice!

Thanks a lot for the encouragement and the packs and dec. It was really very useful and now I plan to invest more into Splinterlands and also look forward to the new reward system.

I am still learning battles and although I keep dancing front and back, I hope to make it to Gold 1 at least, this season.

Stay blessed and smile always :)

gold 3.JPG

Excellent, interesting things are coming in Splinterland

Wow! Great recap of the week. Can't wait for the mobile app!!!

YES! Did you see this post- it just came out earlier....https://steemit.com/splinterlands/@splinterlands/new-reward-cards-and-updates

New reward cards! WOW! I already want that Torhilo the Frozen and the Undead Rexx and the Nectar Queen ... The mobile app looks really nice too.

Im just found about this game today and register. Still learning how the game working. Totally noob and not ready to invest because i has no clue at all how i can make a dime from it. Hope i will see more post on how making passive income while enjoying playing this game.

Welcome to Splinterlands! Make sure to read all of the "how to play" on the battle page. Also in Discord, there is a strat-chat to read with things pinned too. https://steemit.com/hive-13323/@clove71/dsrkrddq https://steemit.com/hive-100421/@clove71/jfgocwij

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