New Reward Cards & Updates

New Reward Cards

We are excited to reveal 10 new Reward edition cards that will replace ones that have recently or will soon go out of print. The new cards are scheduled to be added on Monday, February 10th.

As we mentioned in this previous post, these new Reward cards will use the Untamed edition combine and burn rates but will still be included and shown in the UI as part of the Reward edition.

Barking Spider

These terrifying Spiders are typically found in the darker parts of the Splintral forests. Not only do they sometimes grow to the size of a whole chicken, but they emit a horrible barking sound all night long, as well as an unpleasant odor.

Nectar Queen

Unlike most queen bees, Nectar Queens like to get out of the nest and get their Proboscis dirty. Fortunately, you can hear one coming long before it reaches you. Unfortunately, they have a real taste for blood.

Warrior of Peace

The Peacebringers are the underground resistance to the Order of the Silver Shield in Khymeria, and the Warriors of Peace are their writers. They have proven time and time again that the greatest weapons are written, not thrown, loosed or swung.


With extremely loud voices, these Khymian criers recount the tales and prophecies of Khymia, their all-powerful Goddess. They have learned to use frequency and vibration to smite their enemies and support their allies, although they cannot always predict the outcome.

Torch Monkey

These large monkeys were bred for the Kobolds some two hundred years ago as a gift from the Gloridax. They are easy to train and can sustain incredibly high temperatures, but the Torch Monkey’s greatest feature is its ability to make fire by rubbing its hands together rapidly.


Pyromancers travel everywhere in pursuit of their grand goal of healing the Splinterlands. They care little for people, but feel connected to the hot pulsing magma that pumps deep underneath the planet's shell. They travel about the land and purify it through ancient rituals that spiritually guide the magma to the surface. It's best to avoid them if possible as receiving a magma purification ends poorly for most, but they too look for "that which was Splintered shall be made whole" and for their service most leave them be.

Undead Rexx

Every once in an unholy while, a brave Dark Eternal missionary is able to raise a fallen Rexxie from the dead and escape the Grasslands without being killed by Minotaurs. In Mortis, the Undead Rexxies are put to use, pulling wagons that carry loads of Dark Matter up and down the Eternal Highway. In battle, the Dark Eternals use them mainly for fear. And crushing.

Shadowy Presence

Sometimes you just know that something dark is right there with you, even if you can’t see it. The Shadowy Presence can be called by dark summoners; don’t let it attach to you.

Wave Runner

The Wave Runner sees not one but two sets of prey. The first set of eyes scours the ocean for a tasty morsel. The second set of eyes looks above to the skies for unsuspecting flyers. With a powerful swipe of its tail the Wave Runner can leap out of the water and bring giant birds and dragons alike into the water where its body provides a natural fighting advantage. It's best to find land or make peace with your soul if you're unfortunate enough to face a Wave Runner.

In case you're wondering how the Wave Runner "Snares" flying targets, please refer to this informational video:

Torhilo the Frozen

This massive frozen bull is one of the Frost Giant’s only friends left in the world. He has lived for hundreds of years and is growing tired, but Torhilo still charges at everything he faces with vigor.

Stun Change

In addition to adding these new cards, we will be making a change to how the Stun ability works which will increase the effectiveness of the Knock Out ability (and also the Cleanse ability to some degree).

Currently, a stunned Monster becomes un-stunned on its next turn to attack (and it skips that attack due to being stunned). This presents a problem for the intended effect of the Knock Out ability because if the stunned Monster has its turn before the Monster with Knock Out, then it will no longer be considered stunned and Knock Out will have no effect.

Going forward, a stunned monster will continue to be considered stunned until the attacker that stunned it takes its next turn. In the event that the attacker is no longer alive, the stunned monster will become unstunned when the attacker would have taken its next turn, were it still alive.

This means that when a Monster is stunned, it will remain stunned for one whole round, which should improve the effectiveness of the Knock Out ability as intended. In the battles it will show a new action called "unstunned" at the point when the stun effect is lifted so it's clear to viewers.

Mobile App Update

We are excited to report that we plan to release an initial alpha version of the Splinterlands mobile app next week. Since it is an alpha version, there will likely be a number of bugs and issues that need to be worked out so please keep that in mind if you choose to play using the app. There are also a number of features that are not fully implemented yet and will show as "Coming Soon" in the app, but the core features of managing your card collection and playing ranked battles are completed.

We also would like to clarify that initially the app will be a mobile web app which players can access from any mobile web browser. It is also possible to add web sites as an "app" on the home screen of your device. If you do this, then the app will be nearly indistinguishable from a native app downloaded from the app store.

In the future we plan to also try to offer the app for download in both the Apple and Google app stores, however we may run into issues with the approval process and/or have to remove certain cryptocurrency-related features.

By releasing it as a mobile web app initially, everyone will be able to access the app and all of the features without needing any app store approvals. Additionally, as a website the app can be accessed through embedded browsers in crypto wallet apps such as Steem Wallet, TronWallet, and more. If you access the app through the Steem Wallet browser, for example, then you will not have to input your account keys as Steem Wallet will handle that for you. We are working on adding similar types of integration for other crypto wallet apps in the near future.

We hope that our community appreciates how large of an undertaking this project has been for our small team and will work with us to fix any issues and provide feedback in a helpful and constructive manner.

Stay tuned for more updates from the Splinterlands!

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Can we have a list of the cards getting "retired"?

Wood Nymph, Creeping Ooze, Phantom Soldier, Silvershield Archers, and Goblin Mech have already hit their cap and stopped printing.

Brownie, Imp Bowman, Sea Monster, Undead Minotaur, Exploding Dwarf, and Manticore are all close to their caps and I presume intended to be replaced by this update.

Epics were already slowest to print, and replacing four with six combined with the quartering of the print rate coming on Tuesday means these new epics are going to be in print for a VERY long time.

This is a great site to see all of the cards that are out of print now! It is by @kiokizz

Ehh i wish to get just one better card.. im just poor guy by finances ofcourse its sad:(

Ranged attack monsters are getting stronger and stronger. Let's hope it gets balanced with Return Fire and Headwinds ability. Keeping a balance is critical.

Awesome name choices on the new cards! Can't wait to add them all to my collection. mwahahahahahaha

Awesome work team....

I love this update!!!

The mobile app sounds interesting than the new rewards to me,because I play this game on my phone daily for almost a year now

Lets rumble

Waiting for app and new cards...

Torhilo the frozen looks amazing. Release right on my birthday, I'm going to buy the first one on the market.

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