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RE: Preparation for the "GO AROUND FOR CHARITY III" program begins

in Steem Entrepreneurslast year

This is a wonderful initiative charity is a great way to show appreciation of what you have and help does in need and been the month of Ramadan this is one of the best time to help our brothers and sisters. Thank you @f2i5 and the entire team involved in this charity program may Allah continue to bless you guys.

 last year 

Thank you for your support and prayers, friends. I really hope you will also join our community. We have programmed many charities and require support from all users of the #steemit platform.

I can only say.
Together we can.

 last year 

Yes sir I will love to be part of the charity program. I will make my first post in the community very soon and set some percentage to help with the charity program.

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