SEC17/W1|Heaven and Hell fantasy or reality?

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Hello/ Namste my friends ,

This is my point of view for the contest SEC17/W1|Heaven and Hell fantasy or reality? Orgnised by @meraindia in Incredible India



Do you believe there is a place named heaven and hell out of this world? Justify your belief.

This question is very deep and has been planted in the mind of our civilizations that if we do good deeds then after death we will get a place in heaven where the nymphs dance and there the gods reside, there we will get good beautiful clothes to wear. . You will get to eat good food.

On the contrary, if we do bad deeds in this world, then after death we will be given a place in hell, where we will be boiled in hot oil, cut with a saw, etc.

What I am saying is that there is no heaven or hell outside this world, we humans have created this fear to scare ourselves, because if this fear or hypothesis is not there then humans will lose faith in God, and this fear Due to this, a person controls his actions. If there is no fear then maybe it is a human and will eat the human.

In our country, if someone does good work then they say that God will give you a place in heaven, and if someone tortures someone or does bad deeds then they curse him, go, you will burn in the fire of hell after death.

In reality, a person gets the results of his good and bad deeds while living on this earth and makes him experience heaven and hell. That's why I don't believe at all that any place called heaven or hell exists outside this world.



Do you believe karma decides our future, and we get results according to the same?

I absolutely believe that whatever work we do in this world, we get its results accordingly, I have experienced this well in my life that one day or the other, you will definitely get the reward of any good work in this life.

And the account of our bad deeds also remains the same and accordingly we have to suffer the consequences in this life one day after another.

There is a very good saying in our country that "As per the deeds of a person, God will give the fruits, this is the knowledge of Geeta." Sri mad Bhagwat Geeta is a very famous religious book of our country in which Indian philosophy has been written in detail. In this religious book, the consequences of deeds and the concepts of heaven and hell were written in detail.



Do you believe immortality and chasteness are some factors that affect our lifestyle? Describe.

The followers of almost all the religions of this world are given mostly the same lesson by their society, their teachers, their religious teacherss, their religious books and their parents that to become immortal, we need to maintain the purity of our mind and generosity of our deeds. Should be maintained.

Those who accept the reality of life say that if we live our lives by doing welfare works towards human beings, adopting a generous attitude towards them and keeping our conscience pure, then even though our body will die, our soul will remain immortal. Will go.

And keeping this thinking and feeling in mind, we humans decide our actions. The day this thinking ends, there will be chaos in this world.

That is why it is very right to say that the feeling of purity and immortality in controlling the style of our life inspires us to become a true and good person. If a person, keeping these things in mind, lives his life by doing good to the living beings of this world and maintaining the purity of his mind, then he will not have to face any problem in his life, he will be very satisfied with his life. And will feel peaceful.

I also want to invite my friends, @haidee @aliarubab @solperez
Thanks for reading my post .

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There is nothing truer than this-

I absolutely believe that whatever work we do in this world, we get its results accordingly, I have experienced this well in my life that one day or the other, you will definitely get the reward of any good work in this life.

Life is all about karma the one who does well in his life takes the full advantage in the end even if he looks behind in certain fields in the beginning. My best wishes.

 2 months ago 

You are very right, good deeds yield good results, even if at first one is lagging behind.
With respect and honor.

Hello friend greetings to you, hope you are doing well and good there.

You don't have any believe on Heaven and hell. You have said that, no heaven or hell outside this world, we humans have created this fear to scare ourselves. It's your own views I respect, but let me tell you have strong believe on that, and here after life we will either go to hell or heaven, depends on our deeds.

I wish you very best of luck in this contest.

 2 months ago 

Hello my friend,
Everyone in the world may have different faith and beliefs, I don't want to force my views. I also appreciate your sentiment. You stick to your faith. Thank you very much for wishing me well.
with respect

Estimado amigo. Ciertamente, la creencia de un cielo y un infierno, va aunada a la creencia de Dios. Si no creemos en Dios poco podemos creer que exista un infierno. Hay personas que como tú creen que el infierno y el cielo se viven aquí. Te deseo éxitos y bendiciones

 2 months ago 

Gracias mi erudito amigo, @elider11
Me gustó mucho tanto tu sincero comentario como tus buenos deseos, todos en el mundo pueden tener opiniones diferentes. Todos tenemos la libertad de pensar a nuestra manera. Tengo plena fe en Dios.
Con respeto y honor.

Saludos amigo, hay un dicho que dice has bien y no mires a quien, todas las cosas buenas que hacemos nos traerá buenas recompensa en la vida, aunque no esperemos nada a cambio siempre abra recompensa. El cielo y el infierno son reales no son cuenta de camino, todo depende de nosotros mismos, Ya Dios hizo su trabajo al enviar a Jesucristo en sacrificio por la humanidad, ahora nos corresponde hacer nuestra parte y ser agradecidos con El.

 2 months ago 

Muchísimas gracias señora, @leigth
Me gustó mucho tu franco comentario, de hecho, no importa cómo pienses, el punto es que siempre debemos hacer buenas obras temiendo a Dios y seguir el camino mostrado por ese gran Dios Padre Supremo.
Con respeto y honor.

Hello @sur-riti, thank you for the invitation, it is a quite deep topic, since I was little I have heard about this topic and it scares me, if we behave badly we will burn in the cauldron of hell and if we behave well, we will have many benefits, I don't think so either. But I think it's good because otherwise the world would become a case without spiritual control.

 2 months ago 

Thank you very much my friend @haidee,
Your comment shows that you agree with my post, but some people may believe that there is heaven or hell beyond this world.
With respect and honor.

 2 months ago 

Hi @sur-riti! Your reflection highlights a profound questioning of traditional beliefs about the existence of heaven and hell after death. You put forward the idea that these concepts are created by man to instill fear and control behavior, thus emphasizing the socio-cultural aspect of these notions. You argue that the rewards and consequences of actions manifest in this life, reinforcing the idea that we experience the realities of "heaven" and "hell" here and now. Your analysis fits into a broader philosophical and religious framework, challenging traditional interpretations and inviting deeper reflection on the nature of morality and human destiny.

 2 months ago 

Hello, my friend
You have correctly assessed my post, heaven and hell were created to maintain the harmony of life.
With respect.

You do not subscribe to the belief in a literal heaven or hell outside of this world. Instead, you believe that our actions in this life determine our future and shape our destiny. By following the principles of karma, practicing goodness, and striving for purity and immortality, we can lead fulfilling and meaningful lives.

 last month 

Hello madam ,
You are right, but it is not necessary that everyone accepts my concept, and everyone's ideology may be different from this. Everyone in this world has different ideas.
With thanks, respect and honor.

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