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Greetings everyone,

I would like to present the winners of the just concluded favorite league contest. There were lots of good entries in this particular contests and I was very excited to go through each one of them.

I really learnt a lot through the various entries that were received within the week. Once again, some of these entries had some creative elements within the entries which I didn't really expect. Thanks for those creative entries.


I enjoyed reading and reviewing these awesome entries about the favorite leagues of various members of our community. However for the sake of the contest, I must present 5 top entries. As such, here are the winners for the contest






Contest Entry: My favourite football league






Contest Entry On Your Favourite League In Football by @chenty



Te cuento sobre mi liga favorita de fútbol | ¡Liga Alemana! - [ESP-ENG]

The various steem prizes have been sent to the winners as follows:

1st10 Steem
2nd8 Steem
3rd5 Steem
4th3 Steem
5th1 Steem

Thank you to all our other participants


Many thanks for all your support

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 3 years ago 

🎉🎉🎉WoW, Felicidades a los ganadores, puede observar participaciones bastante creativas como la del dibujo con gif, también vimos unas publicaciones muy organizadas y bien estructuradas. Realmente felicitó a los ganadores y espero verlos en el siguiente concurso. 🎉🎉🎉⚽⚽

 3 years ago 

Thank you for selecting me. I've received my reward.

 3 years ago 

Congratulations. You deserve it 👍

Big Thanks to the organizers @worldoffootball, @njaywan for considering me worthy enough. Congratulations to @tanhunter254, @meivys, @chenty and @anthony2019 as well.

For those who missed out, keep trying in future contests. Rarely does someone win in a trot. You might get lucky next.


 3 years ago 

Thanks and congratulations to u too

 3 years ago 

Felicitaciones para ti amigo.

Woooo que sorpresa, felicitaciones a los ganadores excelentes entradas muchas gracias @njawan

Well deserved comrades!!

 3 years ago 

Felicitaciones amigo @tanhunter254 te luciste con tu post, saludos y bueno a esperar el próximo concurso para pelearte el podio(jaja).

 3 years ago 

Gracias amigo, hasta el próximo concurso.

Didn’t win but congrats to the winners they wrote well

Nice work @njaywan I really appreciate and congrats to the winners. Sincerely I don't understand the criteria used to finalized the winners. Pls I would like to know because what I'm seeing is really discouraging. Thanks

In my opinion, I think it depends on the orignality, adherence to the rules, like writing not less than 300 words, using copyright free images. Another thing is the way of writing, paragraphing, spacing, bolding key elements. Also, how amusing or fascinating your piece of writing is ,is a relevant factor. Some are more fun to read than others.. others put more work in their writings than others.. some are boring and straightforward but others are simply catchy.
I think these are a few of the criteria that I know of.
More effort in the work is the main key!

Thanks buddy now I get it.

 3 years ago 

Observa está publicación de uno de los ganadores

Esa publicación tiene esfuerzo, son dibujos realizados y no solo eso tiene un buen gif, es una publicación muy creativa y artística, merece mucho, ese tipo de publicaciones son agradables, vistosas y complementada con un buen planteamiento.

That publication takes effort, they are drawings made and not only that has a good gif, it is a very creative and artistic publication, it deserves a lot, that type of publication is pleasant, colorful and complemented with a good approach.

All post in Steemit platform requires efforts including yours and mine. I think creativity is ok and I'm not against it. I always recommend it but shouldn't be the basic things to check. What the author wrote should be the first basic things.

Well I have no right to choose the winners because I'm not the organiser but I would like the organiser to check not only the creativity but also the write up to encourage steemians in football community. If only the creativity is checked then what do you think will happen to the good writers?

Of course it will discourage them as such they might not participate anymore just like me. And if such things occur then the community as well goes down.

I will stop here. Thanks @tanhunter254 for reviewing my comment.

 3 years ago (edited)

Hi @armstrongdiho. Don't be discouraged! The World Of Football Community is a space for all users who like this sport.

I love sport so much most especially football and I can't hide that but I'm discouraged because I didn't see anything here in this community that will encourage anymore. I don't really understand the community most especially in the area of electing winners.

@marcybetancourt I really appreciate your effort in this community and thanks for reviewing my comment.

Greetings buddy.

I think there are several important factors that the contest organizer takes into account when choosing the winners. First of all, compliance with the rules, followed by the creativity and consistency of the participant.

Choosing a winner where everyone complies with the rules is not easy.

Thanks buddy, I really appreciate and now I understand.

At your service my friend, keep up the good work.

Congratulation to all the winners

Congratulation to all the winners..

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