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Hello Steemit Family

Greetings to all and sundry. It is always such a pleasure to come your way to share with you. I have something very important to share with you, but before then, I trust you are all fine and dandy. I am a little under the weather, but I am confident that things will get well. I know most of you have been wondering why I haven't been able to share with you for some time now.


I sincerely have to apologise for my inability to meet up with some of my expectations and obligations. It looks very disappointing. That is the reason I kindly come to you. Indeed, this is because of my busy tight schedules and some health issues. I have decided to have my schooling continued and since I started with it, the stress are becoming unbearable. My health equally is very important since I need strength to carry on with the tasks in school. It would have been a positive sign with the new milestone and the need for me to share about it with the family around here, but it isn't easy for me.

It had always being my wish to continue with you for a very long time. As you can see the past records are positive enough to show my love for steemit and the family. Money issues as well are not easy with me here but I must consult my account and make some power downs to support this objective. I know it is very disappointing as a country representative but we do not always get what we wish. If that be the case, I would have wished that I stay for quite a long time here since steemit and steem business is growing at a speed and I love being here.

To the Steemit Team, my profound gratitude to you for indulging me for so long since January 2018 throughout my steem journey. I will always remember the love and the excitement I had from you at the beginning of my journey. I was always flabbergasted and overwhelmed when you visit my post and share your love. I remember your backing and trust you entrusted in me. That as a result I come to you politely on this day.

To the family of Ghana. I can't say my less to you. You have been super amazing with your everyday positives and love. Even though there have been a whole lot of ups and downs, but we still made it till today. I say "Ayekoo" and thank you. Because my actions of not sharing recently and my power down may go contrary to some leadership initiative that is why I would like to have you informed first before.

I always appreciate your kindness and love here. I can't forget you ever in my endeavor. Your marks will be very concrete and indelible. I can't forgive myself, but my tight schedules wouldn't give me a space to stay here as I use to.

I wish each and everyone of you positives. Do well, steem on, follow steemit instructions, have passion, dedication and perseverance and I know you can reach every limit you want to. Stay blessed.

I big thank you to @pennsif @ubongudofot @sarkodieeric @edmund.nef and everyone.


Best regards


Thank you for your work as a Country Rep for Ghana.

You must concentrate on your health and your studies.

 last year 

I won't forget what you have done for me. It's hard for me but I know one day we will work together again. Thank you so much Sir. God bless the team and strengthen its growth

Thank you, friend!
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Well done
Indeed you have played ▶️ your part
We shall take care of the community
May be when you return we hand it over.
Good work done

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