Coronavirus — A True Story

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Since the outbreak in China, we have listened conspiracy theories, political propaganda, economic implications and fear hype driven through the corporate media. Very rarely could you hear medical experts, virologists, who can explain the real situation…

Well, today we have one true expert, Russian Virologist Dmitriy Lvov, who has the scietific authority to speak about the true dangers of Coronavirus and about its origins. Here are a few keypoints before you start watching:

  • The virus is dangerous, but it is NOT lethal
  • It is much less contagious than common flu virus
  • It is NOT created and deployed by the CIA
  • The mask will not protect you unless it is on an infected person
  • China does not have any reason to lie about the number of infected persons

I have already resteemed the original video posted at YouTube and DTube by our @rt-international, so the more people could see it:

Duration: 18:27

[00:48] Animals are the source of all viral infections

[01:10] Natural reservoir for the coronavirus is…

[02:02] How many coronaviruses are out there?

[02:55] Around 7% of respiratory-virus diseases this year caused by coronaviruses

[03:12] Why is the mortality rate so high?

[03:33] How coronavirus finds its way inside a human body

[04:33] Virus is inside… what happens next?

[06:15] “Blind date”

[07:27] Are bats to blame?

[09:07] Coronavirus vs flu

[10:12] Respiratory viruses

[11:00] Why viruses are so active during Winter

[11:52] It’s nor ‘lethal’ or ‘tragedy’

[12:56] China's efforts to stem the virus from spread

[13:28] Will mask protect you?

[14:54] What to expect from this coronavirus epidemic…?

[15:26] Does ethnicity matter?

After you watch tis video, you can follow live global cases of COVID-19 and rest assured that a number of new daily cases dramatically falls in China, and the rest of the World.

In the Meantime…

So, the outbreak is contained and there will be no more material for further brainwashing through corporate (MSM) media. What are they going to do now? How will they continue #informationwar? Well, it seems they have in the meantime switched from brainwashing to handwashing…

Duration: 00:31


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Thank you, @fenngen

Don't thank him @lighteye

I've noticed that @fenngen has been posting same content in many different publications :/

China does not have any reason to lie about the number of infected persons

absolutely ridiculous. I like you and your content but this is utter garbage.

I agree with you @aagabriel. China has actually no reason to share real data with the rest of the world.

And all their narrative is one huge lie.

Being Poliish you would understand how it can't be believed. I am of Polish origin too. My parents fled as political refugees from Gdansk in 1980 so I could be born in a free, democratic country.

Please see the interview with the virologist, Dmitriy Lvov. It is there to be seen, and this is one of the keypoints from the interview.

Hi @lighteye

I'm not sure who mr Dmitriy is, but to claim that China would not lie to the world and would share their real data - is just a wishful thinking. Unfortunatelly.

Please @crypto.piotr, don’t be lazy, see the video at 12:15 — it is not his opinion, he is talking about what China has done. That is irrefutable, anything else is just a poor conspiracy theory. You may not like Chinese government, but you can’t deny what they have done.

I live in a country which has the highest expatriate population of Chinese in the world. They loathe the government and their response, they advised me the CCP and World Health Organisation are in cahoots.

The Ethiopian chairman is doing and saying whatever China wants him to say because Ethiopia benefited extremely well from China capital investment and massive infrastructure projects.

There is absolutely no way a country of 1.4 billion only has what, 3,000 deaths?
Think about it rationally: everyone wants to believe china but you simply cannot trust a Communist government.

According to China, Tiannneman square never happened!

OK @aagabriel, I see you have chose your conspiracy theory view, and I respect that. In my part of the World I also have many Chinese who are keeping large stores all over the city, and they are worried, but do not talk any nonsense about WHO that works in the interest of CCP.

See this one for a counter-argument against CCP bootlicking.

As you may have noticed, I am antiglobalist, but that doesn’t mean I can agree with any kind of antiglobalists. Especially not the ones like Steve Bannon. He is not a virologist, he is a propaganda specialist and a former Goldman Sachs executive. “Leni Riefenstahl of a Tea Party Movement.” A manipulator. Or, if its easier – a liar. And he hates China. Here is who he really is:

He is obvoiusly lying. China is open for any help it can get fighting Coronavirus. Here is an open invitation to EU:

And even to the the US:

Both reports are over a month old.

Since the beginning they had WHO representatives and virologists in China:

China is not preventing journalists to come and report inside the country:

Is this Simone Gau reporting from China? If she does, how is it possible that the cruel CCP government didn’t already arrest her? Or infected her with its “manufactured virus?” And if she isn’t reporting from China at all, why should we believe her more than WHO representatives and experts?

I can bombard videos too.

I did write an article on it recently to try to share some of the views and video evidence of what you are trying to deny exists in China. I'll share it at the bottom.

This one made me very upset:


 4 years ago (edited)

I sent you videos as a direct evidence that Steve Bannon is lying. Can you send anything what would confirm that Chinese government is hiding data? Because this one…

A hotel used to quarantine patients with coronavirus has collapsed in the Chinese city

…is showing that they did not hide the tragedy. That was on their news.

All those videos starting with a “Hidden Bitter truth about corona virus…”

…are obvious fakes. People don’t suddenly fall on the ground stricken by the coronavirus, and any virologist will tell you that. Showing the removal of one body out of the building is not a prove that they are hiding anything, and panic shopping can also be seen in Italy, France, Germany… Are they also hiding something?

At this NewsMonger video (BTW, they are from UK) titled “CCP law enforcement officers in Wuhan are seen stealing vegetables that came from welfare donations” you actually can see how police officers are bringing the vegetables BACK into the truck. They are obviously checking the contents of the truck. What are you trying to prove with this?

Listen @aagabriel, I am a retired lawyer, and I know why photos, videos and audio recordings are not acceptable as an evidence – they are too easy to manipulate. Maybe you should inform yourself about that.

In the “Peak Prosperity” video, Chris Martenson actually says that China has shown what has to be done in preventing pandemia, and did wrote:

“While China appears to be succeeding in dramatically slowing the spread of the coronavirus within it borders, covid-19 continues to explode elsewhere in the world.”

All those Western countries are just trying to cover their own tragically incompetent reaction to a possible outbreak in their countries, calling out China. Just listen to him at 7:25. And on 9:20 you have “Don’t test, don’t tell” which explains who is really hiding data and why. It is a pure projection.

And another BTW:

“At the current rate of spread, conservative math calculates that by May, the current US covid-19 case count of 361 infected will jump to 4+ million.”

Of course it won’t be 4 million infected, because with a warmer weather virus will retreat. United States government now needs panic so that plutocracy can find a justification for the blowout of the stock market, while using the panic for another propaganda attack on China. It won’t happen.

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