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RE: Weekly News with the Fire Demon! Win an Untamed Pack with 1K DEC!

in Splinterlands4 years ago

Great post. I’ve been popping on and off your blog from time to time recently as I rather enjoy your approach to the game. I never really played with an eye to make Steem from SM, but I have started to skim the odd bit here and there and whack it into savings from dec and card sales. I can see how your so passionate about playing as it’s a wonderfully addictive game. Especially when one considers how much fun can be had for such a low start up cost. Looking forward to your next post. Keep on Steeming. :)


Thanks! I do love the game! I saw your last post it was awesome! Make sure if you ever do a Splinterlands post on Steem to send it to me and also you can drop it in the Discord in the -sm-post-promo channel for a chance to receive an upvote from Steem Monsters! People receive 50% to 100% upvotes ($4-$8) depending on the post and spend that money on cards! Win-Win!!

Will do, and thank you so much for the pack. That was incredibly sweet. :) In regards time a splinterlands post... I’ve been thinking about trying my hand at a post on that subject. Atm I’m trying really hard to work on my strategy to hopefully become good enough to give advice. I must admit I can’t wait for the game to go mobile. I travel a lot by rail so I’ll have more time then to throw at the game. Thank you so much again. Seeing that gift notification really made my day. :)

Yes! Please send it to me when you do one and also put in the sm-post-promotion! There are people getting nice upvotes several times a week from Steem Monsters. A simple how-to guide topic for anything in Splinterlands is an awesome idea too! I saw your posts here on Steem, they are so nice!

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