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Thank you @steemitblog and the steemit team for another opportunity to introduce myself. I find this very exciting and I’m baffled because I’m thinking of where to start from. But read me out as we go.


Who I am

My name is Asian George from Nigeria. I was born and brought up in Akwa Ibom state, south – south geopolitical zone of the country. I grew up in a very loving family of six children, three males and three females. I’m the last born and all of us are grown and married. My parents are late. I lost my mother and father in 2014 and 2018 respectively.


I was born on 13th March, 1987, making me 33 years now.


I started my primary education in Government school, Nkwot Ikono village which is my home town. Then moved to attend high school in The Church of Jesus Christ Comprehensive Secondary School, Attai Otoro about 5 miles from home, thus I had to live with my two siblings in a rented apartment close to school because they were schooling there already. In school I have always been a brilliant guy, coming out in first position from primary school to class 3 in secondary school.

I move to science college at Ediene Abak after my class three. In science college I started in class 4 to class 6 where I obtained the mandatory senior school certificate as the first qualification to enter university.

I wasted 5 years before entering university. That happened because for reasons unknown to me I was always denied admission each year I applied.

For my university, I attended the prestigious university of Uyo, Nigeria. There I studied Chemistry for 4 years.

my wife and I

Professional Life

After university, I joined the compulsory NYSC (National Youth Service Corps) and taught for a year in Ebonyi state under the scheme. In the private school I was posted to (Nobel Secondary School, Igbeagu) I was assigned to teach chemistry and mathematics.

After my NYSC, I got a job in Indexpro International Services, a construction company I work with till date.

my work outfit

My Work In Indexpro

Here I work as a welding inspector and material control person in the quality control department. The construction companies here don’t have job often, hence my ability to be active on steem. As we speak, there’s no project on ground, though we are expecting some.

My job involves material control, which means checking the quality of steel materials and their certificates before they are approved for the project in question. The material must satisfy client’s specifications in terms of grade, thickness, chemical composition and durability before my approval.
I also do procedure qualification, welders’ qualification, welding inspection and writing of report that captures every weld joint for reference purposes.

me at work at fabrication workshop during fabrication of surfer ladder

My Hobbies
I love playing lawn tennis, writing and travelling. I also like social media promotion. I have done one on one promotion of steemit back in 2018 with support from @stephenkendal and other great steemians. I wish I can do that now, though I’m trying my best in my office.


steemit promotion in 2018

Marital Status

I got married on 15th February this year to my lovely angel. I call her angel because she’s more than what I wanted in a woman. She’s a lawyer by profession and her name is Unyime. I just registered her on steemit with username @unyime, but she has not started blogging because of her job.

On children, we are expecting twins. Please don’t tell her I mentioned it here!


me and my wife on our wedding day

My Religion

I am a Christian and a preacher of Jesus Christ. I sing in the choir, I’m the choir director in my local church and also the assistant pastor. My church is Redeemed Christian Church of God and my parish is Tabernacle of Testimony Parish. I also write daily devotional that I publish on steemit, hive, whaleshares, weku and uptrend daily. I am a very busy person, but I still have time for my wife.


That is me. Thank you for reading me


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Great to get to know your more.

And congratulations to and Unyime on the forthcoming twins. When are they due?

The Steemit Team

Wow! Ur wife is so beautiful

Wow! Ur wife is so beautiful
Such a happy family, God bless ur union. I also like twins and am expecting them when i get married lolz.......😍😊

Thank you very much. You shall surely have your heart desire.

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