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Hello @steempreneurship

I have been working on a project over at Steem Skillshare that could use some of your members' assistance. The object of the project is to establish a Universal Basic Income (UBI) on the Steem platform.

My model works on the idea that members on the platform could earn a basic income every day. They could then go to local businesses to buy products with Steem/SBD. It is similar to what you are trying to promote except, I am currently focusing on the customers while you are focused on the businesses.

One of the members of my community has a store in Kazakhstan called "Steem-Mart." I expect @milakz will be joining your community if she hasn't already. She has two "Steemians" buying from her now.

I follow the current protocol that daily, I create a post with UBI in the title (to make it easier for supporters to distinguish my UBI posts) and use a #ubi. I give eight beneficiaries 10% of the rewards and promote individuals posts.
Here is my latest post.
The beneficiaries gain from my daily post and the encouragement and mentorship new members receive from their readers.

Once Steem-Mart has enough customers using Steem, we will have the paradox of paying customers to buy products (with its upvotes and creating its own posts with beneficiaries).

Once we achieve success with Steem-Mart, would it be appropriate to document the process and post within your community?

 9 months ago 

hi dwarrilow2002
You have a good project. The benefits are extraordinary for customers and steem of course. We are open to and warmly welcome to new ideas as you do. Hopefully we can work well now and in the future..

We welcome you friends
Regards _ Wish U have wonderful day

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