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RE: Less waste everyday skirt / 無駄のない普段着スカート

I often see long wide skirts in Japanese sewing/crafting books and I love this style. As you know I still crave such a skirt, but am unsure if it is a good choice for my figure/size. Yours is wonderful and suits you. I also love the sock and Birkenstock style and hope for warmer weather so that we can wear these outside.
Sadly, I did not understand your fabric saving sketch (but I want to) 😱



Here is an improved version 😁Then I could manage the skirt within 1m (+10cm the shop added as a gift?).

When I wear something large on top with a long skirt, I become a large chunk of fabric, which I should avoid ..... 🤣

Ohhh cool thank you, now I understand the schematic (I am not very good in translating two dimensions into three). You sewed in an elastic at the waist I guess? Or did you have a flat waistband with a zipper (sorry, I am skirt obsessed)
And be assured if you ever look like a chunk of fabric (which you don’t) its a beautiful chunk <3
I already wrote you that I love oversized clothes, but sadly I still have these norms of thinness in my head, so I often feel uncomfortable in wide clothes, or in very slim one or in general 😂😂 (I guess making photos for needlework is a a kind of therapy) I write this, because I find you very beautiful and you look exactly like I would love I could look in this skirt (sorry, complicated sentence)

PS: I baked bread today :-DDDDD But I have some dough left and I will sneak in sugar and make a poppy strudel :-D

I used elastic band for the waist. For relaxing and easy sewing ... I wish I don't grow with the skirt .......... 😁
Talking about bred, I must make mohnschnecke soon!

By the way, I call this socks "Steem color socks" :D (The Birkenstock house shoes repaired with the leftover yarn!)

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