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I can't hide that I was very impressed with CHAT GPT. Is it true that this chat was created by Elon Musk? Let me know in the comments.


Honestly, since I found out about the existence of GPT, I immediately had to check what he has to offer. As I mentioned above, he made a huge impression on me. But... Those are the buts. I was wondering how blogging platforms like Steemit, Hive, and many others will find themselves in an era where a program can write everything for you. I am very much in favor of writing my own content. No program will show the emotions that I can show in a post. So in my opinion, the one who uses this type of program just goes easy, and only money matters to him.

Fooling yourself.


A man has such a brain that he can be easily fooled. If we tell ourselves a lie many times, we will eventually believe it ourselves and it will be true for us. If we use CHAT GPT to write posts for us and we will be rewarded for it, and let's say before writing we did not do so well, then after a while, we say to ourselves "Oh, but I wrote a good post." We didn't write it, but artificial intelligence did it for us. It's not about blogging platforms either. It's about how this BOT will change the world.

The end of creative thinking


A person using such a bot stops thinking. I remember when I started writing posts and it didn't go well at first. I think everyone's been through this. After a while, our brain learns and we get better at it. I'm a living example of that, so I know what I'm saying. By using this bot often, our brain will simply be less used and we will lose our creativity and willingness to do things ourselves. We will become lazy. Of course, CHAT GPT has a lot of advantages and it is a great site, but it depends more on the person and how he uses it. For example, I use it instead of GOOGLE, because I noticed that it gives me a faster response. Of course, I always check other sources, you never know if the BOT is wrong. But so far, it's a big plus. So, in my opinion, the pros and cons are an individual matter for each person. Of course, you can help yourself a little in writing an article, but so that the BOT will explain something to us and then write it in your own words. Can you imagine, for example, a student, to whom all the work for school will be written by CHAT GPT, and then such a person goes to work? I don't think so.

Everything can be checked


Fortunately, someone created:

Where you can check if the text was generated by CHAT GPT. I found out about this by chance thanks to the user @kouba01 . I tested it a bit. 80% (according to me) of the stuff written by GPT CHAT was detected, and this program only demo, so thanks to this people will not become "unthinking". I hope we never get to a day where people stop thinking and machines do everything for them. Or worse, if machines take over...

I invite:

10% to @steemkindness

 3 months ago (edited)

Terima kasih temanku @emsonic telah mengundang saya dipostingan anda.
Ini sungguh luar biasa, saya dapat memahami apa yang sedang anda jelaskan, karna disini anda telah membuatnya dengan sangat rapi.
Dan ini adalah pembelajaran yang sangat bagus untuk kami.
Semoga sukses teman 👌

 3 months ago 

Sama-sama, teman. Saya senang Anda menyukai postingan saya.

 3 months ago 

Thank you for participating in the Contest: Impact of ChatGPT Artificial Intelligence for Steemit. Take your time to visit other users' posts and engage with meaningful comments. Keep up the good work.

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 3 months ago 

Thank you

 3 months ago 

@emsonic, Thank you so much for inviting me to the contest. It's good and informative to learn what you think about CHAT GPT. I comprehend your worries about how AI-generated material will affect creativity and the importance of personal expression. The potential advantages of adopting AI for specific activities, such as quicker information retrieval or language translation, must be taken into account, in my opinion.

Like you said, it ultimately comes down to how people decide to use technology. It's comforting to know that there are tools available to aid in the detection of AI-generated material and prevent it from replacing human creativity and critical thought. I appreciate you expressing your thoughts about this. Wish you success in the contest.

 3 months ago 

These devices are also not so perfect and do not always show the truth. I recommend seeing my latest post. I'm an example there. Thank you for your comment.

 3 months ago 

obviously nothing is perfect, every one and everything has got their limitations but the point is to adjust ourselves to the new development and to utilize these developments for the best results.

 3 months ago 

Right, I have myself experienced this thing they do not show the truth as the name indicates it is artifical intelligence. I have read your blog too. But they have some advantages which cannot be denied. isnt?

 3 months ago 


On the one hand, the presence of AI helps humans to save time on slightly complicated questions.

On the one hand, there is something that has been sacrificed, namely the reduced creativity of humans, because they no longer use their intelligence to think.

But we have to look at it is which thing? positive or negative, because everything in this world will always have two sides. like the internet and social media, there are also negative impacts that must be looked at such as the lack of interactive human sides in the real world, and the addition of no life.

 3 months ago 

I hope people continue to be " human." Artificial intelligence will change our lives. It also depends on the man. Either someone will go the easy way or they will try. I prefer the second way.

I a gree 😄

 3 months ago 

You are right that someone is profiting from content with the help of bots, never their hard work. And in our religion this kind of work is never respected. Why should you get paid for the work you did not do? Nice way you have presented this post to us.🙂

 3 months ago 

Thank you for your comment

 3 months ago 

@emsonic sorry to say that but if we check your article on chat GPT dictator. this post is also written by Chat GPT.

Screenshot (1778).png


 3 months ago (edited) - this site does not show 100% truth. I wrote this entire post by myself. See my latest post. I also wrote it by myself. I even wrote about this site and about situation like this.

It is better to use , although it also sometimes shows that it was written by a bot instead of a human.

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