Wanna hear more about your community

I was invited here by @rme, the founder admin of your community Ammer Bongla Blog. Currently, I am acting a supporter of Steemit Abuse Community which was run by @rme the guy. Generally, I'm not interested to curate normal posts in the steemit communities.

I can only help to promote that posts which are involved in any kind of steemit projects.

Please, guys, tell me the projects which are currently being run by you & also explain why it is beneficial to the community ?

Do you have any steemit blockchain based dapp ?

And, would you plz explain that why this community is only in a specific language ? Any explanation ?

Does your community curate posts outside of your community ?

Do you have any relation with other communities admins ?

Hungry Griffin is always hungry .... ha ha ;)


I feature the most active projects regularly in Steem News...

One of the projects in this latest edition is a contest being run by @xpilar for people to make videos to promote Steem...

The video entries can be in any language.

Another project in the latest Steem News is @ubongudofot's World Smile solar project in Nigeria.

Thank you Sir.

Hello it’s a pleasure to be here,

First of all I present to you, I’m as individual a Steem developer who has carried a lot of new initiatives and tools for the ecosystem, first of all I’m running the Make noise project where we rewards the most engaged steemians every week. Look at this:

I’m currently at the head of Comunidad Latina the biggest community in Latin America, this community was founded by a well know witness (@symbionts) but we have the freedom to implement plans what we want to make the community success.

This community is running a witness to represent Latin users (@cotina) and together this project I have developed tools such Cotify which is a Telegram notifications bot with an integred explorer and other tools. This bot is available in English Portuguese and Spanish so everyone around the whole ecosystem can use it.

@cotina is also the community account which is supporting post inside the community but we don’t limit to it, to attract investors we offer daily payments and vote (btw @rme is one of our biggest investors 😃)

We are supporting directly any kind of emergency under the tag #cotinacharity for situations well documented that we can check for authenticity

We also run Meet ups, support programs, and other things to try to include as much people as we can in our action range.

I’m planning to start a new project soon just waiting for @rme with something 😊

The investment you've made is tremendous on the steemit platform, and I'm reading your first post very carefully at this point.
We from the WSP Team based in the Steem For Betterlife community are doing charity projects continuously, both in Indonesia and in other parts of the country. And please feel free to visit our community.

Thank you

And.. in other parts of the world like South Africa (•ิ‿•ิ)


This is great news to everyone here on steemit.
I will gladly mention some users that are handling steemit project because they are in the right position to give full information about each project.

Thank you for being "hungry" to help and welcome🤗

Hungry Griffin is always hungry .... ha ha ;)

Thank you!

Thanks for remembering us! 🎕

Thanks dear for this notification


Hello brother... Welcome!

Hungry Griffin is always hungry... These words make Steemit Abuse tremble ha hah

I can only help to promote that posts which are involved in any kind of steemit projects.

So is this a green light for all steem communities, can we invite you to our community, there we will introduce you to many programs that are beneficial to the general public.

This is the ongoing World Smile Project,

Promoting Steem to the wider community is the most logical way, @hungry-griffin. The charity movement that helps a lot is also a form of contribution to the wider community as a way of attracting many people to get to know the platform and also Steem. You can see @steem.amal and @worldsmile for reference, they run humanitarian projects consistently, projects that can introduce Steem and Steemit and most importantly contribute to society.

 2 months ago 

Tell me the projects which are currently being run by you & also explain why it is beneficial to the community ?

Bangla blog community educates new users through abb school. As a result, users start their blogging journey with the right mindset. Our Discord server is full of entertainment. Users get entertainment and human comfort. There are free delegation services, charity projects. Users are informed about all Steemit updates through weekly hangouts. 80+ users are present per hangout. We also have abb-fun project. Also users can open a ticket anytime and talk to us directly to solve their problem. We have already handled 1492 tickets. We also have a real user selection process and anti-abuse team.

Do you have any steemit blockchain based dapp ?

Work is going on in this regard. A mobile apps and a DAPP will be launched soon.

would you plz explain that why this community is only in a specific language ? Any explanation ?

Bengali is now spread worldwide. Therefore, the range of Bengali language has also expanded. Bangla language is now spoken by about 300 million people in the world. But there was not a suitable community for those who blog in Bengali language on this platform. This is why this community started.

Does your community curate posts outside of your community ?

yes . If we see any work that is good for this platform, support is given there. Bangla blog will never power down. Will always work for this platform.

Do you have any relation with other communities admins ?

We always try to build a good relationship with the others community admins. Because we believe that this platform will be successful only if everyone moves forward together.

Finally I want to thank you, because you felt interested to know these things.

 2 months ago (edited)

Hello @hungry-griffin, Thank you very much for your interest about Amar Bangla Blog.

Amar Bangla Blog is not just a community but a role model for the entire Steemit blockchain, yes, I say role model because Amar Bangla Blog has been trying to contribute to the blockchain in a different way since its inception, Amar Bangla Blog has been trying to create skills among users since its inception. Amar Bangla Blog has been presenting the best example of transparency since its inception and here every user has so much power that they can complain about any issue directly against the founder.

Every admin and moderator of Amar Bangla Blog has been rolled here after passing the best qualification test, they are working with their skills, creativity and mindset to contribute to Steemit blockchain for long term. Amar Bangla Blog not only gives priority to support but also attention and love to work, responsibility is more here. This is why Amar Bangla Blog is exceptional and needs the support of right people like you. Why you should support Amar Bangla Blog, why we need the support of the right people like you, why we deserve more than all other communities, I will try to answer some of them here.

You may or may not know that Bengali is the fifth language in the list of languages in the world and more or less 300 million people speak this language. How well did the population of such a large number of languages and widely used languages fare on the block chain? I myself was in good position in many communities, expressed the best of my abilities but the support received was negligible, there was no minimum assessment of quality just for the sake of regionalism, there were no right minded people like you, who would evaluate the merit and provide support.

Amar Bangla Blog selects qualified people and dreams of doing something new with them, creating this community based on Bengali language. The first thought of Amar Bangla Blog is to bring together all the users of Bangla language and promote them to the correct knowledge. We get out of the back-of-the-envelope mentality of others and divide the blockchain-based topics into four syllabi, then present the topics to them through live video learning classes, asking each user if they have any questions or concerns at the end of the class. . Then arrange for them to take viva test on that subject and give them verified rule based on the result.

See how these large number of users can be guided beautifully in Bengali language, can be skilled in thematic syllabus and above all can create the right mindset in work, it cannot be done so easily in any other language. We believe that only when the darkness within is removed, the paths outside will be illuminated, and that is what we are doing through our ABB School Project. There is no project so transparent, developed and successful in the entire Steemit platform. Today not only Bengali community users but also other community users are coming to us, wanting to learn from us and wanting to improve themselves.

We take up another new project with the aim of not only skilling but also solving their problems properly and that is ABB Charity. No, it is completely different from other charity funds because here users deposit liquid money directly by understanding the issue and understanding the depth of the problem and we try to reach the desired person directly or through a third party to maintain more transparency. The report is then released to the community. We have kept it dynamic even outside the Bengali community.

No, we don't only care about the community, we also take a new project to improve the skills of users, ensure proper support and solve their problems, and maintain the correct position of the entire platform, and that is Steam Watcher. Because we believe it is impossible to maintain the right mindset without the right environment. We are trying to create the right environment of Steemit platform and fight against abuse, spamming, rewards farming. This will not only benefit our community but the entire Steemit platform.

Yes we are trying to expand our thinking further, we are at the very end of making mobile App through developer integration, trial is already going on. Hopefully our mobile based app will open a new horizon for the entire Steemit platform, Steemit users will be able to work more comfortably. We are trying to build our own website by adding more advanced features using Steemit's API, which we believe will be easier and more encouraging for users to work. We have many such things in our plans, as we believe blockchain based Dapp can attract users very easily.

We value collaboration and relationship building, we strive to support quality users from other communities outside of Amar Bangla Blog. We welcome their ideas and suggestions in addition to supporting them to improve blockchain standards. We try to discuss our plans and their thoughts. We believe that walking together is easier and more successful than walking alone. For this we have extended the hand of cooperation outside the community, which will be clear from our curation report.

We develop relationships with other community leaders through mutual cooperation. We have connections and liaisons with many community admins and moderators in different languages. We are thinking of a new plan in this regard, to launch a new community called Community Collaboration and there will be admins and moderators of Steemit's active community, the way to build relationships and discuss any topic will be easier. The position of all communities on any issue can be clarified and by working together, the position of Steemit will be made stronger.

You are also invited to Amar Bangla Blog's Discord to observe the whole thing, learn more about our ongoing projects, thoughts and developments.

 2 months ago 

First of all welcome to my Bengali blog community. Good to know our respected @rme Dada has come on the invitation. We hope you will support our ongoing Community Abuse Watcher project.

As a general member of the community, I feel that there is no community on the Steemit platform that has any kind of entertainment. To begin with, ABB School was opened to enable our community members to start their blogging journey with proper knowledge, which is still ongoing. New members are constantly joining my Bengali blog and our respected community admins and moderators are teaching new user everything by hand. Secondly, ABB Fun is arranged in my Bengali blog. It is also a part of the entertainment. ABB Fun School has been developed to refresh our minds and focus on work as we who work often feel depressed. As a common user, I think this is the best way where all users can do blogging along with entertainment. Thirdly, we have the ABB Charity Fund. Our motto is, "People for people." We believe people are for people. Therefore, ABB Charity Fund has been established for this purpose. Where we give free hand steam to the ABB charity fund on one particular day of the week i.e. Wednesday. You've already heard that Abuse Watcher is built to keep the Steemit platform clean. Nice to see you joined to work on it.

As far as I know, our community does not have a DAP yet, but it is in the works.

The purpose of my Bengali blog is to bring all Bengali-speaking people to this community. We want the honor of the Bengali language to always be high. As a common user, I think blogging in my mother tongue is a matter of pride. What can be happier than where I can write with an open mind? So our community is only for the Bengali language.

Yes! Posts from our community to outside communities are curated if they are of high quality. Our community prioritizes creative work. My Bengali blog always supports quality posts from communities outside the Steemit platform.

Our respected admins and moderators are always friendly with us. Where we get a chance to talk to them directly. Dear @rme Dada, our community admin is trying to bring all platforms of the steemit platform work on together.

Finally, I want to thank you. Wishing you good health and long life.

Welcome @hungry-griffin!

I am one of the Steem Witnesses currently at the top thanks to the trust that the community has placed in my work (@marcosdk). In addition to the server infrastructure that I have put in place to ensure the blockchain works, I am also working on a project focused on the creation and use of side-chains in Steem to offer a platform for smart contracts.


Thanks to this project I hope to offer the Steem community an alternative to Steem-Engine, a tokenization platform semi abandoned and managed by people outside our community.

But I don't only intend to recover these services. I also want to develop tutorials and guides to facilitate the access path to the development of smart contracts in Steem, whatever the type of application anyone want to develop.

For this task I need to invest money in infrastructure and a lot of time for development and documentation. For that reason I would like to ask you to support me as a Witness with one of your available votes. To be able to keep my position in the top of Witnesses is an important financial help to continue my work. Thank you very much!


Hello brother. I've been an active member of the Steemit community for the last 5 years. Ever since arriving I've been running free daily sports contests giving other users a chance to earn free STEEM. All they have to do is enter their picks before the deadline each day and they're in line for a chance to win.

The contests are so much more entertaining when there's a large prize pool up for grabs. That is why I'm writing to you my friend, with just a little support these contests could be huge! All I would need is maybe one or two upvotes per day to support the contests. I hope you can get onboard with my vision and we can work together soon. Thanks!

Yes, we definitely need more sports on steemit!

 2 months ago 

Thank you for your interest about amar bangla blog, we will get back to you very soon with proper answers to your queries.

Hi I am Jyoti admin of #steemphotos
Our community is created specifically for photos and photographers. As we expect a lot of posts with that, our community currently has over 600 members. About 60 of them are active. For our members we conduct weekly photo competitions and give prizes to them and encourage those photographers. In the future, we are going to hold competitions to reveal the techniques used in photographs. We have already run a lot of color contests, asking people to post in a certain color every week and giving prizes to them.

Also, our community includes many nationalities through which members from their countries are adding to our community posts.

Selamat bergabung di sini. Terimakasih kontribusinya yang luar biasa. Sempat pump nilai STEEM hehehe 🤭

Thank you for joining Steemit!

My community is not involved in any Steemit projects and I understand that you won't be able to support it.

The dance and music community is aimed at dance and music lovers.
Dance and music are healthy for your mind, body and soul.

Please feel free to have a look at https://steemit.com/trending/hive-118409.

The dance and music community is one of the first communities to be created on Steemit and it runs the dance and music show that is the longest-running event on Steemit.

I understand that you won't be able to support my community, but if you know any dance and music lovers, please tell them to feel free to share their dance and music videos.

Have a lovely day!

 2 months ago 

Thank you very much for giving importance to our institution's invitation. Welcome to my Bengali blog. I feel proud to be a regular member of my Bengali blog community. Because my Bengali blog has @abb-school and through this school I got to know all about steemit. And through this school we are taught in such a way that we can learn very easily. We learned about steemit very easily through our video teaching. I have another project in my bangla blog @abb-charity from here if someone is in danger and help the poor and needy. Even if someone is sick, a great support is available from here.

My Bengali blog never supports theft and injustice. Steemit always takes strict measures to save steemit platform from theft and wrongdoing and never supports heinous crimes like abues. Always takes strict action against it.

Moreover, if we common users face any problem, we get it resolved very easily and within a short time through tickets. Also I have @abb-fun project to make Bengali blog fun. There we can have fun with entertainment.

Besides, my Bengali blog has another project that is @heroism. By delegating our SP there we get certain amount of rewords and votes. My Bengali blog always works with all our users in mind. So I feel proud to be a member of my Bengali blog.

Thank you @hungry-griffin

 2 months ago 

Hello @hungry-griffin

Welcome to Amar Bangla Blog. Thank you very much for joining our community at the invitation of our founder @rme dada.

Amar Bangla Blog is a community from where I have learned a lot and know a lot, it's really a wonderful community. I feel really blessed to be a member of this community.

I have been working on the Steemit platform for a long time. But I didn't know much about this platform before. Then our founder started a project called @abb-school where everything about the steemit platform is taught. @abb-school is a truly amazing project for all of us who work on this platform.

Then the @abb-charity project was launched. We all believe people for people. If anyone ever falls into financial problem, he/she is helped as much as possible from @abb-charity. This is a really great project of Amar Bangla Blog.

Then there is the @abb-fun project where we can win lots of rewards by entertaining ourselves with funny comments. By this we can enjoy entertainment while expressing creativity.

We all know that people who are new to this platform find it difficult to work initially due to low Steem power, There is also a system of steem power delegation for them so that they don't have any problem to work. New user delegation project has been launched for them.

Then there is the Heroism Project. Here we all have generated a lot of steem power through steem power delegation. From where we all can get daily support in quality post.

We all work on this platform and we want this platform to always be transparent and free of abuse. So our founder launched the Abuse Watcher Project to keep this platform transparent and clean.

Thank you again for your interest in Amar Bangla Blog .

 2 months ago 

It was nice to hear your words. Welcome to this community. You have raised some informative questions important to making the Steemit platform a success. Hope we can know the correct answer.

 2 months ago (edited)

We don’t have the app right now. But it is in developing stage. We are hoping to get the app very soon.The recent project taken by our communty is "Abuse watcher". It will help the community by stopping abuse,plagiarism and will secure the prize pool. I am a general member of " Ammer bangla blog".

Hello @hungry-griffin, welcome to Steemit!
You were invited to Steemit by the most prominent blogger who was able to build his "empire" on Steemit.
He created a wonderful society for his compatriots, curates their content, creates projects for the development of his community. These projects are amazing. He is my hero on Steemit, I take an example from him!!
You can support your first post with all your SP, we also supported your post!

Hai @hungry-griffin, welcome to steemit !

Glad to see you here !!!

Im work for Steem Watcher.


 2 months ago (edited)

Welcome to our community Sir @hungry-griffin.

Currently, there are many projects running in our community. All of these projects are very beneficial for the Steemit platform.

The following projects are currently running in our community -

01 : Steemit Account Creation Service:
Our community admin @rme has taken this wonderful initiative. He creates new steemit accounts for new users completely free without any kind of email and mobile verification. There is a system of video verification of new users to prevent abuse of account creation. And, one user cannot open more than one account using our service.

02 : Free Delegation Service:
This is the second successful initiative of our community. New Steemit users have a very limited amount of Steemit Power. As a result, resource credit (RC) level remains very low. For this reason, they cannot increase their Steemit engagement that way. To resolve this issue we delegate 100 Steem Power to verified new Steemit bloggers from our community.

03 : Abb-School :
It is basically a learning based project. The entire project is managed combinedly through Steemit and Discord platform. When a new Steemit user joins Steemit, his knowledge about Steemit is almost zero. Through this project of our community, we teach him about all the details of Steemit from the very beginning to the expert level. This teaching is done in five levels. 2 professors and 3 assistant professors take the classes at each level. Along with text, audio and video learning is also available here. One has to pass written and viva exam to move from one level to another level. After passing level 5, he is granted as a verified member of our community.

04 : Abue-Watcher Project :
The Steemit platform is an open and decentralized blogging platform. Currently, there are many abusers on this platform who are constantly making money through various activities on Steemit in a completely unethical manner. As a result, sufficient pressure is falling after the steam rearward pool. Good quality bloggers are not getting support because of all these abusers. Therefore, this project has been launched as an initiative of our community. The purpose of this project is to prevent abusers.

05 : Abb-Charity :
The purpose of this initiative is understood by hearing the name. Yes, our effort is to support any verified blogger in our community in financial distress. All active bloggers of our community donate to this charity account. Also anyone in financial distress can apply for fund raising. All transactions of the charity fund are audited to ensure its transparency. So far, about $6,000 has been donated from this charity fund.

06 : bangla.witness :
The backbone of the Steemit platform is its blockchain. And this blockchain is maintained by Steemit Witnesses. There is also a witness from our community. It's @bangla.witness. Currently, our witness ranking is 19. That is, we are in the first 20.

 2 months ago 
Dear Sir, we sincerely congratulate you.

You have posted a very nice post in our favorite community (amar bengla blog). I hope you get the correct answer to your question.


Hi Welcome to Steemit !!! Sorry in advance for this post, I have tried to respond to you via comments. I have tried to shorten the answer, but did not present it in its entirety. So, I think it's not perfect.


But unfortunately the comment I put forward : Post body exceeds 16128 bytes. Which means I can't post comments. For that, I took the initiative to make a presentation for the questions you published in this post.

Hope you have time to visit : https://steemit.com/hive-153176/@ponpase/our-presentation-to-hungry-griffin

Thank you very much.

I don't have any shade to run my project. but I have an idea to provide education about the future market to people on this platform.
I will focus on one piece of content to make people here interested in learning specific things because, according to observations and data, many people lose their money in the crypto market. so with the writings that I made can help people to start learning.
My future goal every week is to hold live learning together via the internet.
Maybe if I get support, I will invite friends in the trading community to write here and equally provide education for the community. Maybe I will apply it in the Indonesian-speaking community so that it is easier to implement education for users.
I also saw a case study of the thing that I was carrying that did not exist at all in this steemit, and this will be very useful in the future, especially since this platform is built on a blockchain, which has its own token that can be traded, and we need analysis and when the time is right, we do it. the transaction.
Thank you.

And finally welcome aboard bro,

I have deployed a new DAPP that could help you and your projects

Always available to help you and your team,

Hello @hungry-griffin,
I am overwhelmed with your initiative and i believe so much that it will have positive outcome. I wish to invite you over to my community, here is my publication link below.


 2 months ago 

Welcome to my Bangla blog
And we are glad to see your presence on "Amar Bangla Blog".

"Amar Bangla Blog" is not just a community but also an emotional place for Bengali-speaking people. There was a time when the Bengali language was not much cared about on this steemit platform. And that's why Bengali users have always been neglected. And that's why @rme founder of Bengali blog founded "Amar Bangla Blog" thinking only about Bengali-speaking people. And we want to present the Bengali language and Bengali with respect to people all over the world through this Bengali blog. To do that must be with your own work, skill, ability, hard work, and creativity. And that is what "Amar Bangla Blog" has been doing successfully for so long. And with that aim and purpose, Bangla Blog is moving forward.

But lately, it has been noticed that some evil people are taking this Steemit platform to destruction to save their own interests. Just to get votes. Opening multiple IDs and looting the reward pool. Because of Jar, those who are quality bloggers are deprived of that support. And the pressure on Steemit's reward pool is increasing. Which will later lead to the destruction of this beautiful platform.

So a team led by @rex-sumon has been formed to protect this platform from vandalism and prevent all kinds of crimes. And that team will work toward a specific goal. And we hope they will succeed in their goal and save this beautiful platform from destruction. will protect. And your cooperation in the initiative is highly desirable.

I would like to start 2 projects for Steemit …..

SteemitCanada 🇨🇦….
And SteemitOffgrid ☀️ …..

But I’m not sure how to do this. I could bring thousands of Canadians and people interested in living off the grid here to Steemit.



Hello brother... Welcome!

Привет, @hungry-griffin!
Я с интересом слежу за проектами команды Steemit и изучаю блокчейн Steem. Поэтому мои посты иногда рассказывают об этом. Можно ли считать, что таким образом я участвую в проектах сообщества Steemit? Ха-ха, вы задали интересный вопрос.

Больше о нашем сообществе вы можете узнать, посетив RU Steem. У нас есть собственный гайд и FAQ для пользователей, возможно, они могут быть полезны и другим участникам блокчейна. В нашем сообществе можно узнать больше о России, если вам это интересно. Мы также поддерживаем интересных участников Steemit за пределами нашего сообщества, ха-ха. По-моему, я уже говорила об этом.

Hi, @hungry-griffin!
I follow the projects of the Steemit team with interest and study the Steem blockchain. That's why my posts sometimes tell about it. Can I be considered to be participating in Steemit community projects in this way? Haha, you asked an interesting question.

You can learn more about our community by visiting RU Steem. We have our own guide and FAQ for users, perhaps they can be useful to other blockchain participants. In our community, you can learn more about Russia, if you are interested. We also support interesting Steemit members outside of our community, haha. I think I've already said that.

hi, if you are interesed in knowing the most engaged steemians here's the report for this week

Welcome @hungry-griffin

I'm a witness ,Committed to the development of steemit.

We have a dapp boylikegirl.club .

  1. We provide a brand new front end for Steemit.

  2. Provide rich community activities, open to all Steemit users.

  3. The continuous and active team continues to develop and optimize Dapp.

  4. Our DAPP welcomes people in any language to participate. Open to all communities

  5. We are committed to bringing new passion to Steemit, who has been silent for a long time.

  6. Me and your friend @Rme. Both wish Steemit to flourish

bless you.

Hello, @hungry-griffin. It's a pleasure to have you in the ecosystem and with no doubt, the aim of promoting Steemit projects would go a long way to adding more value to the platform. You are welcome to the Steem ecosystem.

In response to your question about current individual projects or the ones facilitated by the community, I have something to share on that. The world is full of ups and downs while it's quite more pathetic for some than others which prompted me to come up with a project that is aimed at contributing to some lives out there through Steemit.

This birthed a project I themed, Feed the Orphans, the targets are orphans across a state in Nigeria. I had the opportunity to visit an orphanage sometime ago, I saw these little ones that have probably lost their parents or whose parents couldn't afford to take care of them, and as such, I felt something can be done to help those to take care of some of their responsibilities while in the home.

The project is spearheaded by Steemit's name while the resources generated from my account would be utilized to facilitate the project. Although the project aimed to seek support from the community at the beginning through the creation of an account for the purpose but due to some reasons, it was resolved to utilize the little resources I can come up with (to keep everyone assured that it won't be another rug pulled project).

Feed the Orphans is a recently launched one and the first visit to an orphanage was included in the article below.

From the article above, I concluded to modify the operation of this project. It was well-drafted in the link below.

In conclusion, Feed the Orphans is aimed at donating to orphanages (clothes, sanitary materials, food items, cash donations for children's education and health, and so on) across a certain state of the country, Osun State and with time, having enough resources we would take it beyond the state as we spread the tentacles to other states of the nation. It's all about touching lives through Steemit. I hope this interests you and is worth your support in the long run. Thank you.

Written by:-

Greetings! Welcome to Steemit. I'm maintaining several dev projects for STEEM which you might find interesting.

I'm also running a witness node. Witness account is @jswit. It has a auto-voting feature which works as a kind of bonus daily upvote for witness voters:

[ENG] Introducing @jswit witness project

I'd really appreciate it if you vote for me as witness. Thank you and have a wonderful day!

 2 months ago (edited)

Great to see your post in our community. We are all very happy that you have expressed interest in learning about various topics in our community. Hope our community admins and moderators have answered all your questions very nicely. I just want to say one thing that many people in Amar bangla blog community @abb-school are getting the idea about Steemit correctly. And @abb-charity, we can reach people who are seeking help at any time, these two things I like very much.Thank you very much and we wish you well.


Thanks for this good news for all steemians. And I agree with @steemphotos Community Admin @jyoti-thelight. Because @jyoti-thelight Mam is hosting a new round of strategic photography in the @steemphotos community. And giving good rewards to the winners. As a result, photographers are also using their techniques to give a lot of good photography to the community. For this reason, members from other countries are also joining the #steemphotos community.

Hope you visit the #steemphotos community and maybe everything will grow.

Welcome to the #steemphotos community.

Welcome to the STEEMIT Platform.

Very good

We are the hope!


Just started again, a new community, a new initiative boosted by @rme, and more!

Thank you for inviting us to present our steem project that is beneficial to the community.

In honor of this invitation we have published a special presentation with details about the realized steem project and the plans for the next project.

Thank you for taking your valuable time to check and read our presentation - greetings and good luck to Mr @hungry-griffin

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