Breat Of Life Challenge : Empowering Oxygen Growth

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This challenge invites you to participate in a movement that has a major impact on the environment and global health. By planting oxygen-producing trees, you not only help provide cleaner air for future generations, but you also help protect our ecosystem. Take part in this contest now and together we can create real positive change for our planet. Come on, it's time to act!

How to participate in the contest :

Participants can share their tree planting experiences, photos of the plants you planted, or share inspiring stories about the importance of protecting the environment.

  • Participants are affiliated with #club5050 #club75 or #club100.
  • The text must be at least 300 words and display the author's original photo.
  • Entry title : Breath of Life Challenge: (Free title according to the main content of the entry).
  • Main entry hashtags: #oxygenplantingchallenge #environment and make sure participants use the hashtag #steemexclusive.
  • Support the growth of community curation accounts by assigning 10% rewards to @steempreneurship accounts.
  • Any form of cheating such as plagiarism, use of AI, reposting is prohibited and results in the entry being disqualified.
  • The participation time is between Tuesday, May 14, 2024, 00.00 UTC to Monday, May 20, 2024, 23.59 UTC.
  • A total prize of 9 STEEM will be distributed to the three best contestants (Winners based on quality of entries).
  • All entries will be judged by the Steem Entrepreneurs Team.

Note : We encourage participants to participate in the #burnsteem25 initiative by giving a 25% reward to @null accounts and are allowed to use the main hashtag #burnteem25.

Cc : @pennsif @disconnect @steempreneurship

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Steem Entrepreneurs Team

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