Coronavirus: The Ugly Face of Capitalism

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Panicked people are really hard to talk to. Try to tell them the Coronavirus is just a corporate media scam, and they will scream at you: “Can’t you see what happens in Italy? It’s a disaster!” No, it isn’t. Let’s look at Italy. And the whole Europe. And USA…

At the time of writing, situation looks worst in the World in Italy. They have far surpassed China by the number of deaths from Coronavirus, and the rest of EU – instead of sending help – are trying to isolate themselves from the stricken country. Well, not quite completely. They have pushed a hefty fine under the Italy’s door! They didn’t like Italy granted an aid to the tourist companies of Sardinia, in an attempt to keep them alive in the times of COVID-19 crisis!

Italy was slapped with a 7.5 million-euro ($8.5 million) fine by the European Union’s top court for failing to follow an order to recoup illegal state aid given to the hotel industry in Sardinia.

The nation, which is grappling with an unprecedented crisis from the coronavirus, will also have to pay a daily fine of 80,000 euros until it complies with the order, the EU Court of Justice in Luxembourg ruled on Thursday.

The case is: C-576/18, Commission v. Italy.


EU CHIEF Ursula von der Leyen made an emotional speech on Wednesday, claiming Europe will stand with Italy as it battles to halt the spread of the new coronavirus. Not even a day later, though, the European Court of Justice fined the boot-shaped country almost £7million.


Congratulations to Brussels bureaucracy — that was a spectacular example of the capitalist solidarity in the times of trouble. Almost on a par with a ‘generous help’ sent to the New Orleans, destroyed by the Hurrican Katrina on August 29th, 2005… Or the ‘massive help’ sent to Puerto Rico, devastated by the Hurrican Maria in 2017. You must remember that, right? And the 11 months without power in Puerto Rico!

But let’s return to Italy.

Why so scary numbers?

Well, the numbers look scary only when you watch them throug the media magnifier. When you look at the four year seasonal baseline mortality data, here, you can see that there are no deviations at all. So, how the hype is created? How come there are so many bodies in front of the camera?

Simple. When you read the chart from the European Mortality Monitoring Agency, you can see that Italy had more deaths in the flu season in every of three preceding years – 2017, 2018 and 2019. Only then there was no media hype. People with a flu were healing themselves as usual at homes, and deaths were not directly transmitted in front of the cameras and over the Internet.

Still, you will say, they have more deaths than China! How is that possible?

Now we have come to the another ‘beauty’ of Capitalism. First, one American doctor revealed that Italy has the oldest population in Europe (47 years), and a very large population over 60, and this virus is especially dangerous for older people. Is that right? All the EU countries are old, not only Italy.

China1,5 billion81,4963,153
Italy60 million63,9276,077
US320 million41,708?
Spain47 million33,0892,207
Germany83 million29,056118
France67 million20,104860

And how come that Russia has only 440 cases on the population of 148 million? Are they lying? No.

The answer is sad and simple. All those Western countries have enormous homeless population, which is very hard to control in medical terms. It is not profitable…

There you go. Italy is the ‘entering country’. Great deal of migration goes through them, and there are organized groups of beggars who are ‘working’ in Italy, or have crossed to other EU countries while freedom of movement zone (a.k.a. Schengen) was in power. Now it is too late.

Corporate media made hysteria like never before, and people who would otherwise eliminate flu resting at home with a a prescribed therapy, now rushed to the hospitals… the same hospitals destroyed by the austerity policy, understaffed because all who could go to private sector left a public health institutions. The result? Now Cuba, China and Russia, countries with a decent public health service, are helping, sending experts and medical material to the most vulnerable EU countries. Imagine that! US is taking tests out of Italy, and China is bringing tests for help. Who is a superpower now?

A years of demonization of ‘socialism’, ‘communism’ and ‘Russianism’, a countless hours of brainwashing how they are just waiting a chance to attack, and then — they help!

Liberal Capitalism breaks down under the weight of its own propaganda lies and disgusting greed that has made a business model out of sickness. You don’t believe? Well, it was Goldman Sachs who posed a question:

‘Is curing patients a sustainable business model?’

So, while you are sitting idle in your personal quarantine, you may ask yourself, what do you need more: Corporations or Medicare for all? Obviously can’t be both.

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The WHO, CDC, CCP can't be trusted. Their statistics are a fallacy... do you even know what the requirement is to be listed as a known case by WHO and CDC?

Also how on earth can a global mapping of individuals be this accurate as to know who is infected and who isn't. PCR testing itself is far from accurate.

I agree that WHO, CDC, CCP can't be trusted, @aagabriel, but you are missing the point. In this case, even their own numbers do not support hysteria they are spreading. They are talking one story, but THEIR OWN data says they are lying. Can you see that?

Can see that as blatantly!

THere are reasons for purposefully misrepresenting the data of death and disease to the world and those reasons aren't just to save face of Xi Jin Ping, the lord of 100 acre wet-markets. Xinnie the Pooh's fragile yellow male pride is just one part of the devilishness.

You are by far too much fixated at the Chinese government, my dear @aagabriel. It was not Xi Jinping. The Chinese government was just acting. They made a theater. The real rigging of the game was made by our ‘friendly’ billionaires, Mike Bloomberg, George Soros and Bill Gates, together with their cronies from the Big Pharma. They are holding WHO, and not China. You can read it all about at the Event 201 and I am, as we speak, preparing a long text that explains propaganda ploy (this is not a ‘bio war’) around the creation of prison planet. It will be up in a few hours.

The Plandemic huh. Xi Jin Ping is not my fixation and you can hardly call their lockstep tech oppressive regime a government. It's moreso that the millenia long anti-culture has turned the mainland Chinese into a prime testing site for various oppressive global agendas over the last few decades.

The antipodeans are also testing grounds for Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030 but in more attuned methods. Climate Change has been engineered here geologically via the depletion, financialisation and exploitation of a massive tract of Australia's fresh (Groundwater, dams, rivers, creeks, aquifers etc).

We sell our precious water to the Chinese mainly, as an financial instrument to be traded and sold for profit on a global exchange.

I won't lie. Australia is going to be violently invaded by China soon so of course i'm a little biased. This country I was born in bears no resemblance to what it was ethnographically, economically and environmentally 20 years ago.

You noticed how prominent Bill Gates' stupid fucking interviews and Event 201 shit has become on Youtube in the last month or so? I know what Epstein's bum chum was goaded into believing, i don't want to be battered with it everytime I touch Youtube. Fuck Bill Gates!!!!!

A friend @uknownonline covered the same technoglobal enslavement agenda by another bloodline kaboombillioinaire that you missed above.

 last year (edited)

Here is the text, @aagabriel, on Hive and here:

Now, I hope you will support your claims about China by a concrete and provable documents, as I did in my post. I do not work with rumors.

Which claims about china in particular do you want me to support? I ask because you just seem to support them outright despite anything to the contrary being suggested or presented.


I have one question, if this virus is not as frightening as it is being portrayed, if the flu is much worse, why are the European countries accepting help from China, Cuba or Russia?

And why are literally all countries in the world taking drastic countermeasures? Regardless of their level of capitalism?

Btw. Homeless people are not the ones dying in the hospitals or the ones needing emergency treatment.
Homeless are the poor guys that might not even make it there to get a chance in these times -.-

And why are literally all countries in the world taking drastic countermeasures? Regardless of their level of capitalism?

Because of incompetent bureaucracy. They have to do something, and then they are using crisis to eliminate all the leftovers of privacy, and (like in France and Montenegro) to prevent rising protests against the government. There is no strict quarantine for the Russian citizens, nor the state of emergency. Quarantine is only for those who are coming into the country.

Btw. Homeless people are not the ones dying in the hospitals or the ones needing emergency treatment.
Homeless are the poor guys that might not even make it there to get a chance in these times

Nobody said that homeless are dying in hospitals. We only have the data on the age of deceased, not the place where they died, and we are getting cries that there are not enough beds in Italian hospitals, which means they probably may report symptoms, but are left on their own… The homeless population is the most vulnerable to the seasonal infections and they are by far majority in those death numbers. It is simple logic. And the result of destroyed public health system.

We only have the data on the age of deceased, not the place where they died

Negative, the numbers in Italy show in the vast majority the deceased in hospital. Several that died at home are not counted either (due to what majors told the press). Homeless will be missing in the stats even more.

Lets see how it develops in Russia. From the numbers they are at the beginning, likely 2,3 weeks behind Italy. I do really hope no heavy countermeasures are necessary. But I would not bet on it.

And the result of destroyed public health system.

The PHS has never been better in (northern) Italy. Still many challenges to be adressed besides Corona, but with the increasingly old society it is no easy task.
Lets see how countries like Germany handle the crisis. If their hospitals are crumbling as well.. it shows that modern medicine may hit its limits sooner than we would like to accept.

P.S. And of course it should be no free way ticket to elimitate privacy/human rights. But I am very confident that the Democracies will prove to be resistant at least to this level of pressure.

 last year (edited)

Negative, the numbers in Italy show in the vast majority the deceased in hospital. Several that died at home are not counted either (due to what majors told the press). Homeless will be missing in the stats even more.

You can see again the data from the European Mortality Monitoring until week 11, 2020

There is no excess mortality anywhere. You can think whatever you want, but these are official data. This is all corporate media scam.

Primarily because the medical staff cannot tell to the patients “media and politicians are lying to you”, because patients are coming with the sympthoms of flu, and they cannot reject them if they have a serious condition. On the other hand, public health system in the EU and USA is so devastated they do not have anything in the quantities necessary for the ‘flu rush’ in the hospitals, so they have to ask help. There is another thing: those 500.000 test Americans has transported to US were bought… which means some Italian PRIVATE company has profited selling tests, while the Italian state must beg for help Russia, China and Cuba. And if you ask why they are helping – well that should be clear: They are opening new doors for further cooperation, economic before everything, with the countries they are helping. It is the new, multipolar World in action.

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