New initiatives #daysurprises and #luckyday - Dont miss this golden opportunity!

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In the last few days, there have been several Steemit users who have won big votes with percentages between 50% to 100% from @steemcurator01 and @steemcurator02, accompanied by supportive comments. At first, I was curious about this initiative and what is its purpose? ....

After I checked and read the posts that were lucky to get the big vote, I started to understand. These posts have good value and quality. Furthermore, it crossed my mind that every initiative from the Steemit Team has a clear goal of increasing the overall growth of Steem. For example, such as the Steemit Engagement Challenge initiative which aims to increase Steemit user engagement with meaningful comments, or the #burnsteem25 initiative which aims to reduce Steem supply so that Steem value will increase over time.

Examples of quality posts that are lucky to get big votes : link 1, link 2, link 3, link 4, etc.

Then what is the purpose of the #daysuprises and #luckyday initiatives?

Even though there has been no official notification from the Steemit Team, implicitly, this initiative can be considered as an attempt to give surprises and lucky days for Steemit users who consistently produce quality posts. It is hoped that this initiative will serve as a vitamin and motivator for users to continuously improve the quality of their posts from various aspects. Here, I will share some tips with friends to win this golden opportunity :

  • Make an interesting and informative title so that it can grab the reader's attention from the start
  • Use an interesting, creative and easy-to-understand writing style so that readers are interested in continuing to read
  • Include original images or other relevant multimedia to strengthen the message and make the post more interesting.
  • Organize posts with a clear structure, including the use of regular paragraphs and easy-to-follow bullet points.
  • Reply to reader comments and get involved in discussions to create better bonds and engagement.
  • Always check and edit your post before publishing to make sure there are no grammatical or spelling errors.
  • And most importantly, stay consistent in producing quality post.

Even though the tips above are often explained by other users, especially to motivate newcomers, I don't think it's wrong for me to repeat them to remind myself, and hopefully it will also be useful for others.


My goal in making this post is to motivate Steemit users and at the same time provide information about the #daysuprises and #luckyday initiatives. Through this information, it is hoped that users will be more motivated in producing interesting and quality posts, as well as increasing their involvement in the Steemit platform. My biggest hope is that with this initiative, it is hoped that users will continue to be enthusiastic and consistent in producing better and quality posts on Steemit.

Note : this written is my personal opinion about the goals and benefits of #daysurprises or #luckyday initiatives to motivate myself and other users.

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 11 months ago 

Muy agradecida por su publicación amigo y muy importante para todos acá, me parece una buena estrategia y una forma de incentivar a los nuevos y no tan nuevos bloggers a mejorar cada día

 11 months ago 

Another great initiative from the Steemit Team, let's hope it will be effective in improving the quality of posts on the Steemit platform as a whole..

With great emotion we notify you that this article has been curated by @malikusman1, member of team #2. Your content is amazing, keep working hard to opt for the weekly top.

Voting date: 19/07/2023


All that I can tell you is that... it inspired me to do so much more!!

 11 months ago 

Your approach is always better and more elegant, success be with you

 11 months ago 

Thanks for sharing an update information and your post give us motivation to do all the best making quality content.

Greetings and success

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