Steemit Engagement Challenge - S6W2: (What Do I Do When I'm Bored) a funny way ;)

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Hi steemians, hope you are doing great.
I am very happy to participate in this incredible contest, the topis is well thought out. It's the trend nowadays, everyone suffers from boredom. You can find all details about the contest here by @steem.indonesia

We may tend to think that boredom is a reaction to some repetitive activities due to a routine, it is an emotional state that a person may exposed to it when he feels a lack of attention from others(in some situations related to kids) or lack of preoccupation. It could be expressed as a depression.

What causes boredom, you can identify the cause

There are many reasons that lead to boredom, for example :

1. Routine and Repeating the same things daily : it happens to many of us, when doing some repetitive activities we get stuck and depressed suddenly
2. Fear of change : we must leave or try to leave our comfort zone and have the courage to take a risk
3. Passing the school stage with no work : It happens to many yes, but if you are ambitious you may skip this phase easily
4. Loss of self-confidence : that's why we need to work on our self confidence with kids at school, at home, everywhere, encourage them, motivate them even if they make mistakes
5. Family conflicts :Divorce may be a solution of many family conflicts but it's not the only one
6. Lack of self-motivation to complete tasks : Here I'm talking about a self motivation and not a company recognition

How do you overcome feelings of boredom, what activities do you do

There are many ways to help get rid of the feeling of boredom in, for example :
1. Watch some funny videos : I suggest to watch the funny Moments in Football
here is an example

2. Make your favorite broth : I like to cook, when I was child, I'm used to help my grand mother and my aunty, that's why I have a book of recipes, I enjoy my time while cooking and especially.
When I feel bored, I ask my family to cook something for dinner for them
3. Go to the restaurant for dinner : We are a big family, almost 10 people, going to the restaurant for dinner is not a usual event for us, That's why, you need to have a special unusual event for the times where you are bored
4. Getting out of the house : You need to have a fresh air from time to time
5. Doing exercise : It helps to free yourself from negative energy
6. Volunteering in charities : when you make a smile on someone else, it will return to you indirectly trust me
7. Learn new hobbies : learn new languages, learn how to cook if you know how to eat ;)
8. Waking up one hour earlier than normal : or sleep one hour later than normal, it's up to you
9. Read some scientific books : if you are used to read books, change the type to a different one

Tips to prevent or overcome feelings of boredom

When you go to a job interview and you are asked the famous question about your weak points, everyone explain how he turned his weakness into a strength. And this is exactly what I want to present. How can we turn boredom into something useful.


I think most of us, have already live a situation at school when the teacher is the one who understand the topic and the most of students are out of mind. This is an example of boring lessons. What to do in this case?



With my classmates, to avoid to feel bored, we share some jocks between us and this secretly.
But the most important thing, is when the teacher ask us if this is understood, we respond "absolutely"



We pretend to be the angels, while we were sharing jocks and criticizing the teacher, my tips are the memories from your childhood, the disasters you did when you were child.

For me, all we need to do when we are bored is to try to change our habits and hobbies, avoid negative people, avoid talking about issues and conflicts, try to make your brain work in an unusual way

Thank you for reading through my post.

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