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This week we've been absolutely thrilled about number of people we're witnessing in our community. It's super encouraging. Ball out!!! We're sorry for the delay in the selection of our top ten but we had to wait to get a variety of quality posts beforehand.

It is worth knowing that if you do not make it to the top 5 in our weekly contest, you could always post other contents which stand the chance of making our top 10 weekly selections. So there is MORE ROOM for everyone. And be sure to follow our OBSERVATION OF CONTENT ETIQUETTE guidelines as well.

And if you partook in our contest, you could still stand a chance to be here with your other posts as well. Creativity and quality in your content is key to making this list.

So without further ado, here are the top 10 picks for last week. ⚽️💥

#1 @theartorve
Entry : Debut en la Liga 2020-2021 / Venezolano - Ingles / Escrito original de @theatrorve / Lunes 27 09 2020 / #njaywan #worldoffootball

Jordi Alba exceptional. This player when he is level does what he did in the game. He creates constant and very dangerous attacking situations. In fact he was the precursor of the first azulgrana goal. But comment, when he is at a good level. We must urgently seek a replacement. Todibo proved not to be the substitute of Alba and this created a problem in the left side. You always have to take into account Alba's age and the possible injury that is natural in the game. The TV station where I saw the broadcast named him the Player of the Game. It was for a reason.

#2 @chirich
Entry : My favourite football club

When it comes to football, Europe is regarded as the place where the best football is being played. It is the dream of every player to play for an European club because it is where the best of the best ply their trade and it where the spotlight is. No wonder the best in the game of football is always choosen from players plying their trade in Europe.
What better way to choose the best team than to look at the most successful in its competition played every season, i mean the most prestigious club competition that is the uefa champions league.
Ofcourse every football fan knows the answer to that, ofcourse who else than my beloved "Real Madrid" who have conquered Europe time and time again with 13 champions league triumph, 6 better than the nearest team in Ac milan.

#3 @massachussets

It's hard not to like football when your dad is a strong fan of your rival team, Chelsea. Luckily for me, he never pressurized me into liking his team and always encouraged me to find my own favorite sports team. I wasn't cut out to be a football player myself, but that hasn't stopped me from following the Premier League and supporting my local team with a passion!

#4 @theatrorve
Entry : Resumen Ligas europeas de futbol. Fin de semana del 26 – 27 09 2020 / Venezolano - Ingles / Escrito original de @theatrorve / Lunes 28 09 2020 / #njaywan #worldoffootball

With this publication I just want to share information about the results, classification and next day of the five big European soccer championships. My intention is not to show myself as a great connoisseur of the game in the European leagues. My intention is only to share my passion for this sport and what I see on TV or read through the online sports pages or watch through soccer channels on the net. It does not go beyond that. If you think it is right what I am doing I would appreciate a comment.

#5 @boss75
Entry : "Real Madrid" - Looking for their 1st win!!!

Scenerio : Defending champion "Real Madrid" started a new season in La-Liga with the match against 'Real Sociedad'. But they had to return from the field with one point that day. So they will be aiming to return from the field of Betis on Saturday with full three points. However, the task will not be easy at all for "Los Blancos". Manuel Pellegrini's side, who started the season with two wins in a row, are now 'second' on the points table!! Betis are unbeaten in their last three matches against La Liga champions Real Madrid.

#6 @rterreros
Entry : El futbol en México</center

En México algunos asocian el futbol con el juego de pelota que practicaban algunas culturas prehispánicas pero en realidad solo representa un simbolismo. El inicio del futbol en México es gracias a los mineros europeos que llegaron al continente Americano y que comenzaron a jugar en sus ratos libres. Los británicos enseñaron a los mexicanos el juego y poco a poco se fueron fundando equipos en la zona centro y occidente del país. En 1901 se forma el primer equipo oficial que se tiene registrado en México, el Pachuca Athletic Club que hoy en día se le conoce como los Tuzos del Pachuca y juega en la zona centro del país. El primer torneo que se tiene registro en México fue entre los equipos Orizaba Athletic Club, Pachuca Athletic Club, Reforma Athletic Club, México Cricket Club y British Club.

#7 @dfacademy
Entry : Control and Passing Drill; Inspired by AGFA [Drill-24]

#8 @boss75
Entry : Koeman's Journey in Barcelona Starts with Big Victory

The beginning of the Ronald Koeman's chapter in Barcelona starts with a great victory. Ansu Fati, the new hero of Barcelona, was instrumental in starting the new day. He reduced the pressure in the beginning by scoring a pair of goals in the 15th and 19th minutes. Barca's 'old hero' Lionel Messi has scored. He extended the lead from the penalty spot in the 35th minute. The source of most of Barca's attacks against Villarreal from the left side. All the goals started from there. In the 15th minute, Jordi Alba entered the box with a long pass from Clement Langlet. Fati wrapped the ball in the top corner from his cutback.

#9 @guarran
Entry : Bayenr Munich 2 - Sevilla 1

The European Super Cup final was played today pitching Bayern Munich vs Sevilla. At first sight it would seem like an easy win for the German champions playing against a team that finished fourth in a very diminished Spanish league. So the question most people were looking an answer to was by how much Bayern was going to win not if.

#10 @iamjabez
Entry : World of Football | My Village Friends Playing football like this.

Many boys are love to play football during weekend. Here no age limit, no team members limit.
This is our school ground - Walker Higher Secondary School, Dohnavur, Tirunelveli, Tamilnadu, India.
About a thousand families live in our town. But there is only one playground. So everyone is playing at the same time.





All the posts selected here are absolutely amazing read with videos. Thanks for the good work, Steem to the world 🌎 of football ⚽

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You deserved it.

i so much love this post. GOOD WORK

Congratulation to all the publishers.

Congratulations to all the nominees.

Cuanto talento en cada post! 🙌

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