Climate Change

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Hello everyone,
It's your favorite Steemian @rakiya from Nigeria and I'm delighted to join in this contest organized by @mainuna in this noble community today. It's a wonderful contest and I love to share my participation in it.


Explain the harmful effects of climate change.

Climate change occurs in every part of the world hence nobody can escape from it. Whenever there is a climatic change, people around the area may be affected either physically or mentally.

Currently, we are also experiencing some climatic change, and this has affected my health and the cost of commodities as well. I recently was under the weather for about a week because of the climatic change.

Due to climatic change also, we have seen an increasing rise in the price of commodities because the weather doesn't suit some of the crops in the area.

Things like vegetables do well and we have them in larger quantities during the rainy season but at the moment, because of the unavailability of rain and other things, these commodities have become extremely cost.

What factors would you blame for global warming?

There are a lot of factors to blame for global warming and one among the many is the pollution of the atmosphere by the various factories around us.


These factories release carbon dioxide into the environment which is very harmful to human health. When people are exposed to these types of environments under such conditions, they will be affected greatly because it is not hygienic for them.

So dumping of refuse in an open place or putting them in waters that people use is also a great factor that causes illness in the land and that also must be avoided by all means.

Discuss the impact of climate change on agriculture.

Agriculture produce is greatly affected by the climatic change in our different lands. As you know already, there are two seasons here in Nigeria i.e. the rainy season and the dry season.


The rainy season is a period when agriculture is mostly done here in Nigeria because there is rainfall and due to that, we also see much food available because the rainy season is a period where we produce more food due to the availability of all the resources

The case of dry season is different because the sun during this period is high and there is no rain during the period to allow the growth of the crop. So dry season is not a good time for agriculture.

What do you do to protect against the ill effects of climate change?

The major thing you do to protect against the I'll effects of climatic change is to ensure you avoid air pollution by all means. This means that there should be a channel design to take away all the pollution and it shouldn't come out in the open.

Most also the dumping of our refuse should be done properly to avoid any form of contamination that may occur as a result of careless dumping of refuse. So these and many more are all we need to protect ourselves from climatic changes.

I want to invite @jasminemary and @dave-hanny to join the contest also.


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