The Diary Game [8th February, 2023]: Home Alone || Watch Movie, Preparing Ampesi, Eating Ga Kenkey

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Hello Steemit Bosses

Glad to share with you today. Sorry about not hearing from me earlier in the day. I have been a little busy on some family assignments and arranging pictures on my phone but I am happy to share with you now. I know you would love it as you have been Loving it everyday. I know you have shared yours already. I will visit it and read about your day also.


@juzkid At Home

Today came to us very bright. As usual the sun is always out. It is good to not in this piece that it rained yesterday. It is cloudy right now and we hope that it will rain tonight. We are in the dry season and it is a little surprising that this season is turning out to have a lot of rain. We should see it as a blessing. When I woke up, I quickly had my morning prayers and read some passages in Psalms. The Lord promises to be with his people in every aspect of his life.


@juzkid After Eating


Washing Bowl After Eating

After the morning prayers, I brushed my teeth to give oral hygiene. After that, I had some press ups as a form of exercise to keep my body strong. Exercises keep the mind active and I make sure that I do this exercise always because of its benefits. I then had to get my morning food. It was already 10:00am so I decided to take in Ga kenkey with shito and fried fish. I took two balls of it. You know maize prices are increasing each day so I had to take two in order to be ok. After eating I washed my bowl.


@juzkid Watching Movie


Watching The Plane

I then wanted to enjoy some movies on my TV. Mostly when I sit close to my television, I enjoy movies on Globe tv. Some of the movies I love to watch are Nigerian movies and some foreign movies. Today, I watched "The plane" on TV. I loved it because it had some war scenes. In the evening, I will be watching some Nigerian movies.


@juzkid Preparing Food


Yam On The Burner

After that, evening was coming so I picked one tuber of yam and peeled it. I knew the whole family will enjoy so I made it plenty so that we can all enjoy. Sometimes, when I realized there is no one in the house, I pick the responsibility to cook. The food is still under preparation. Today has been such a wonderful day. Thank you for your time. It looks cloudy here today but the day has been awesome.

Best Regards


Upvoted! Thank you for supporting witness @jswit.

The food is really going to taste good. Yam is actually one of the simple foods i like most. I hope you enjoyed it.

I also believe you enjoyed watching the movie on TV. Thanks for sharing such a great day. Greetings

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