CONTEST: (Second session) Show the action of the steem promo in your business venture and business ventures around you.

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40% Payout is donated for economic empowerment activities and steem charity activities from @steemkindness and @adolaraday

Kami akan melakukan semampunya untuk membantu Anda bekerja dengan sebaik-baiknya. (1).gif

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Dear members of the Steem Entrepreneurs community page.

In early 2022 I held a contest Show the action of the steem promo in your business venture and business ventures around you. And I've announced the winner in the post WINNER ANNOUNCEMENT. Contest : Show the action of the steem promo in your business venture and business ventures around you.

Seeing the enthusiasm of all community users to participate, I thought of continuing this contest in the second and subsequent sessions.

Important announcement

The contest CONTEST: Show the action of the steem promo in your business venture and business ventures around you. will be an ongoing contest and will be published twice a month (The beginning of the month and the end of the month). Increase the #promo-steem action in your business venture and those around you so that you will have a great opportunity to participate.


Steem Entrepreneurs is a community where entrepreneurs gather who have business ventures. And in accordance with the long-term goal of the Steem Entrepreneurs community, namely Expanding the reach of information about Steem so that it will add potential investors and new users on steemit.

Contest writing guide
  • Sharing #promo-steem stickers, printing calendars with the steem logo, sticking the #steem logo in shops or offices and so on which aims to promote #steem and #steemit in business ventures. Whether the place of business is yours or someone else's.

  • We ask you to publish these activities in posts.

Contest goal
  • So that all community members get involved in the and promotional actions

  • Increase #promo-steem activities through the business sector.

  • Increase the use of #steem and #steemit logos in public spaces.

  • Creating new entrepreneurs who have loyalty to the #steemit platform

Contest rules that must be obeyed by participants:
  • Subscribe to Community Steem Entrepreneurs
  • Posts must be in the Steem Entrepreneurs community
  • Content is exclusive.
  • Plagiarism is not allowed
  • Already joined #club5050 #club75 #club100
  • All languages are allowed.
  • Attach at least 3 original photos of yours (because this is a real action, no copyrighted photos are allowed)
  • Use Post Title - Promo-steem in business + 'title of your entry'.....(Example: Sticking a steem logo sticker, Inviting customers to join steemit, Decorating a business place with a steemit logo, etc.)
  • Each participant is required to distribute prizes to the @steemkindness account at least 20%.
  • Use the hashtag #steempromobusiness #steemexclusive for the name of your country for example #indonesia
  • Upvote and resteem this post.
  • Put the link entry in the comments column of this post.
Prize for best entry

- The best 3 posts will receive boom support and other prizes in the form of :

The 1st best will get 7 Steem Power prizes

The 2nd best will get a prize of 5 Steem Power

The 3rd best will get 3 Steem Power prizes

Consolation prize

- The other 5 participants who participate will get 1 Steem Power each. And consideration for support booming 😍😍

One of the things to consider is an active poster member in the Steem Entrepreneurs community

The contest ends on January 26th. Winner will be announced on January 27th


We expect all participants to strive to make quality posts to invite generosity from steemcurator01 so that they get the support they deserve.

We do not guarantee that contest posts will get support from steemcurator01.

Posts that have received support from steemcurator01 will not receive support from boom


All entries will be judged by the Steem Entrepreneur Community Team

The decision of the jury is final and cannot be contested

My thanks to the Steemit Team and the Steem Entrepreneurs Community and also to all community members.

Examples of posts can follow the link below

Promo-steem in business- Mencetak sticker dan menempelkan di seluruh sudut toko.

Promo-steem in business- Melukis logo steemit di dinding warung.

Happy competition

Cc : @pennsif | @steemcurator01 | @stephenkendal | @disconnect

Contest organizer @f2i5

 last year 

This is a very good contest in campaigning for steemit to the community through business. so every buyer can know a lot about what steemit is. very good

 last year 

Thanks @moer. Hopefully included in one of the participants who participated.

 last year 

Insya Allah saya akan berpartisipasi dalam kontes ini, semoga saja Allah mengizinkan 🤲🤲

 last year 

Saya tunggu entry anda @ramadhan98

 last year 

Siap bapak

#ContestAlerts #winwithsteem

This contest has been included in the daily Active Contest List

👉 Contest Alerts: Active Contest List on 22nd Jan 2022 – Win 1950+ STEEM

Follow & Resteem for more updates.

 last year 

Thank you sir. This is very fun. Hopefully many steemians know about this.

Hopefully :)

Many successes for your contest!

 last year 

thank your sir for helding contest curious for entry

 last year 

Very happy to hear this news. I'm waiting for your entry my friend @artist1111.

I hope many participants from your city friends.

 last year 


 last year 

Terimaksih atas partisipasinya. Anda melakukannya dengan baik teman.

Beautiful contest. Expect my input soo.

 last year 

Kontes yang luar biasa pak @f2i5, tapi saya selalu terlambat mengetahui.. That na teuh! 🙏

 last year 

Masih ada waktu pak sampai jam 24:00

 last year 

Siap komandan! Mudahan bisa berkontribusi...

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