Preparation for the "GO AROUND FOR CHARITY III" program begins

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Hello Entrepreneur friends.
After holding a meeting on 15 Ramadhan at the coffee shop (GHATHAF) with community pioneers and moderator friends. One of the agendas that had been planned from the beginning was the continuation of the "GO AROUND FOR CHARITY" program. We named it the GO AROUND FOR CHARITY III program. About the content and implementation will be released by the pioneer of the community, brother @harferri.

Hallo sahabat Entrepreneurs.
Setelah melakukan meeting pada 15 ramadhan di coffe shop (GHATHAF) bersama pelopor komunitas dan teman-teman moderator. Salah satu agenda yang sudah direncanakan dari awal adalah melaksanakan lanjutan program "GO AROUND FOR CHARITY" Kami menamakannya dengan program GO AROUND FOR CHARITY III. Tentang isi dan pelaksanaan akan di rilis oleh pelopor komunitas Kanda @harferri.

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A few things I can say about the implementation of this program as follows.
According to the plan that we have programmed with community pioneers, "GO AROUND FOR CHARITY III" will collaborate with alumni of SMA 1 Syamtalira Bayu. The package will be distributed to 30 orphans who are studying religion and general knowledge at an orphanage located in Tanah Pasir District, North Aceh Regency.

We are constantly working to complete the necessary items. Packing rice into containers with the Steem Kindness logo is something we have done.

Sedikit hal yang bisa saya sampaikan tentang pelaksanaan program ini sebagai berikut.
Sesuai rencana yang sudah kami program bersama pelopor komunitas, "GO AROUND FOR CHARITY III" akan berkolaborasi bersama dengan alumni SMA 1 Syamtalira Bayu. Paket akan disalurkan kepada 30 anak yatim yang sedang menuntut ilmu agama dan ilmu umum di salah satu panti asuhan yang berlokasi di Kecamatan Tanah Pasir Kabupaten Aceh Utara.
Kami terus bekerja untuk melengkapi barang yang diperlukan. Mempaking beras ke dalam wadah yang berlogo Steem Kindness adalah salah satu yang sudah kami lakukan.


Packages that have been packaged have also been picked up by community pioneers to be distributed immediately.

Paket yang sudah dikemas juga sudah di jemput oleh pelopor komunitas untuk segera disalurkan.



To all donors, I am on behalf of myself and also represent the moderator team of the Steem Entrepreneurs community, We say a thousand thanks, And we all hope that everything will become a record of good deeds with a sense of sincerity and blessing.

Kepada semua donatur, Saya atas nama pribadi dan juga mewakili tim moderator komunitas Steem Entrepreneurs, Kami mengucapkan ribuan terimakasih, Dan kita semua berharap semunya akan menjadi sebagai catatan amalan kebaikan dengan rasa penuh keikhlasan dan berkah.

Thank you all community members for the support that has been given to the community.

Notes : 30% Payout is donated for economic empowerment activities and steem charity activities from @steemkindness and @adolaraday (5).gif (3).gif (2).gif
Faisal Us
Faisal Us

Cc : @pennsif @stephenkendal @steemcurator01 @steemcurator02 @harferri @tucsond @subkiusman @afrizalbinalka

We open opportunities for useful contributions and collaborations with steem power delegates for community development.

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 11 months ago 

Thank you so much for sharing the announcement with and assure that this post will be a part of Act of kindness magazine we are hopeful that Go around for charity III program will get success and through this program many deserving poor people get more benefits .Thank you

 11 months ago 

You're welcome. Hopefully with this entry into the Act of kindness magazine. The steem kindness program will be better known to many people and will get glances from many parties to support it.

 11 months ago 

This is a wonderful initiative charity is a great way to show appreciation of what you have and help does in need and been the month of Ramadan this is one of the best time to help our brothers and sisters. Thank you @f2i5 and the entire team involved in this charity program may Allah continue to bless you guys.

 11 months ago 

Thank you for your support and prayers, friends. I really hope you will also join our community. We have programmed many charities and require support from all users of the #steemit platform.

I can only say.
Together we can.

 11 months ago 

Yes sir I will love to be part of the charity program. I will make my first post in the community very soon and set some percentage to help with the charity program.

 11 months ago (edited)
Verified userYES

Keep up your good work, best regards and good luck, brother !

 11 months ago 

Thank you "new usco shop" for packing rice with the Steem Kindness logo for assistance for orphans in Tanah Pasir District, North Aceh Regency..

Tomorrow, if there are no problems, we will immediately distribute it... Billion thanks to all the writers on the steemit platform who have donated to this charity activity...

 11 months ago 

We really need the hard work of all the teams and the support of all users, Brother @harferri. Hopefully all the mandates from this community will be a motivation for us to be more consistent in building this proud community.

Thank you for the team's trust in "NEW USCO SHOP"

Also thank you all for trusting the Steem Entrepreneurs Community

 11 months ago 

This post feature has been present in the latest ninth edition of Act of kindness Magazine , Thank you.

Best Regards
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