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Greetings to you all in this great platform. I welcome you all to the kickoff of a wonderful community known as STEEM4STUDENTS. A community that welcomes all students from far away and beyond.

Today we all in this community are delighted to see that this community has been set up after much planning and organizing things that are essential for this community to kickoff.

It is essential to state the Mission and Vision of this community to you all and that is what this article entails. So sit tight and relax as I unravel our plans to you all.


Over some times now a lot of users has been asking questions regarding a particular community where they can share knowledge and ideas regarding school activities. In that light we have come to an accord to make a community whereby students can make articles regarding topics on campuses.

It is a necessity that is to be met especially as youths, teenagers, and adults from various countries, communities, and ethnic groups. There are many young Individuals in here that have be longing for a community whereby teachings regarding various subjects can be emphasized on and also where knowledge can be shared among users in this platform.

In that light we have decided to create this community that will see the need for the above mentioned. Lifestyles of students from various countries can also be shared in this community, subjects that are beneficial can also be share with users in this community as though it is a community especially for Steemit students.

Another mission of this community is to make Steem promotions whereby we will be setting out various contest regarding making steem promotions especially in campuses. With this initiative, it will not only bring in users but serious and hardworking users in the steemit platform.

The goal is to expose the steemit platform to several students from all around the world through steem promotions, and organizing basic contest regarding making steem promotions in our various countries.

We are here for business and to show how serious we are, we will be making a steem promotion in a reputable school here in Nigeria known as Ahmadu Bello University especially in distant time from now.

For with this approach comes comfort that this platform will be heard in a short while and we will see more young users coming to sign up in this platform.


The community STEEM FOR STUDENTS is here to bring about interaction among users especially students schooling in different countries and communities by sharing ideas with each other via the steemit platform.

Also meeting the need of steemit students by assisting them in their writing skills with the help of the teachings in this platform and also helping them to actualize their full potential in writing contents.

To create awareness of the steemit platform through this community that has made available a room for students to make articles regarding things learned in school and with that, we get to see more users signing into the steemit platform.


  • To encourage users especially students in acquiring the set objective regarding their blogging skills.

  • To improve engagement among students by sharing campus related articles with each other.

  • To provide a home for all steemit students both away and beyond in the steemit platform.

  • To bring in serious and hardworking users into this platform through steem promotions and organizing contest in the community for all students to participate.


We have searched and come to terms regarding the leaders of this great community and they are very hardworking and are much ready for the job. The below are the following users shareholding this community.

@Badmus-officialTeam member/ MOD#club5050
@juecoTeam member/ MOD#club75
@ruthjoeTeam member/MOD#club75
@mato445Team member/MOD#club100


To show our interest in this community and in this platform at large, most of the team members and administrators have already delegated part of their steem power to help build this community and below is the respective delegations from each member.


We believe more delegations are still coming on the way to build this community to a greater heights as though it's for the benefits of we all especially students in the steemit platform.

You can also support the growth of steem4students community by delegating some steem power to our community

50sp, 100sp, 150sp, 200sp, 300sp, 500sp, 1000sp, 1500sp, 2000sp, 2500sp, 3000sp

Subscribe and be a part of this family, Discord

Remember, this community is opened to all users in the steemit platform for it has no user specification. I believe we all are students in one way or another as though learning never ends.

We want to use this medium to invite the chief curator known as @steemcurator01 to please be a part of the unveiling of this community.

we invite you to support @pennsif.witness for growth across the whole platform through robust communication at all levels and targeted high yield developments with the resources available.
Click Here

Cc : @pennsif | @stephenkendal |

 last year 

I'm so happy that we now have a community that connects students around the globe together on steemit.

This community indeed have a bright future as we the students shall learn from one another ❤️

You are right my friend. This is a great start to something big in the steemit platform.

 last year (edited)

A big congratulations. Thank you so much for bringing this to our door step. Thank you for giving us another platform to engage our interest

I invite my friends to subscribe to this community

Thanks for the invite, I will be enjoying this for sure.

Thank you for the invite, on my way to subscribe immediately.

Thank you for the invite. I will check the community

Thanks for inviting dear.

 last year 

This is a beautiful approach towards promoting the steemit platform in our various countries, schools wow!

Let's the promotion begin 😎

Yes my friend together we can make it work.

@tipu curate

;) Holisss...
Welcome and very blessings

This is a manual curation from the @tipU Curation Project.

!upvote 100

Friends, I welcome you to the Steemit ecosystem. Wishing you success in your proposal.
We are available to collaborate.

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We are the hope!


This is a great avenue where students can share great ideas for the betterment of the world.. I'm glad to be part of it

We are equally glad to have you here Friend.

This is a very good initiative most especially for the students. Since campus connect couldn't fullfil it's promises of staying, we hope this community be better..

On that note, please what is the verification process pls?

The verification process is just to take part in the achievement tasks especially the introduction task in the Newcomers community. And once you arr verified already, then you are welcome to join us and start creating contents here my friend.

I am so glad for these, we the students will reallybenefit from these

Sure. All students will benefit from this community in a way or another.

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