Announcement : Your impression of participating in the Steemit Engagement Challenge Contest | Campaign #burnsteem25

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During the Steem Engagement Challenge break towards Season 2 – the Steem Entrepreneurs community tries to always maintain the rhythm and energy of steemit users to welcome the Steem Engagement Challenge Season 2 which will start in June.

Your impression of participating in the Steemit Engagement Challenge Contest is held to share stories between fellow steemians while participating in the engagement contest. Change has to happen, time, effort, mind must be drained to enter the contest every day. As the saying goes, the first one is difficult but surely in Steemit Engagement Challenge Season 2 it will be easier because the evaluation will help you get better.

Well, we believe there are many things that you can share after participating in the Steemit Engagement Challenge - Season 1. You can write anything related to the topic of the contest.

Contest Objectives

  • Support the Burnsteem25 program to maintain the economic value of steem in the blockchain ecosystem.
  • A means to share experiences between users while participating in the Steemit Engagement Challenge - Season 1.

Contest Terms

  • Join #club5050 #club75 or #club100
  • Set beneficiaries 25% to @null as support for the growth of the economic value of steem.
  • Subscribe and post in the Steem Entrepreneurs community
  • Free language, minimum of 300 words
  • Don't plagiarize, use original photos and cite sources for copyright free photos
  • Use the hashtag #impression-engagement #burnsteem25 #steemgrowth #contest in the first four hashtags
  • Invite as many of your friends as possible to participate and engage with comments
  • Entries will be assessed by the Steem Entrepreneurs Team as a jury and are final (absolute)
  • Resteem and paste your entry link in the comments column of this post

Note: Since this is a new program from the Steemit Team, make sure you have set a 25% beneficiary for @null - Thank you for the support.

Prizes for winners

This contest is for fun don't take it too seriously. Participants can even write serious experiences and even silly incidents in participating in the contest.

Contest organizers distribute 25 Steem to 5 selected contestants - each winner 5 Steem.

Contest deadline

The contest will end upon the announcement of the selected community by @steemitblog for the Steemit Engagement Challenge - Season 2.

This contest is also a form of moral support and action on the initiative of the Steemit Team to maintain the continuity and growth of the steemit platform. Let's participate and be responsible for the success of every program initiated by the Steemit Team that aims for a better life.

Invite : @disconnect @patjewell @ngoenyi @graceleon @inspiracion @chiabertrand @yrmaleza @heedysguevara @whyshy @sailawana and others.

Cc : @steemcurator01 | @steemcurator02 | @pennsif


Open opportunities for useful contributions and collaborations with steem power delegates for community development.

Please select one from the link :

Thank you to all stemians who have supported and encouraged us to work hard to advance the Community and STEEM to reach wider people.

Kind regards,
Steem Entrepreneurs Team

 last month 

Wonderful contest! It's really going to be fun. This is a wonderful way to relieve stress from the season 1 of the engagement challenge. I will share the link and resteem it for more publicity

 last month 

Thank you for your support mam @ngoenyi, well, let's have fun with this contest while supporting the #burnsteem25 program for steem growth... we really appreciate your support - steem on !

 last month 

Sure! Let's burn steem, wonderful initiative

 last month 

Yeah . Steem go to moon 🚀🚀

 last month 

I will go beyond the moon, in fact, it is my starting point. 🏂

 last month 

There is no doubt.. everything will be realized

 last month 

And soon. I have faith that it will. And with your zeal, it's going to be too soon. Thanks a lot

 last month 

Youre welcome dear

Burn STEEM or Burn the economy of little users?

Please have a look carefully your words and don’t sell fake marketing to the users:

I would love to participate on this initiative as long as suicide tokens are not mandatory

 last month 

We really appreciate your opinion. There are many aspects to looking at a problem with a solution.

This contest does not require participation by burning steem, you can participate without it.

Have fun @alejos7ven

 last month 

wonderful contest this time we all will give something to the platform . steem make many of us i would love to take participate in this contest @steempreneurship

 last month 

It's very interesting that you participate.. Let's campaign #burnsteem25 for steem growth for a better life..

Have a good day @ghani12

 last month (edited)

This is indeed a beautiful initiative to keep Steemians active and to enhance the growth of STEEM by supporting #burnsteem25 and another great contest from this community.

I will #burnsteem until it catches fire

Expect my participation soon

 last month 

Thank you for your support for campaigning the hashtag #burnsteem25 for the growth of steem.

Happy to participate and salute your consistency for Steem growth, success for @chiabertrand

 last month 

This is a good idea in this case, we can enjoy the steem ecosystem as an investment in the future. I hope the members will join in on this soon.

 last month 

Go go go have fun with this contest ...
Thanks for support @afrizalbinalka

 last month 

Saya kebetulan sudah berpartisipasi dan akan melanjutkan partisipasi.saya di komunitas ini. Trms atas undangan nya..

 last month 

Yuk kita suskeskan inisiatif #burnsteem25 sambil berpartispasi di Kontes ...

 last month 


 last month 

Keep watching! You will see my entry shortly! 😊
Thank you for supporting the #burnsteem25 initiative.
It is only with the support of all us that it can work

 last month 

Together we can ! thank you for your support to make the #burnsteem25 initiative a success for better steem growth

 last month 

Wow it is fun

 last month 

Come on, participate..

This are the kind of contest I will like to air my mine on .for Steem entrepreneur to organize such a wonderful contest I must it time for me to unlished some of the tribulation I went through as a Newbies during the engagement challenge and also for the fact that I were not determine ,I would have drop out from steemit due to what happened to my account but am glad a privileged has been giving for me to express my mine .
See you in my enteries

What about those that didn’t participate in season 1

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