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There is no doubt that artificial intelligence amazes everyone these days. He's very helpful. For example, most people now use Google Maps and GPS instead of maps. But will the way things are going be so good?

Do you think AI can replace some functions of human beings? Explain which ones and why.


Of course, ai can replace certain functions. It has already replaced many. For example, there are no more people carrying children across the street. Now there are lights. In some countries, they are already controlled by artificial intelligence. TESLA cars are equipped with artificial intelligence. The car itself can detect a collision and avoid accidents. These are just a few examples of what artificial intelligence can do these days. Can it replace a human? I don't think so. First, we created artificial intelligence. AI is learning all the time, but you know what it can learn every day? The human brain. The human brain has many more terabytes than the best AI created to date. The difference between the human mind and artificial intelligence is that artificial intelligence needs to be programmed, and the human brain learns differently. Based on trial and error. One science made by the human mind is worth a thousand times more than the science of artificial intelligence. Therefore, I believe that artificial intelligence can help us to a great extent, but it will never replace man. Man is an almost perfect being. We have a "spark of divinity" within us. The only mistake we make is that unfortunately, we can't use the potential of our mind, because that's what we're taught from birth. The government wants to make us slaves. A man who can't use his brain is easier to control. Meditation and understanding the universe are the keys to harnessing the fullness of the mind and the harmony of the spirit.


How would you use Artificial Intelligence?

I use artificial intelligence (CHAT GPT) to answer my questions or when I need some help. A month ago, I got stuck in the mud in my car and didn't know what to do. Instead of searching on google and reading each of the pages, I asked GPT. I was surprised at how much he helped me. I think it's better than Google, but it's not perfect.

What do you think about the use of AI for content creation? Do you agree or disagree? Explain why.


Not. Of course, you can help yourself with this a little. Let me give you a simple example. Let's say I'm a fan of trees and I Blog About Trees. I want to write about Poplar. Then I can ask artificial intelligence what information it has about this tree. Read and learn. But do not copy it. What bot writes is " his work." If we copy it, it's just like if we copy it from someone else. It is a kind of plagiarism. It is best to write alone. Not only do we learn how to write articles, but we also have the confidence that we will live in harmony with ourselves.

We even have great proof that artificial intelligence is not yet and probably never will be perfect. Just like a man. Nothing's perfect. I wrote all of the above myself. The only thing I use is Yandex Translate and I correct errors if there are any.




Here is Translated:


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Better Page for checking GPT:



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Salah satu jenis AI yang paling umum adalah machine learning (pembelajaran mesin). Machine learning melibatkan penggunaan algoritma dan model statistik untuk memungkinkan komputer mempelajari pola dari data input dan menghasilkan output yang berguna.

Sangat menarik. Terima kasih atas informasi ini dan komentar Anda.

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Hello dear friend, thank you very much for your entry, certainly all this artificial intelligence is a topic, some accept it others not so much, it has its benefits, for some it has more disadvantages, I think it all depends on the person who uses it and accepts it. Simply, it is a tool from which we can get benefits, that's how I see it. But you have to use it in the best way of course.

I have reviewed your publication and yes, you are absolutely right, these tools are not completely reliable, that's why it is important to read the text and as human beings to know if it is really a human being who speaks to us. What you say is totally valid, we have already checked it with other publications.

In addition, there are some detectors that are for certain languages and therefore can throw errors in others, it really is a bit complex for us moderators, but we do our best. Thanks for this great example.

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Thank you very much for your advice.

@emsonic ..🌹🌹🌹
AI technology is a modern technology for example if we developed a drone then we don't need a driver and looking for unmanned drone it is very beneficial but vice versa. Still human intelligence is required how man created it and other if compared every technology requires human intelligence you have created excellent post and so consider the steps of development. Will keep doing it and I hope this is the number one post....)

Thank you for the comment :)

Your wellcome sir @emsonic 🌹🌹🌹

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Hola @emsonic, gracias por participar en el challenge.
Ese problema particular que compartes, de que al momento de traducir de tu idioma natal y pasarlo por traductor para otro idoma, si marca hecho por IA, asumo que se debe a que finalmente el traductor es Inteligencia Artificial, pero representa un gran desafío para los moderadores.

En mi caso, me ha limitado un poco para escribir en Project Hope, por ejemplo, aunque domino el inglés, mi ingles no es tan bueno como para traducir textos completos, al menos no por ahora, así que debo usar traductor, y cuando lo paso de español a ingles me suele pasar eso.

En el caso particular de moderadores y administradores es un potencial problema, porque siempre hay gente queriendo manchar tu reputación, y esto se puede prestar para cosas como esa.

Aquí te dejo un enlace donde planteo esta problemática, por si te interesa revisarla:

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I must say you are genius!
You explained the topic so well my dear friend. Highlighting the great import of AI specially in cars such as the Tesla cars which has aided in detecting collision and other special features. You where of the opinion that it has aided you in content creation. Well originality of work is beautiful. I guess we should be more interested in improving our brains to using AI in creativewriting. Success in the challenge

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