Curation Nation (a cut to the good stuff)

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Reading is FUNdamental. Yes that was a horrible play on words but sorry not sorry. Anyhow, I love to read and curate and explore and go into diff parts of the blockchain world. One of the best things is feeling uplifted by stumbling on good work. So here is my totally subjective picks of some great posts.

(very cool artist, giphy/La_Stan)


There's my five for now, catch you later!



Whaaaat? No Betman? OK, he can't pick a tip lately. The only consolation was another embarrassment for Chelsea, @battleaxe ;)

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hehe, dunno what to say but you're art is real swell! :)

Full upvote, full reblog, full thanks for the mention.

Ps: David Brin - Uplift

Ps2: I didn't write the C word

Ps3: !BEER

he he, noted/edited for accuracy :)

I know over here the FB groups esp outta the states get real special treatment at times for their questions and chats of "sky art"

This community stuff is nice i cannot wait so see the steem engine tokens and EOSIO and telos in here before SMts lol. SMTs will just enhance tribes and steem engien tokens!

All steem engine tokens are becoming SMts if they want or pay the small steem fee!

STEEM ENGINE is thus a TEST NET where you can create placeholders for SMTs and EOSIO tokens!

Also watch for i am asking them about when theyll have that SBTC and SLTC SBCH yeah STEEM BTC yeah its crazy

we were the 3rd and 4th people to get an NFT, woot
me and the russian , he he

Upvoted resteemed and i think if u would have used #challengedac as one of teh first 5 it would have shown up on and @citimillz would have upvoted :D

yeah I"ve used it on some for sure, I spread stuff around to try to balance it out, can only do so much my friend because of trying to spread that love round ha ha, am sure next couple will def do it. However, I actually take curation pretty seriously since I like reading and legit try to get people doing cool stuff maybe a bit more eyes on their work or something

Hey @battleaxe, here is a little bit of BEER from @ervin-lemark for you. Enjoy it!

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awesome thanks
beer beer beer mmmm

Curation Nation coming out again very soon , if anyone reads this and has any good posts they think should look at, feel free to let me know
"Community" about Community also Communities about Communities"
Subscribe and have fun, muy bien

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