Guess The Country - Mini contest (#43)

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Today's world of texting is made fun with the use of emojis, emojis as we all know are small digital images or icons used to communicate an idea or emotion in our texting today.

The idea behind "Guess the Country" was derived from our love of Emojis and the idea of everyone loving a surprise guess. "Guess What!" is our favourite phrase when we have a surprise to share.

Guess the Country, is more or less an instinctive game to bring your creativity and understanding of our emojis to play, hence, It requires one's thinking ability and understanding of emojis. With that all being said and done, let's have fun.

The Contest

For the contest, I will be giving you a combination of emojis and maybe letters that I feel are close enough to the country's name to serve as “clues” which you can use to figure out the country I'm referring to. Are you ready?


Last Week's Review

Our last week's clues are shown below:


From the emojis we have;

cAR + ME + KNEE + AH ah = ARMENIA 🇦🇲

The resulting country is ARMENIA 🇦🇲

Armenia is a country in the South Caucasus, is known for its ancient history, stunning landscapes, and vibrant culture. From its majestic monasteries to the beautiful Lake Sevan, Armenia offers a blend of natural beauty and rich heritage. The capital city, Yerevan, is a hub of art, music, and delicious cuisine. With its warm and welcoming people, Armenia is a destination that promises a memorable experience.

FUN FACT: Did you know that Armenia is home to the world's oldest winery and shoe? Yes, you heard it right. Archaeologists discovered a 6,100-year-old winery in the village of Areni, where they found fermentation vats, grape seeds, and even a wine press. Also on another discovery in a cave called Areni-1, archaeologists discovered a perfectly preserved leather shoe that dates back around 5,500 years. It's incredible to think that people in Armenia were already making wines and crafting footwear with such skill and craftsmanship thousands of years ago. wine discovery source, shoe discovery source

Among all guesses, there was no correct guess came from any user, therefore there is no winner for last week's contest

This Week's Contest

Your Clues for this week:


The Letter or Emojis from the above clue have pronunciations similar or letters representing a particular syllable or letter of the country name I am referring to, am not just looking for letters that make the country.

How to participate?

  • This is simple, you just need to subscribe to Steem Fashion&Style and reply to is post by writing the country you think I am referring to with the emojis and letters (if any) from the clue above.

  • Do well to give the reason behind your choice of country on how you decoded the Emojis

  • Please 🙏 , Upvote and Resteem so many others can participate too.

  • Only one entry is allowed for each participant

  • Any edited entry will be counted as null and void.

What is up for grabs?

  • The first participant to give the correct answer will earn him/herself 3 STEEM POWERS.

  • The country and the winner will be announced next week Friday. Until next Friday, keep guessing!

So see you come Friday. Good luck 👍


Contest Deadline

The contest is open to participants till 23:59 UTC, next Thursday, at which it comes to an end, meaning all entries after that will be counted invalid.


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Menurut saya negara yang di maksud adalah negara INDONESIA, alasannya karena Indonesia negara memiliki banyak perpohonan dan enak untuk beristirahat hehe semoga saya beruntung

Hola, el país es Escocia= Scotland, Scottish

I think it is,

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